Wanna Wallaby is a song from Little Things Matter. It is the third Silly Song of The VeggieTales Show, and the first one to be written by Phil Vischer. It is sung by Larry the Cucumber


Mr. Lunt: And now, for your dining pleasure, from the wilds of Australia, the Wanna Wallaby!
Larry: A wallaby, a wallaby, I wanna be a wallaby! Maybe one or two or three, if you would also wanna be a mini kangaroo you see, is what we call a wallaby! Doopee doo, doo, doopee, doo, whoo! Doop, doopee doo, doo, doo, doo, whoo! A wallaby, a wallaby, I wanna be a wallaby! Here is what it takes to be a Wanna Wanna Wallaby! A pouch in front for little Jack! A big, strong tail is out the back! And watch out for my kick attack! Hi-ya! Whoo-ha-haaa! Whoo, ha, ha-
Archibald: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Larry: Huh? What?
Archibald: You're going to hurt someone with all this kicking!
Larry: But I'm a wallaby!
Archibald: You're a cucumber, in a sleeping bag.
Larry: It's not a sleeping bag.
Archibald: I see the zipper.
Larry: Wallabies have zippers.
Archibald: They do not, they have pouches. Take off that suit and get back in the show!
Larry: Can I be a kookaburra?
Archibald: No!
Larry: A didgeridoo?
Archibald: Didgeri-don't even think about it!
Mr. Lunt: Well, that could've gone better.


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