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We Can't Lose the Love of God is a song from VeggieTales in the House episode The Lost Tooth. It was sung by the veggies.


All: There's lots of things

That you can lose

Like a pen or pencil

Or like your toof

Two socks in a dryer

And one goes poof!

But you can't lose the love of God

You can lose your glasses

You can lose your keys

Too excited to sleep

You've lost some Z's

Lost your place in a book

But we truly believe

We can't lose the love of God

Bob: The day is almost over and we still haven't found the tooth.

Larry: It's okay. It felt like I lost everything, but you got me thinking.


He's faithful

He loves me faithfully

Here's good news

I'll never lose

God's awesome love for me

Ichabeezer: What's he sayin'?

Bob: I think Larry's trying to say...

All: Your invisible shoes

May lose their shine

You can lose a toy

Or your place in line

You may lose a race

Or lose track of time

But you can't lose the love of God!