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Zippy is a buffalo who belongs to Sally and later Moe.

He only appeared in Moe and the Big Exit.

Role in the story

Zippy was first seen with Sally when they approach a well. When Sally tries bringing up water from the well, the bucket is unusually heavier than before a cucumber is brought up, surprising Sally into letting go of the crank as Moe falls back into the well once again. Sally apologizes to Moe before bringing him back up from the well once again. Sally then gives Moe back his hat before asking him what he was doing at the bottom of the well, with Moe answering, "Bear", before a loud crash is heard as the bear returns once again. This time, Moe is prepared to face off against the bear so he goes over to a nearby tree stump and pulls off a branch which he uses to whack the bear on the nose, driving the bear off after that. After the bear leaves, Moe then says, "I'm gonna hang on to this", while Sally compliments Moe for being so brave, before she introduces herself and Zippy to Moe, and then he introduces himself to Sally and Zippy. Sally then asks Moe if he would like to join her and her parents for dinner, which Moe accepts as he follows Sally and Zippy back to their camp.

Zippy is later seen when Sally then has Moe take Zippy out for a walk. Soon, Moe then sets out with Zippy and Sliver (his stick that he got the day he met Sally) before walking out deep into the forest. Moe and Zippy then approach the well before a loud rustling sound is heard from behind a tree, which catches Moe's attention. At first, Moe thinks that whatever is hiding from behind the tree is a bear, before a tumbleweed then rolls out in front of him and Zippy. Seconds later, the tumbleweed suddenly catches on fire, surprising both Moe and Zippy as they try to escape, but whichever way they go, the burning tumbleweed rolls in front of them. When the tumbleweed tells Moe to put Sliver on the ground, which Moe does. Seconds later, Sliver then turns into a rattlesnake, surprising Moe, and scaring Zippy so much that he climbs up into a tree before falling back down to the ground again. After the tumbleweed leaves, he and Moe then go back home, with Moe explaining to his family that he needs to go back to Dodgeball City "on a business trip".

The next morning, Moe and Zippy ride off towards the direction of Dodgeball City with Sally, Gherkin, and Sally's parents saying goodbye to Moe. After traveling for a while, Moe and Zippy approach a saleswagon run by a buckskin-clad asparagus named Aaron (played by Archibald Asparagus). When Moe then throws Sliver onto the ground, as Sliver turns into a rattlesnake again, surprising Aaron and scaring Zippy for the second time, before Moe picks up the snake, turning it back into Sliver again. After Aaron agrees to help them, Moe calls Zippy from behind the cactus and the three continue on their journey to Dodgeball City. In Dodgeball City, two carrot cowboys are playing checkers, when they notice Moe, Aaron, and Zippy coming into town, as everyone starts talking amongst themselves about who this masked man is.

Later, Zippy, Moe and Aaron watch the workers do double time with double the work, before Moe decides to go home, saying that he just made things even worse for the workers. However, after Aaron convinces Moe to stick to God's plan, the three then head back towards Dodgeball City again in order to stick to the plan that God gave them.

Zippy is later seen with Moe and Aaron leading all of the people of Little Joe out of Dodgeball City, following God's mark in the form of a pillar of smoke and clouds. They then lead the people to Death Valley, but the people are hesitant about crossing Death Valley, fearing that they'll be barbecued. One of the pea cowboys then look to see that there's trouble following them, before trying to warn Aaron that there's a danger, but Aaron keeps brushing him off before noticing the danger. It is revealed that the Mayor and Wyatt, accompanied by the zucchini flunkies and three carrot cowboys have been following after them. When Moe and Aaron realize that the Mayor and his posse are after them, the people are worried, fearing that they'll get caught by the Mayor again without a way to cross Death Valley. Fortunately, Moe has a plan to cross Death Valley safely, before calling out for a snowstorm that snows in only one area of the valley, creating a path of snow that allows Moe, Aaron, Zippy, and the people of Little Joe to cross the valley without any problems, much to the surprise of the Mayor and his posse. Soon, Moe and the others then cross into Death Valley on the snow path, though the Mayor and his posse are still chasing after them, as they too cross onto the snow path. Once all of the people have safely made it to the other side, Moe and Zippy then make it to the other side as well, which causes the snow cloud to disappear after that. The Mayor and his posse realize that they are now stuck in the middle of Death Valley as the hot sun causes the snow to melt, leaving the Mayor and his posse at the mercy of the hot desert sun. The people then cheer for their victory after that, before a reprise of the "Oh, Lone Stranger" song from the beginning then plays after that. Moe is then met with Sally and Gherkin and Sally's parents, with Sally congratulating Moe for doing what God told him to do. Now that Moe has led the people out of Dodgeball City, everyone then heads on through to start their new lives, just as the song and the story then ends after that.


Zippy is loyal to both Sally and Moe, yet is easily scared of snakes.

Physical Appearance

Zippy is a giant, light-brown buffalo with dark brown fur on his hump and head.

Voice Actor

Fun Facts

  • He is named after Moses' wife Zipporah, as they didn't feel it was western enough for Petunia's character.