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Planet Wait-Your-Turn is a planet located far off from outer space.


Wait-Your-Turn was peaceful until the inhabitants were looking through their telescope and saw someone was spying on them, which turned out to be Michelle. President No-I'm-the-President took office to help sort it out, but ultimately everyone was cutting in line, which resulted the planet being infected with the Cutting in Line bug.

The Rockhopper crew came to the planet to help sort the problem out. They felt the planet was getting hot, and Midgel discovered that the planet is trying to be first in orbit, which results it heading towards its sun. Nobody didn't noticed it until the planet started to burn. Luckily, Jason tells everyone about patience and taking turns.

The planet started to getting to its normal orbit and the bug was gone forever!

The Surface and Inhabitants

Its unknown what the surface is made out of, but the trees are purple dust bunnies.

The inhabitants of Wait-Your-Turn are based after various old style Electrolux canister vacuum cleaners.