Yo Ho Hero is a song from The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. It was performed by Steve Taylor and the Newsboys.


Man: Raise the mast on the steadfast! Swept to their bareback seahorse. Say they gonna try the sea course. Who could survive such a dangerous mission? Alongside pirates with zero ambition? We got the coconuts poured. We drop the hooks overboard. And if you get a little seasick. We play the Haddock for a Hat trick. We got the hammocks on the main deck .

Pirates: Swingin' low

Man: We got the butler doing the hen-peck.

Pirates: Screamin' so.

Man: He say we should have been swabbin' the poop deck.

Pirates: We don't know.

Man: It's what the other pirates do do. But we're bringin' you. Yo ho hero. Standing in the gap. Where'd you put the toys? Time to take a nap. Yo Ho hero. Flighty as a bird. Easy is the word. Yo, I'm seein' no heroes. We're on a limbo craze. It's a relic from our limber days. Now we're stuck inside the Limbo-Zone. Its where the pirates go with too much time and a missing spine. Yo ho heroes. Standing in the Gap. Where'd you put the map? Take another nap, Yo ho heroes. Strike a better pose. That's the way it goes. Yo, I'm seein' no heroes. We're on the Bad Mood Swing. We haven't done one thing. Not even a minimum daily requirement. We got the funk without the Parliament. And if you're feeling a little seasick. (rise and shine) And if you wanna get off the guilt trip. (Now's the time) Because the captain of the Main Ship. (Rings the chime) He could be comin' before you know Him. What are you gonna show Him? Go hero! Standing in the gap. Taking up the slack. Following the King's Map. Go hero! Steady as a rock. I know it's a shock. Yo, there be a hero. Go hero! Standing in the gap. Taking up the slack. Following the King's Map. Go hero! Steady at the wheel. Keep an even keel. Yo, there be the King's hero,


  • An instrumental version can be found on the DVD.
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