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Welcome You Aboard is the third song sung in Noah's Ark. It was reprised as its fourth song.



(spoken) Welcome to the Ark!

Animals and friends, we thank you all For coming to this place.

The weather's dry, and it seems like I might be a bit off base. We know it may seem odd, but we're listening to God.

We're grateful for your willingness to try. Which is why...

We...we...we...we...we welcome you aboard. We welcome you aboard.

As you will see, no detail's been ignored. Take a look around, we know that you'll be floored.

We welcome you aboard! Ooooo, yeah!

There are water slides, And theme park rides.

The bedding's all brand new. The gym is great! The spa's first rate!

There's karaoke too! Everything is top-notch, and big enough for two

The only thing we don't have yet is you. Oh, it's true!

We welcome you aboard! (x2)

Cabin design, inspired by the Lord. Thanks for having faith, this is your reward

We welcome you aboard!


Noah: (spoken) Okay, everyone's on board. You know what that means?

Shem: Lunch and a long nap?

Noah: No, more singing!

Oh, oh, oh, ohhhh We love it on the ark! We'll dance until it's dark

It's like a floating amusement park How can we complain, we're ready to embark!

We love it on the ark! (x3)

Shem: (spoken) Okay, now what?