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"You see, you don't have to be afraid because God is the biggest."
— Bob

Where's God When I'm S-Scared?

Phil Vischer


Phil Vischer

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


December 21, 1993


31 minutes

Where's God When I'm S-Scared? is the first episode of the Christian computer-animated series VeggieTales.

The first story deals with Junior's fear of monsters, while the second story is a retelling of Daniel and lionsden.


The episode starts when Bob reads a letter from a little girl who is afraid because their might be monsters in her closet. Bob decides to tell some stories that might help out with Lucy's issue.

Tales from the Crisper Junior was staying up to watch a television show about Frankencelery, then his mother told him it's time for bed. Things go well until he saw a  scary vision of him and his family with neck bolts with mean expressions. He dashes into his room, and tries to think he's not scared. Then a tomato and a cucumber fell from the sky and told Junior that came by because they discovered he's frighten. Junior tries to admit he's not scared, which Bob and Larry felt sad about this they wanted to sing a song to him, suggested they should leave. However, the young asparagus hesitated the two that he wanted to hear the song. So they decided to sing the song to him, but Junior didn't get what the song was about. Bob told him that you don't to be afraid of anything scary because God is the biggest and he'll always look out for you. Both he and Larry also explained that God also created the whole universe. Just then, Frankencelery pops off from the sky, which made Junior completely frighten and hides in the toy chest. But Frankencelery explains that he's a nice guy and he was only mean in the show because he's an actor. Junior feels better about it, and decides to sing a song along with everybody in the room. Just then, his dad shows up and ask about what's going on. Junior later explained that we don't have to be afraid because God is always looking out for us, which his dad agreed about. Dad suggested to his son to just be a little cautious of what he watches on television. They then say their goodnights, and Junior sleeps peacefully without any problems.

Daniel and the Lions' Den The story starts out explaining that Daniel was a Hebrew who later worked for King Daruis of Babylon. He trust God a lot, and prays to make sure that his family and friends from his home country are alright. One night, the King woke up and states that he had a dream, and he doesn't know what it means.

Fun Facts


  • A crisper is the bottom drawer of a refrigerator. This is where poultry and produces should be stored.


  • It was initially released on December 21, 1993 directly from Big Idea based on a "burn-on-demand"-like service, the first tapes being shipped out on December 21 (the day after the episode was finished).
  • This marks the first appearance of Junior, his Dad, and Frankencelery.
  • The shadows on the television show and the pupils are done by motion capture.
  • Phil came up with the idea of the Daniel story as a musical after watching Andrew Lloyd Webber's  "Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".
  • The lines Scallions taunting Daniel was improvised by both Mike Nawrocki and Mike Sage.
  • On the commentary, Mike Nawrocki that they should redo the episode with new animation and voices, just with the same script.


  • The audio and visual quality on the rereleases are in a slightly lower. Phil apologized about this, stating it's been re-compressed over the years.
  • During the first half of the Daniel story, King Darius is seen without his monocle. He later regained it the next morning, though he might be possible he just work.
  • The 15th anniversary DVD states it includes DVD-rom features, but there's none.


  • When Frankencelery escapes, part of his head phases through the door entrance.
  • When Bob explains to Junior Larry's a cucumber, the shadows and the rug on the bottom of screen changed.

Real World References

  • The first segment's title "Tale from the Crisper" is a spoof on HBO's "Tales from the Crypt".
  • King Kong is a 1933 film.
  • The music when the Wisemen were taking Daniel is reminiscence to Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho". However, this was removed in the the 15th anniversary DVD release.

Fast Forward

  • The scientist's voice would be used later for Jimmy.