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  • Species: Scallion
  • Hair color: Green

Ziggy is a crew member of the Star Fleet. He is the ship's engineer.


He took over as engineer after Scooter retired.

When the Applepies was being attacked by Luntar, Ziggy was reported to fix the ship's shields. However, he accidentally left his Philip screwdriver at the engine room and needed to borrow the Captain's, though this was aborted when Cuke decided to retreat instead due to his greed.


As Mr. Spork would say, he is cool and very relaxed, though he does help out whatever something happens.

Psychical Appearance and abilities

Ziggy is a green scallion with dreadlocks and facial hair.

He is very smart and can fix anything in the ship. He can get around very quickly.


Voice Actors

Fun Facts

  • His name and design is based Jamican musican Ziggy Marley.