Vicki Cucumber
  • Species: Cucumber
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Blond

Vicki Cucumber is a reporter who works at the Daily Bumble.


Star reporter at the Daily Bumble, Vicki has a keen nose for news. Even though she won fame and a Pulitzer for her story on the elusive singing cheese makers of Tibet, she is content to work in the peaceful town of Bumblyburg. Rumor has it that she has a fondness for Larry-Boy.

She was one of the citizens who got the Angry Eyebrows attached on her head, and was shrunk by Larry-Boy due to his ego.


Vicki is very sweet and kind towards others, though she doesn't take it kindly if someone is rude to her, or dealing with others arguing.

Physical Appearance and abilities

Vicki is a cucumber with blonde hair, freckles, and lipstick. She is seen wearing a pink dress with a belt and polka dotted handkerchief.

Vicki is good at writing stories and reports, though she's seen mostly taking photographs for the newspaper.


Fun Facts

  • Vicki's last name was never revealed in the show, but it was mentioned in the LarryBoy Story Treatment from the DVD Rom features and in her biography.
  • She is the first female cucumber character.
  • She is the first character Larry has a crush on.
  • She is named after Kim Basinger's character from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie.
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