Wrestlers of Japan is a song from VeggieTales, and it's the first song for Sumo of the Opera.


If you want to know who we are,

We are wrestlers of Japan!

On many a mat and ring!

For many a sumo fan!

Behold The Sumo Champion Wrestler;

A massive gourd and holder of the title.

Many have tried, but none have beaten him;

A fact that is particularly vital."

Defer! Defer!

To the sumo champion wrestler!

Defer! Defer! To the champion, to the champion

To the champion sumo wrestler!

Fun Facts


  • Like most of the songs from the episode, it's based from a song from Gilbert and Sullivan's musical, "The Mikado". In this case, it's a mix of "If You Want To Know Who We Are?" and "Behold the Lord High Executioner".


  • The horns on Apollo's helmet clip through the black before he enters the room.
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