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This is the episode transcript for Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier.


Opening Countertop

(Larry is shown in space.)

Larry: This is Major Larry to ground control. Three hours since I lost sight of spaceship. Energy running low. Hungry, cold, really, really have to go to the bathroom. Ground control? Hello? (Lights suddenly turn on as it turns out Larry's just hanging from a rope in the kitchen countertop and surrounded by plastic glow-in-the-dark stars. Bob approaches.) Ground control, thank goodness!

Bob: Larry, what are you doing?

Larry: Drifting aimlessly through space.

Bob: Uh, you're on the countertop.

Larry: That's a relief. The countertop's a lot closer to the bathroom.

Bob: Well, please get down here. We have to start the show.

Larry: Bob, I can't I'm stuck (He bounces but doesn't come loose. Jimmy and Jerry hop by humming while holding a picnic basket and blanket.) Hey, Jimmy. I'm starving. Can you share some food from your picnic basket with me?

Jimmy: Sorry, Larry. No can-do. This food is for Jerry and me. We're having a picnic.

Jerry: Yeah. Picnic.

Larry: Jerry, I'm really cold. Could you at least share one of your blankets with me?

Jerry: Sorry. They're for the picnic.

Larry: But--

(Mr. Nezzer hops by with a hedge clipper.)

Larry: Mr. Nezzer. Could you share your branch trimmer with me and cut the ropes?

Mr. Nezzer: Nope. Sorry, gotta trim some branches.

(Larry sees Mr. Lunt in clown makeup and on stilts.)

Larry: Mr. Lunt! Could you share your stilts?

Mr. Lunt: Sorry, late for my act.

Larry: Oh, come on!

Bob: You know, this reminds me of a message we got from Carly Gordon in Chicago, Illinois. (Qwerty pulls up the message which reads...) "Dear Bob and Larry, I have two teddy bears - Banjo and Patches. My little sister always wants to play with Patches. The thing is, both my bears are really special to me. What should I do? -Your friend, Carly.

Larry: (O.S) I know what she should do!

Bob: Hold on, Larry. We're getting there. Carly, we have a story for you today that I think will help answer your question.

Larry: Is it a short story? I'm kinda in a hurry here.

Bob: It's regular sized.

Larry: Oh, great.

Bob: Okay, Carly. We hope you enjoy (pause as a drumroll kicks in) Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier.

Veggies in Space Act I

(The story begins with a swipe up that transitions into space. We're then treated to a Star Wars-esqe opening with the captions rolling upwards as Bob narrates.)

Bob: (V.O) Not so long ago, in some cabinetry far, far away, the distant Fennel Quadrant was plagued by a rash of greediness...

(Pan down to a planet where we see a green buggy driving across the surface. In it are Jimmy, Jerry, Scallion 1 and the Extreme Redo Crying Edition guy.)

Scallion 1: Stop here. I'm getting intense readings.

(The buggy stops.)

Jimmy: Everyone out. (Everyone gets out) Dr. Scallion, what's our status on supplies?

Dr. Scallion: Fifty five hours of oxygen, four hundred liters of water, and the egg we got from that space lizard.

Jerry: And let me say, it was delicious.

(We are shown the cracked egg.)

Dr. Scallion: Dude, alien egg? You ate that? It was for research.)

(Jerry's stomach growls loudly.)

Jerry: Whoa! Something's really kicking in there!

Scallion 1: I forgot my shove; Can I borrow one of yours?

Dr. Scallion: Uh, no. I need an extra one just in case.

Jimmy: Mr. Scallion, are you sure this is the right spot?

Scalion 1: Aye, captain. Just as we suspected. This moon is chock-full of the most valuable ore in the galaxy. Mewantium!

Jerry: Oh, mewantium. Everybody wants that.

(Scallion 1's metal detector beeps louder.)

Scallion 1: And I'm sensing a huge chunk of mewantium right under us!

Dr. Scallion: We're gonna be rich!

Scallion 1: Great! Then can you spare a shovel?

Dr. Scallion: No can do, onion.

Jimmy: Indeed we are! (He pulls out a flag to plant on the surface.) By the galactic law of finders-keepers, I claim this moon in the name of the HMS Guacamole.

(The rest of the crew cheers.)

Voice: Hold it right there!

(A tank appears from behind a rock. This tank is being controlled by Ping (played by Jean-Claude.))

Ping: The mewantium is mine!

Jimmy: Says who?

Ping: (stop his vehicle) Says me! Ping zee Perilous! (pull his left lever and the cannon is aiming at the Guacamole Gang)

(The black flag with yellow face on it pops out of the cannon)

HMS Guacamole gang: (open their eyes)

(The robot arm came out of this cannon that looks like a robot arm with a claw that waved his flag)

Ping: (laughs)

Jimmy: Sorry, but we already have our flag out.

Ping: Oh yeah?

(Both Jimmy and Ping stab their flags to the ground)

Ping: Me too!

Jimmy: We saw it first!

Ping: (shake this vehicle's robot claw in fury) I saw eet first!

Jerry: No fair!

Ping: Hey...I know. Why don't we...wrestle for eet?

Jimmy: Ahhh...

Guacamole gang: (look at each other)

Jimmy: Sure, why not?

(Suddenly, all of them felt the ground shakes)

All: Eh?

(The robot walk up to Ping's vehicle, pick it up and plugged it as a head to this robot body and it clap his hands once)

Jerry: Holy Guacamole!!

Jimmy: Ahhh...Maybe we could go 50-50?

Ping: Ping zee Perilous does not share.

HMS Guacamole gang: (screaming)

Ping: (walk up to them with his robot fighter) Save your breath, gourd. In space, no one can hear you shout excessively loud.

All of them: (made skeptical faces)

Ping: ...You know, because...sound waves require an atmosphere...Eet's physics.

Dr. Scallion: Um, actually, I heard him.

Jerry: Yeah. Me too.

HMS Guacamole gang: Aahhhhhhhh!!! (all four of them retreat to their vehicle as Ping's robot almost stomp them)

(The music starts)

(Then, Ping started to chase the HMS Guacamole gang in the car that entered back in that green ship that turns itself into a robot fighter so this car plugs itself as a head)

Jimmy: Engage Sumo mode!

Dr. Scallion: Sumo mode engaged!

(As the robotic limbs emerged from this egg-shaped ship into a robot fighter)

HMS Guacamole Robot Fighter: (get up, turn around and did the Kung Fu fighter pose)

Ping: Me really want it bad.

HMS Guacamole Gang: We really want it too.

Ping: Me want all Mewantium a whole lot more zan you.

(Then, they start the battle as they walk up to each other and walk into the area with the ring around them what looks like a sumo wrestler arena tournament ring.)

Jimmy: (as Ping's robot grab some dust from the ground surface and toss it into the air) Now leave...

(Guacamole battle robot toss the dust into the air too and swept the dust from its palms)

Jimmy: Before this gets ugly.

Ping/Ping's Robot: (slam his palms by clapping once) We are piloting (as Guacamole robot did same thing like Ping's robot did) two robots in loin cloths.

HMS Guacamole Robot: (stomp his right foot in a sumo wrestler style)

Ping's Robot: (stomp his right foot too)

Ping: Eet's already ugly.

(They charged each other to fight as the Cordelian Alliance on the hill top of this moon is watching them battle)

Ping: Me want to have eet all,

(Two of them hold each other arms to wrestle each other and push each other)

Ping: Cuz me don't like to share. (as his robot belly bump him off of him)

HMS Guacamole Robot: (get up)

HMS Guacamole Gang: We say you can't have it all

Cause we don't think that's fair!

Ping's robot: (charges toward him to attack him)

Guacamole Robot: (cross his arms in "X" shape and open them to push him)

Jimmy: (as Ping's robot tumble backward and stay on his feet) I robo-block your robo-bump!

Ping: Oh no, (as the robot claw came out of his hands and wave itself like "Nuh-uh-uh") you robo-didn't!

Guacamole Robot: (use the right fist to punch his hand, but grabbed and got turned around until Ping's robot grab his back of the Fundoshi with both hands)

Ping: All for one, (uses his robot to toss the Guacamole robot aside to the right) And that one's me!

(As Guacamole Robot is slide to the ground surface ring edge)

Ping: It will be mine!

I guarantee!

(as his robot raised his left fist confidently)

Guacamole gang: We have to stop!

Guacamole robot: (get up)

Guacamole Gang: We're getting thrashed!

Guacamole robot: (turn around and faces Ping's robot)

Guacamole gang: Let's make a deal,

We'll all be smashed!

Ping's robot: (walk up close to Guacamole's robot)

(So both of Ping and Gourd Captain glare at each other eyes as they robots lean each other faces or dome-shaped windows)

Jimmy: Alright, Ping, how 'about we go 60/40 on it?

Ping: Ohhhh no...Ping takes all!

Guacamole Robot: (lean himself up)

Jimmy: Fine. Give 'em all we've got!

Guacamole Robot: (gave him a belly bump)


Ping's robot: (lands back-first to the ground)


Ping: (as his robot gets up) ♪Me want to have it all!

Guacamole Robot: (walk up to him)

Guacamole Gang: We really want it too!

Ping: Me want ze all Mewantium A whole lot more zan you.

(uses his robot to pick Guacamole robot up and then gave it a belly bump to sent him flying up)

Guacamole Gang: Aaaahhh!!! (their robot lands front body-first to the ground)


Guacamole Robot: (get up its chest and roll over)

Ping's robot: (slowly lunge his opened hand towards it)

(The song ends as the light turns on and shines on them)

Ping's robot and Guacamole Robot: (lift their hands up to cover their eyes from being blinded by a light)

????: Stand down and behave yourselves, by order of Space Fleet!

(All of them look up and the camera cuts to the back of Ping's robot's back and pan up to show the flying pie-shaped space saucer with two space engines on both sides)

The USS Applepies ship: (slowly went down, stopped and continue shine on Ping's robot with a beam light)

Jimmy: Space Fleet? (smiles) Thank goodness!

(The camera cuts to inside the USS Applepies space ship where you can see a scallion is steering a driving wheel, a white robot walk past him and stood on the brown wooden bridge are Captain Cuke, who played by Larry the Cucumber on the middle, Mr. Spork, who played by Bob the Tomato. On the right was a female blueberry with dark brown beehive-shaped hairstyle and side bangs named Lieutenant WhoAreYou, who played by Madame Blueberry, who is standing next to the right edge side of this bridge.)

Captain Cuke (Larry): This is the U.S.S. Applepies. Someone called in an anonymous tip that there were some robots in loin cloths fighting over here?

(As the camera took a shot and the back of Cuke and Mr. Spork who are looking at Ping and Guacamole Gang in the huge monitor)

Ping: Who called it in? Who? Who?

(Pan to the Tardis. Doctor Who (played by Archibald Asparagus) steps out)

Doctor Who: That's Doctor Who to you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm needed in the 19th century. Ta-ta!

(He steps back in the Tardis and it disappears)

Ping: Whoa.

(In the ship...)

Captain Cuke: Let's teach these 'bots some manners. (turn to look at Mr. Spork who is holding a magenta rectangular candy wrapper that labeled, "M and N's") Mr. Spork, ready the electro-pulse ray, and a few of those M and N's

Mr. Spork (Bob the Tomato): (munching some candies in his mouth) With all due respect, Captain, these are my M and N's.

(This makes Cuke surprised)

Captain Cuke: (turn back to him) With all due respect, I could use a treat.

Mr. Spork: (Became angry) With yet more due respect, these are (hop up to him) my treats.

Cuke: With another helping of due respect, I'm hungry and I'm the boss of you!

Mr. Spork: (shake his candy packet to toss the round candies into his mouth and chew them)

(Both Cuke and Mr. Spork glare at each other eyes and squinted their eyes)


Ping: (smiles evilly and laughs) Ha ha ha! Time to serve zis Applepies! (push the left controller stick to make his robot jump up and it looks like he's flying up. But however, he doesn't fly up so he kept jumping up and down to reach the USS Applepies' spaceship with all his failed attempts) will be...easy as...pie!

(In the ship...)

Cuke: Ready the Electro-Pulse Ray and gimme those M and N's!

Mr. Spork: (hold his candy wrapper away from him) Hmph!

Whoareyou: (roll her eyes) Oh, for Pete's sake. Electro-pulse ray firing! (Pushes the red button.)

Cuke: (look at Mr. Spork with his eyes)

Mr. Spork: Hey, that's my button!

The robot hand: (got out from under the ship, lunges toward Ping's robot and push him onto the ground so it start tickling him)

Ping: (laugh uncontrollably)

Captain Cuke: 1.21 gigglewatts! (turned to Whoareyou) Hit 'em again!

(Whoareyou pushes the button again)

Ping: Stop, eet tickles! *laughing* Must eject! (had the robot head eject from his body and it reverted into a tank vehicle form) Nobody does zis to Ping zee Perilous! Zat Mewantium waz (blast off with his vehicle) miiine....!!! (hit into the engine core)


Ping: Oof! (flew up into space)

(In the ship, Cuke, Mr. Spork, and Whoareyou are watching Ping take off)

Cuke and Mr. Spork: (turn to each other)

Cuke: (hop up to him in one step) Me think-ium I still want an M and N.

Mr. Spork: (hop up to him in one step) Look, I told you a million ti-

Whoareyou: (hop up to both of them) Would you two please stop?! It's a wonder we ever get anything done around here...

Cuke: (glared at Mr. Spork) You never share your candy!

Mr. Spork: (glare back at him) You never share your pudding!

Cuke: Ddsssttt!

(Later down in the moon surface, Cuke, Mr. Spork, and Whoareyou are now wearing their spacesuits and helmets. Cuke hold up his USS Applepies flag to the ground and Guacamole Gang are in front of them so they are watching them)

Cuke: Under the galactic law of "To the victor goes the Mewantium", I hereby claim this moon for Space Fleet. (stabs it to the ground)

Jimmy: What? (as the HMS Guacamole Gang look at each other sadly) We claimed it under the law of "Finders Keepers".

Cuke: Which, if I'm not mistaken, also goes on to stage: "losers weepers". (as he leans his left side body on Whoareyou while I'm on the left side next to her)

Whoareyou: (shoves him off of her) Look, Captain, (look around with a smile) zis moon is huge. (look back at Guacamole Gang) What about...sharing?

Guacamole Gang: (smile in agreement)

Jerry: Yeah.

Jimmy: Yeah.

(Suddenly, they heard a phone ringing)

(Beep! Beep!)

Cuke: (took out his black cell phone and answer it) Hello? Can you hear me?

(The voice babbling in the cell phone as Cuke hop backward)

Cuke: Can you hear me now?

Voice in the cell phone: (babbling)

Cuke: Oh, really? (turn around) With cheese sticks? And the dipping sauce?

Jimmy: Hmm?

Jimmy and Scallion Explorer: (look at each other)

Cuke: Oh yeah, yeah...

Whoareyou and Mr. Spork: (smiles nervously)

Cuke: No, I...I like the marinara. Okay. (turns off his phone)


Cuke: (puts it away) Ahem. (turn around and hop up to his spot where he was standing) Sorry, duty calls. Gotta go.

(Cuke, Mr. Spork, and Whoareyou went up to get in line)

Cuke: (took out his cell phone again and call) Three to beam up. (put it away)

(Then, three dangling ropes went down from the ship so three of them grab onto them)

Mr. Spork: (to Cuke) Beamer's in the shop.

Cuke: Ah...

(Then, Jerry the Gourd Explorer felt his stomach rumbling)

Jerry: (to his gang) Anybody got a Tums? (his stomach growls and churns)

Jimmy: Er?

(USS Applepies space ship's engine cores are glowing blue and emit blue flames so it blast off into space. Then, the title " Veggies and in Space: The Fennel Frontier" appeared in screen until it flashed white)

(Few minutes later, the USS Applepies ship is still flying through space)

Captain Cuke: (V,O.) Captain's Log. Stardate: Wednesday. We've kept the peace once again settling a squabble over a cache of precious Mewantium...

(Inside, Cuke is on the bridge and tossing some crumbs down to the kiddie inflatable pool filled with water and four yellow ducks are swimming around to feed them. This floating tree log-like device with one antenna is floating next to Cuke. Mr. Spork is still watching his computer screen, the carrot man with brown hair and red and white USS Applepies uniform is leaning against the ramp stair wall and reading his dark purple book. The leek with glasses is driving this whole ship and Whoareyou is still in charge with her machine buttons)

Cuke: But, no time to stand around on the bridge and feed the ducks, headquarters has a new mission for us.

(The camera took a shot and closeup on Larry and the floating Captain's log device)

Cuke: Captain's log out.

Captain's Log: Beep beep. (float off as Cuke smiles at it)

Mr. Spork: Captain, transmission arriving!

(And then, Admiral Nezzer's face appeared in the screen)

Admiral Nezzer: (clears his throat) Ahem, ahem.

Captain Cuke: [gasps with a smile and turn to look at him] Admiral Nezzer.

Admiral Nezzer: How did it go with the Mewantium Miners? Any issues with...say...sharing?

Captain Cuke: No problema, we won and the moon belongs to Space Fleet now.

Admiral Nezzer: (sighs as he rolls his eyes)

Captain Cuke: Speaking of sharing, Mr. Spork wouldn't give me any M&N's

Mr. Spork: Well, Captain Cuke wouldn't...

Admiral Nezzer: Ah, ah, ah, ah! Don't want to hear it. No time for arguing, I need you in the distant Tootany system.

Mr. Spork: Tootany? That's in the outer Fennel Quadrant!

Admiral Nezzer: They have beaches, and a very nice retirement village there too. We've gotten reports that a dark shadow has fallen over that sunny planet, the shadow of a pillaging pirate, we know as "Luntar the Looter"!

Captain Cuke: Whoareyou!

Whoareyou: Yes sir!

Captain Cuke: Who are you?

Whoareyou: I'm Whoareyou.

Captain Cuke: I'm asking you, who are you?

Whoareyou: Zat's who I am, Whoareyou.

Captain Cuke: Well, I know who I am. The question is, who are you?

Whoareyou: You know perfectly who I ...

Captain Cuke: Ha!! I'm just kidding, I just love that bit.

(Mr. Spork rolls his eyes at Cuke's joke.)

Captain Cuke: Pull up everything you have on Luntar the Looter.

Whoareyou: Ozer aliases unclude Luntar ze Terrible and Luntar ze Heartless.

Admiral Nezzer: Whatever his name is, he's been draining the power from every ship that passes by the planet.

Mr. Spork: How?

Admiral Nezzer: We don't know, we think he may have developed a new weapon. I need to investigate and bring him to justice.

Captain Cuke: We're on it, Admiral. He'll be no match for the Applepies, we're the fastest ship in the fleet with out twin. T.U.N.I.C engines.

Mr. Spork: Ziggy, Engineer's report!

Ziggy: Ay mon, no worries. Easy living down here in the engine room.

Mr. Spork: What's our power status?

Ziggy: We got dah T.U.N.I.Cs, mon. Twin Universal Nuclear Ignition Cores. Two cores of pure Mewantium, we got power to spare.

Mr. Spork: He's so much more relaxed than that Scottish guy we used to have.

Admiral Nezzer: Godspeed, Captain. Find this Luntar the Lugubrious and take him down. So say we all.

Captain Cuke: Ahh...So say you did.

(The screen turns off)

Cuke: Lieutenant Whoareyou, set a course for the Tootanny system.

Whoareyou: Yes zir! (turn around to obey his order)

Cuke: (turn to Ziggy who appears in screen) Ziggy, take us to full warp.

Ziggy: Aye, Captain.

Cuke: (turn to Mr. Spork) Mr. Spork, look up the word, "lugubrious."

Mr. Spork: (took out his red dictionary book to look it up)

Cuke: Engage!

(The camera cut to the outer space sky until you can see lots and lots of blue energy lines which is actually Star Wars-like warp speed or lightspeed so this ship was hyperdrived into space)

(The screen flashed light blue and the scene morphed into the cafeteria)

Gourd Lunch Lady: (is seen wearing a yellow latex glove and spoon some white food on Cuke's blue bowl which is on his yellow lunch tray)

Cuke: (hop to the left)

Gourd Lunch Lady: (spoon the blue jelly meat onto the white robot's blue bowl)

White robot: Can I get a straw for that?

Luke: (fill his mug with coffee from the orange coffee machine)

Yellow robot: (took the nuzzle from the blue and red gas machine and plugs it to the right side of his head to fill himself)

(Glug glug!)

Yellow robot: (his eyes are now filled with yellow gas and puts it away until he strolls off)

Gourd Lunch Lady: (spoons a blue slime onto the green slime monster's yellow tray while Gillina is standing on the right side next to him)


Green slime monster: Charlie! When did you get in?

(The blue slime came to life and it was really a small blue slime monster with eyes and mouth)

Charlie: Mom says hi!

Cuke: (hop to the left and noticed a pudding) Ooo, pudding today. (as Mr. Spork hops next to him and look at him with a smile) You want yours?

Mr. Spork: I love pudding!

Gourd Lunch Lady: Last one, boys.

Cuke and Mr. Spork: (start fighting over it and try to get one) Mine, called it!

Cuke: Ha ha.

Mr. Spork: As captain, you should make sure your crew is well fed.

Cuke: Nice try.

Mr. Spork: Ah, we could share it...

Cuke: Sure...

(All two of them sit on their blue spinning stools around the red round table)

Cuke: (remove the lid from the cup of pudding) You can have the lid; I'll have the cup. (toss this lid to the table and it rolls around Mr. Spork's tray)

Mr. Spork: Ha ha ha, oh...Perhaps a trade?

(The lid tips over)

Mr. Spork: Your pudding for a cup of my and meat? (made a skeptical face) I don't even know what this is.

White robot: (approached them and holding a spoon in his left brown gloved hand) Hey, you guys have a straw you could spare?

Cuke: Sorry. (look at three straws in his blue cup and they are magenta, light green and yellow) This is my (hold up the green one) drinking straw, (hold up the magenta one) my backup straw, and (hold up the yellow one) my straw for stirring...(took his cup away from this robot) All pretty essential.

Robot: (tip his speaker mouth with a spoon)

(Clang! Clang clang!)

Robot: (sighs and walk away)

Mr. Spork: (look at him who speaks up)

Cuke: I wonder what this "Luntar the Diabolical" has hidden on Tootanny. We need to be ready for anything.

Mr. Spork: If he tries to siphon our power, we can lock on the source (hold up his yellow tray to wave it as a spaceship demonstration) and calibrate our shields to block it. (drops it to the table)

Cuke: Good thinking. I love that smarty brain of yours. (puts his silver spoon into his mouth to eat that scoop of pudding)

Mr. Spork: Thanks...Ah...(look at him with his batted eyes) And I love pudding...Mr. Spork: Sure you can't spare a little? (smiles and blinks his batted eyes)

Cuke: (hold those two cups of pudding away from him which means he refused)

Mr. Spork: (sighs and Roll his eyes) Alright, fine. See ya back on the bridge. (hops off)

(Outside, the ship is still flying in the lightspeed. Inside the space corridor hallway...)

(Mr. Spork is walking down while he's holding a white pad in his invisible hands with smiles until they approached an elevator, but the carrot man was here first and hops in there)

Carrot man in the yellow and white uniform: This one's full.

(The elevator closed)

Mr. Spork: (look at the camera and continue walking/hopping down the hallway path)

Builder Carrot named Don (played by Figaro): (is fixing on the computer console)

PAL: Don?

Don: (turn around and look at him) Yeah, Pal?

PAL: Please hurry and change my battery...(as Mr. Spork went past them) It's dying...

Mr. Spork: (stopped so Mr. Spork magically type on something on his pad that looks like a white iPad)

Don: Oh, sorry, Pal. (look down at his brown belt) Totally outta batteries.

Another carrot builder: (hop past all of them with batteries around his belt) That's why I carry extra batteries.

Mr. Spork: (hop off)

Don: Oh well. (hop off) Guess you'll just have to wait.

Pal: No...(is now dead without his power)

(Later in the hallway corridor...)

Mr. Spork: (still walking/hopping down the path until Officer's Log, in front of them, float up to them)

Officer's Log: (float next to Mr. Spork's right side)

Mr. Spork: First Officer's Log.

Officer's Log: Beep beep!

Mr. Spork: (smiles) As we observe our dedicated crew, we can't help but wonder if we're a well-oiled machine, or perhaps a bit...rusty. If only there was some way to make us better.

Officer's Log: Beep beep.

Mr. Spork: I wonder...

Officer's Log: Beep beep.

(The song starts)

Mr. Spork: I wonder how we all could do a little more each day.

To help each other our or do a job without delay...

(As Mr. Spork look at the window with a smile and went off while Officer's Log follow behind them)

Mr. Spork: I wonder if the answer is a gadget or a tool;

(As he went past the builder carrot who twist the lug nut with a wrench on the pipe)

Mr. Spork: Perhaps it's just a very simple rule...

Mr. Spork: (hop past the library room)

(We see the carrot man with brown hair and red and white uniform who is lying down on his chair while his base is on the foot rest and reading his dark purple book and a green robot who is browsing at the library bookshelf)

Green robot: (can't reach the book up there with a four pronged claw and turn to the carrot reader) I can't reach it. Can I borrow your foot rest?

Luke: My feet are using it. (lift up his book and read it)

Green robot: *sighs* (as he turns back and shake the book shelf until three green books fell out and landed on his head)


Green robot: (cover his head with his arms) Oof! (turn around until the last green book landed on his head)


Mr. Spork: ♪ I wonder if a formula or brand new protocol

Could help this ship and all its crew to walk instead of crawl?

Mr. Spork and Officer's Log: (went past two doors on the walls)

(We see the two wheeled blue sad-looking robot named Twiki who exit the left door)

Red robot: (rolled out of the right door, has a grin on his face, two wheels as ears, third on his right side of his body as an arm and four wheels as feet and drove around Twiki) Hey, Twiki! How's it going?

Twiki: Not good. (look at the red one who left him) Could you sp..sp..sp...spare a...tire?...(look around himself sadly) Ehh...(roll off)

(Then, Mr. Spork hop in as the doors slide open aside)

Mr. Spork: I wonder if our rules should change?

(The camera cuts to Cuke and Whoareyou are having coffee from the coffee machine)

Cuke: (pours the coffee to his mug all by himself instead of sharing it with her)

Mr. Spork: I wonder if it's time?

Whoareyou: (look at her empty mug sadly)

Mr. Spork: I wonder if it's all about the stuff that we call (as he went onto the brown bridge) "mine, mine, mine?"

(The song ends as Mr. Spork took out his M&Ns candy wrapper and shakes it slightly with his smile)

Cuke: (sips his coffee and look at Mr. Spork)

Mr. Spork: (silently turn away from him, opens his wrapper and toss some of them into his mouth until he went back to work)

Cuke: (became crossed at him and silently sip his coffee again)

Mr. Spork: (is now on the computer)

(Beep beep!)

Mr. Spork: Approaching Planet Tootanny.

Cuke: Lieutenant Whoareyou, (hops onto the bridge while carrying his mug of coffee) let's see out the windshield.

(The screen turns on and it shows a planet Tootany)

Cuke: Hmm...This isn't sunny at all.

(The camera cuts to outside and USS Applepies ship is heading straight towards the planet)

Cuke: (V.O.) No sign of this "Luntar the Ripper Offer"?

(The camera cuts to Whoareyou who is looking at her computer console)

Whoareyou: I'm not detecting any ships out zere in front of us.

Cuke: Ah, good.

Whoareyou: Oh, but zere's a big pirate ship closing in behind us.

Cuke: (V,O.) Ah, not so good...

(As the space pirate ship grab the USS Applepies ship with a green levitation beam and the camera cuts to Cuke)

Cuke:  (felt this whole ship shaking because it was being grabbed in the green beam and it got slightly dragged)


Cuke: (hop to the right and look around)

(We see the screen changed and show the red chair that spins around to revealed Luntar (played by Mr. Lunt))

Luntar: The planet of Tootanny thanks you for your generous donation.

(Mr. Spork, Whoareyou went up to Cuke on the bridge and look at Luntar)

Cuke: Donation of what?

Luntar: All your power! We can use a juicy Space Fleet engine core!

Cuke: Not on my watch! (turn to Mr. Spork) Mr. Spork?

Mr. Spork: Way ahead of ya, sir. (turn to his computer screen) Ziggy, report to the bridge.

Ziggy: (appears in the screen) True dat, Mistah Spork. (zips off and the screen changed into the image of the ship. Then, he zipped toward Mr. Spork with a smirk)

Mr. Spork: That was fast.

Ziggy: (magically type on the computer console) Adapting shields to block it.

(The camera cuts to USS Applepies spaceship that was still in the green beam from Luntar's Space Pirate Ship outside)

Luntar: (V.O.) Sit tight, this will all be over soon.

(Inside, Ziggy hops in between Mr. Spork and Cuke while holding a wrench)

Ziggy: Captain, you got a Phillip's head? Forgot my screwdriver, mon.

Cuke: (took out his Phillip's head tool) Well yeah, but...this one's mine.

Ziggy: Just need it for a quick twist.

Cuke: You said you had your own...

(Then, all of them felt the ship shaking. Outside, the left engine core is shaking until two doors on the top of this core open and all of the luggages, frozen yogurt machine, picnic stuff, accordion and more stuff are levitated and suck into Luntar's ship)

Whoareyou: (V.O.) He's taking our luggage! And zee frozen yogurt machine!

Ziggy: (V.O.) Not de Fro Yo!

Chicken: (cluck while being taken away)

Cuke: What's your problem, "Luntar The Grabby"?

Luntar: Is that the best Space Fleet can do? Make up silly nicknames?

Mr. Spork: We should call him "Luntar The Sarcastic".

Luntar: Oh, "Sarcastic"... Like we're reeeeeally gonna paint that on the side of my ship.

(The camera took a shot at outside where the USS Applepies ship's core is shaking)

Whoareyou: (V.O.) Starboard engine is breaking loose!

(The camera took a shot inside and at Cuke)

Cuke: I need options...

Whoareyou: Well, Captain.

(The camera cut to Whoareyou went up to him)

Whoareyou: You can eizer share your screwdriver or retreat!

Cuke: (look at his screwdriver of his head tool sadly and then...) RETREEEEAT!!!

Scallion driver: (steer his ship steering wheel)

(The USS Applepies broke free from being grabbed by a green beam and flew off.)

(Outside, their ship disappeared into the space)

Luntar: (V.O.) That's right!

(The camera took a shot at Luntar in his ship)

Luntar: Run away, Space Fleet cowards! If you ever want to see your luggage again, I'll take that engine core! (as he spins around in his chair and the beautiful, female rhubarb-like Coronan named Luna hop up to them)

Luna (Petunia Rhubarb): The U.S.S. Applepies and Fishbowls are too fast for us, sir. They're out of range.

Luntar: They'll be back. (spins around in his chair) In the meantime, I guess we all have new luggage, huh?

Space Pirate Carrot: (holding a cup of chocolate yogurt with chocolate chip sprinkles around it and a spoon sticks in it) And six flavors of yogurt.

Luna: Should we really be taking on Space Fleet?

Luntar: Come on, Luna. Don't be so blue...

(The camera cuts to Luna and she gave herself an annoyed look at the camera)

Luntar: Ha! With my new Super-Grabber, we can take on whoever we want! (spins around again) And the energy from just one of their engines could solve all our problems. Let's head down to the surface.

(The camera took a shot at Luntar's ship that is flying through space)

Luntar: (V.O.) Alert orbit patrol to watch for intruders.

Luna: (V.O.) Yes, sir!

(Then, Luntar's Space Pirate Ship zoomed into space)


(The scene changed into the moon and the camera flew around it until the USS Applepies zoom around this moon. Inside, Cuke, Mr. Spork, Scallion Pilot, Ziggy, and Whoareyou are looking at the red holographic image of the sun and the planet Tootanny flew around it above the hologram projector table)

Captain Cuke: I've never seen anything like that. I do not like that green beam.

Houston: Awww, man.

Mr. Spork: Ah, no, not bean, beam. "Green Beam".

Captain Cuke: That was embarrasing. He took our luggage, all of my captain socks and all of my captain underpants.

Whoareyou: We can't defeat zat weapon of his until we know more about it.

Mr. Spork: Perhaps a covert scouting mission is needed.

Captain Cuke: Yes. We go down to the planet unnoticed and poke around.

Ziggy: How you gonna do dat?

Captain Cuke: We need to be invisible, to blend into the population. This will require the most sophisticated undercover work we've ever done.

(Later, the camera cuts to the elevator door)


(They opened aside and revealed Mr. Spork and Cuke are wearing their Tootanny's Hawaiian tourist disguises)

Cuke: (take a picture with a camera)


Mr. Spork and Cuke: (hop out of it)

(The two of them went over to Whoareyou)

Whoareyou: (holding a white pad) Are you sure zis is going to work?

Mr. Spork: If Tootanny has beaches, it must attract tourists. So that's what we are. The cover is perfect.

(The two of them headed straight towards the flying ordinary-looking car)

Whoareyou: I've prepared ze shuttle craft with and excess of bumper stickers and inflatable pool toys.

Captain Cuke: Oooh, the wood paneling is a nice touch. Thank you, ahhh....Who are you?

Whoareyou: Whoareyou!

Captain Cuke: Who?

Whoareyou: Lieutenant Who..

Captain Cuke: I'm just messing with ya again!

Cuke: (turn to Mr. Spork) Mr. Spork.

Whoareyou: (hops off)

Cuke: Ah...Do you mind? (hops to the right side of the flying space car with Gillina while Mr. Spork hops up to the left side) I've never driven a spacion wagon.

Mr. Spork: Aye, Captain.

Cuke: I'm too cool.

(The two of them enter this space car. The camera cut to outside and you can see a floating trash can with antenna on the lid top. The space garage door opened upward and the car is backing up, but end up hitting a trash can behind it)

Cuke: Whoops!

(The trash can float up until Charlie the small blue slime monster pops his head out from the trash)

Charlie: Game over, man. Game over!

(The scene turns black)

Asteroid Cowboys

Announcer: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry. The part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song.

Background singers: Asteroid. Asteroid. Asteroid. Asteroid Cowboys.

Larry: Yee-haw!

Oh my little rockie dokie

Your orbit has been stirred.

Don't ya dare be sneakin out

Gotta get back in the herd.

It's lonely out in outer space

They say it never ends.

I know you'll feel much better

Back here with all your friends.

Larry, Jimmy and Junior: Home, Home out in space.

Keeping them asteroids in place.

And here they all stay but if one gets a-way

We'll dig in our spurs and give chase.

Larry: Let's go get it, boys.

On my trusty rocket horsie,

So swiftly do I ride.

I blaze the trail with fiery tail

My posse at my side.

Jimmy and Junior: Yeah, we're his asteroid posse.

We roam the Milky Way.

Larry, Jimmy and Junior: We lasso up them asteroids

If'n any go astray.

Jimmy: (Gets hit by asteroid) Aaaah!

Junior: Didn't see that coming.

Larry: Home, Home out in space.

Keeping them asteroids in place.

Oh we gotta take care, cause with any air

Larry, Jimmy and Junior: The vacuum will suck out your face. Hngh!

Larry: Can't do that on Earth.

Jimmy: Actually it kinda hurts when I do that.

(A big asteroid passes by the three. Larry sees it)

Larry: Come on, boys. That's a big one.

Junior: I think it might be a little too big.

Larry: Giddy-up, posse. Just one more today.

Oh why do I chase these asteroids?

I suppose it's just my thing.

Big or small. I'll rope them all.

So yippee-ka-yay I sing. Yee-haw!

Jimmy: Whoppie-tai-yo there, Cowboy!

Junior: You better pull back soon!

Both: You're having fun but cut and run

Or you'll run into that...

(The Asteriod hits the moon)

Both: ...Moon.

Larry: Ow.

Sleeping out under the stars.

So much beauty out here to admire.

Jimmy: Oh the grounds never damp.

Junior: But when we set up camp-

Jimmy and Larry: It's impossible to light a fire.

Larry: I think it might that no air thing again.

Junior: Yeah.

Jimmy: You know, you can roast marshmallows on Earth.

Junior: I wanna be a cowboy on Earth.

(Jimmy once again gets hit by an asteroid)

Jimmy: Aaaah! Me too!

Background singers: Asteroid Cowboys in space.

Keeping them asteriods in place.

Jimmy: Aaaah!

Announcer: This has been Silly Songs with Larry. Tune in next time to hear Larry say...

Larry: Come on, Guys. You can't do this on Earth. Hngh!

(Song ends)

Veggies in Space Act II

(The scene opens and our ships are flying through space)

Cuke: (lean down and look bored)

Mr. Spork: Uh oh. Looks like a security (the camera cuts to behind Mr. Spork and Cuke so you can see a security check point in front of them) check point ahead.

Cuke: Security check point? (The camera cuts to the front of them) Act natural! (grabs Mr. Spork's shirt panickly) Act natural!

(The camera cuts to the black and green car with a pair of golden security robots flew off as the red and white striped railroad gate lowers down and the flying car with Cuke and Mr. Spork in it stopped. Cuke dig something behind his passenger seat. The camera cuts to Mr. Spork with Cuke behind him)

Mr. Spork: (looks at the camera or the guards with a nervous smile) Ahh...Hi...We're...

Cuke: (zip to the window, squishing Mr. Spork into the window and look at the guards while holding a plastic toy shovel and pail with a grin) We're goin' on vacation! Woo hoo!

Mr. Spork: (smiles nervously)

Cuke: Gonna have me some vacation! (as Mr. Spork pops himself off the window)

Mr. Spork: (looks at Cuke)

Cuke: Some vacationees!!! Vaaaa-caaaa-shhhhion.

(The camera cuts to the guards)

Two Tootanny Guards: (look at each other)

Cuke: Woo!

Two Tootanny Guards: ...

Cuke: (look at him) Right, vacation buddies?

Mr. Spork: Ahh...That's right.

Cuke: (open his brown wallet and his photos strap went down with pictures of him in different outfits) These are pictures of a tourist.

(The camera cuts to the guards again)

(Static heard)

Tootanny Guard #1: We don't need to see your pictures.

Tootanny Guard #2: Move along. (control some buttons or something we can't see)

(So Mr. Spork's car flew in past the gate and the camera cuts to the front of the three of them)

Mr. Spork: Way to be natural there, Captain.

(Upon arriving in Tootany, the shuttle craft arrived.)

(Cuke and Mr. Spork entered Tootany)

Cuke: Wow! Lots to see and do here, huh? Great place for Spring Break if it weren't so cold.

Mr. Spork: What's up with the sun? It's awfully dim for a vacation planet.

Cuke: Ooh, look at that...Look out!

(Cuke and Mr. Spork hid behind a hover car until they found Scooter)

Mr. Spork: What was that?

Scooter: Popcorn Meteorites!

Cuke: Scooter!

Scooter: Captain Cuke!

(The three of them went up to each other)

Cuke: How ya been?

Scooter: Been enjoying my retirement.

Cuke: So...what's with the popcorn meteorites? (pick up one of them from the ground)

Scooter: Intense solar storms have disrupted the popcorn belt!

(As Cuke sit up and chewing some popcorns)

Mr. Spork: You ate that off the ground?

Cuke: (talk with his mouth full) Five second rule. (toss the other one into his mouth)

Scooter: It's the ring of popcorn around Tootanny, your highness. (as Mr. Spork looks at the purple paper handout that said, "Popcorn Ring" and has a picture of this dark and light swirly purple planet with popcorn seeds around it)

Cuke: (talk with his mouth full again) You picked a delicious planet. (toss another one into his mouth)

Scooter: Aye, since it's your first time here, these maps will get you to all the hot spots.

Cuke: Uh, speakin' of hot spots...

Scooter: Ohh, look at that. (dips his hat on the barrel full of water) You can rent a bicycle or a paddle boat over there.

Cuke: How about a Hover car?

Scooter: Those are solar powered, so they just don't run like they used to.

Cuke: What we really need is a guide... to show us around.

Scooter: You can rent a Tour Guide right over there! (points his rolled up map at something)

(The scene changed to the bricky vending machine with the sign said, "ROBO GUIDE" and three rectangular pictures of the T-Bot clones)

Cuke and Mr. Spork: (approached it)

Mr. Spork: (took out his credit card from under his straw hat and slide it in the machine to pay a rent)

(Beep beep beep beep!)

(The door slide up open and the cute little solar powered robot guide girl with white spherical head, pink dot eyes, matching pink mouth, pink dress, pink floating arms, black rolling wheel thingy or plug as a wheel under her skirt for her to move around, black metallic 1960s bob hairstyle with curvy hair ends outward, pink headband and straight bangs named T-Bot is shoved out of it.)

Vending Machine: Congratulations on your rental of solar powered T-Bot!

(Beep beep!)

T-Bot: (activated and woke up) Thank you, customers. I am T-Bot, your robotic guide to the sights and sounds of Tootanny.  (yawns and shuts down)

Mr. Spork: Solar powered? But Captain, I don't think the sun isn't so strong to power her. (hops up to T-Bot's back that has a wind-up key and the label above it said "AUX POWER") Hang on, backup power. (winds her up)

T-Bot: (reactivates) I am so sorry to fall asleep. There's so much to see and do here. Tootanny is known as "The Sunshine Planet." The planetary flower is the Sunflower. The planetary bird is the Sunchicken. (flapping her arms and make a chicken clunking sounds)

Cuke: (lean down towards her) T-Bot, Perhaps you could help us find...a villain?

(Beep beep!)

T-Bot: Sorry. I don't understand. (smiles as she leads them around) If you're looking for great food, why not try McDoodles, known for their deep-fired Sunchicken Nuggets.

(As they went around McDoodles restaurant that is a spoof of McDonalds restaurant)

T-Bot: This was a sponsored post.

Cuke: (took a picture of it with his camera) T-Bot, I'm freezing. Any place to get a jacket?

T-Bot: (beeps) Jackets are available to all residents of Tootanny from Luntar, our leader and protector.

(As we went pass the billboard with the picture of Luntar at the left corner of this billboard and the yellow labels on it said, "LUNTAR BRINGIN' THE HEAT!")

Cuke: Ah, ha!

Mr. Spork: How convenient.

(The spy surveliance camera disguised as the street light behind us rotates and aim at us to analyze us and the same black and green car with golden robots from earlier is right in front of us, flew off and head straight into Luntar's lair)

Cuke: Follow the guards and we find the leader.

T-Bot: (beeps) Entrance to Luntar's Lair is strictly forbidden to tourists.

Mr. Spork: Yeah. I wonder if there's a secret way inside?

???: Stop!

Mr. Spork and T-Bot: (startled by a robot guard's voice)

(The camera cuts to the pair of golden robot guards with their raised claws emitting electricity at each other and lunge towards behind us)

Robot guard: You must come with us!

(All of them turn around and saw them coming)

T-Bot: (beeps) May I suggest a brisk jog through one of Capitol City's many back alleys?

Cuke and Mr. Spork: (ran off as all of them outrun them) Yes!

(As Captain Cuke and Co. are in big trouble with the robots and ran around the corner of this building)

Two robot guards: (flew around in the corner)

(They got out of the alley and ran this way until they stopped and see the upcoming same robot guards in front of them)

All: What?

Cuke: Mr. Spork! Magnetizers!

Mr. Spork: (took out his remote control with a smile as T-Bot looks at him worriedly) Aye, Captain. (uses it to emit beams at the red bulb dots that were on the robot guards' chests, cause them hit into each other and they fell dead)

(Cuke, Mr. Spork and T-Bot hop over those dead robots and she follows them)

Cuke and the gang: (ran up to one of the hovered cars)

Cuke: T-Bot! We need a vehicle!

T-Bot: (beeps) All hover cars are out of service, due to lack of solar power.

Mr. Spork: What about other power?

T-Bot: I am equipped to share my generator for just such an emergency.

Mr. Spork: (smiles)

T-Bot and Mr. Spork: (look at Cuke with smiles)

Cuke: Well, don't be shy. (hops up to T-Bot) Fire it up!

T-Bot: (hops onto the power back seat thingy to plug herself to this hover car) It would be my pleasure! (as her eyes and mouth turns yellow)

Mr. Spork and Cuke: (gets in this hovered car as Mahina and Polly-717 enter their different hovered police car)

(All of them drove off the ground)

Two robot guards: (enter their hover car and the second one plug his claw to the generator to power it up and they went after us)

(The camera cuts to T-Bot who is quickly deactivated due to losing her solar power so the hover car is shutting down and slowly descend to the ground as it moves forward)

Cuke: Uh-oh. Outta juice.

(Then, Cuke and the gang are surrounded by three cars of robot guards that make police siren noise in the alley)

Mr. Spork: Oh, boy...

(Their cars slowly went down to the ground as they look around those guards)

Cuke: (look at the deactivated T-Bot) Sweet dreams, T-Bot.

(Meanwhile in Luntar's lair, Captain Cuke, Mr. Spork, and T-Bot, are taken by six robot guards into here where Luntar, Luna, and the Space Pirate crew are. On the wall, you can see the clock that counts down about 14 minutes. They stopped and look at Luntar in his mechanical chair)

Luntar: Ahh, so here are the mysterious visitors, you may call me, "Luntar the Powerful."

Captain Cuke: Well, you certainly aren't "Luntar the Leave-Us-Alone."

Luntar: Something tells me, we've met before...

(The Robot Guards took off their disguises to reveal their true selves and in their original outfits)

Luntar: Good disguises!

Luna: Captain Cuke!

Captain Cuke: Luna. (hops up to her with a smile)

Luna: (smiles) It's been a while.

Captain Cuke: Last blue moon?

Luna: (smirks)

Cuke: A blue-tiful evening on a blue bayou?

Luna: Save the witty bloopers, captain. I've heard them all. (look at Luntar) Should we interrogate these spies, sir? Or just throw them in a cell?

Mr. Spork: You can't lock us up!

Cuke: Like in jail? Time to start...singin' the blues?

Luna: Clever. (hops up to Luntar) They're Space Fleet, sir. We can use them as hostages for their ship.

Luntar: The only thing that's keeping you from disappearing from my dungeon forever...(hops up to Mr. Spork) is if you give up your ship's engine core. It's pure Mewantium and "me want it"!

Mr. Spork: The engine stays in our ship where it belongs!

Luntar: And where is your ship right now?

Cuke: Wouldn't you like to know!

Luntar: Yes, that's why we asked.

Luna: They must be here to sabotage the Super-Grabber.

Mr. Spork: Is that the little science project you attacked us with?

Luntar: It's no little anything. It is my key to unlimited power (as he hops up to the red floor button and hops onto it to turn on the spotlight that shines on the super grabber that looks like a dark purple plunger or something)- the SUPER GRABBER! Behold!

(Spork, Cuke and T-Bot went up and stood to look up at it)

Cuke: (whistles) Shiny. It's pretty. I'll give ya that. (He takes a picture of it with his camera)

Luntar: Pretty? It gets me what I need, it has the power to get me power.

(Then, the spotlight turns one and shines on Luntar)

Luntar: Anyone can tell you that power is the key

Anyone that has it makes the rules for you and me.

(T-Bot starts dancing to the song but Cuke and Spork look at her. Later, T-Bot stops dancing and shrugs as she made a beeping sound)

Luntar: Now I grab the energy from batteries and wires.

Rocket fuel or gamma rays, whatever I desire.

If you're near my Super-Grabbing ray.

Luntar and the trio of Space Pirates: You will get your power sucked away!

Anything worth having can be good for the grabbing,

(One of the Space Pirates hands a grabber claw tool to Luntar)

Luntar and Space Pirates: Yes, anything with energy I'll nab!

(Luntar grabs the black wig from Mr. Spork's head, revealing his tomato leaf on his bald head)

Luntar and Space Pirates:If it runs on any power, then it's something I devour.

I just point and grab!

(Mr Spork snatches his wig from Luntar and puts it back on his head. All of them walk over to the control console with six robots behind their backs)

Cuke: What's with all this power grabbing stuff?

Luntar: (hops onto the top of this console machine) I'll keep...

Luntar and Space Pirates: Grabbing, grabbing, grabbing!

Luntar: Til I have enough! (grabs the camera from Cuke's neck and puts it on the console)

Static, electric, and solar and gas, (toss his claw tool aside)

I'll swipe the energy from anything with mass!

Charcoal briquets, turbo jets, leftover candle wax,

Propane, butane, methane, octane, certain spicy snacks!

Electrons, protons, pumped-up photons, Plus or minus charge!

(He grabs Mr. Spork's wig and swipe it from him with a grabber claw tool again. Mr Spork hops up to get his wig back and replaces it on his head)

Luntar: (as he pinched his nose with a grabber claw tool) I'll use its force despite the source, miniscule or large!

Luntar and Space Pirates: Anything worth having can be good for the grabbing

Yes, anything with energy I'll nab

If it runs on any power Then it's something I devour.

I just point and grab! (as he was thrown by a pair of robot guards and lands on his base to the console)

(Luntar laughs evilly)

Captain Cuke: Well, you can't have my ship.

Luntar: We'll see about that.

Luntar's hologram: Take them away until they're ready to cooperate. (disappeared)

(The robots took the captured crew off to their cells. Later in the dungeon cell, T-Bot is strolling around while Mr. Spork and Cuke are sitting on their prison benches)

Cuke: (opens his cell phone to call it) Phone home.

(His phone is not working due to signal problem)

Cuke: Phone home.

Cuke and Mr. Spork: (sighs hopelessly)

Cuke: It's no use. (closes his cell phone and puts it away) T-Bot, how can we escape?

T-Bot: The cell walls of Luntar's Dungeon are...(yawns and shuts down)

(Cuke hops off to the floor and winds her up to reactivate her)

T-Bot: Three and a half feet thick, (this makes Cuke crossed) lined with lead and a mile underground, this little hideaway is the ultimate in solitude.

(Cuke hops back to the bench and sat next to Mr. Spork)

Mr. Spork: I wish I had the brochure.

(As T-Bot went up to him and conjure up a brochure from her chest)

Mr. Spork: (took it from her chest) Ahhh...(slightly smile) Thanks?

Captain Cuke: T-Bot, why don't you spit out some blueprints to this place, or a list of all the exits?

T-Bot: (Beep beep!) I am not programmed for jailbreaks. I could, however, record your desperate plea for help as a holographic message. (as a emits a yellow light from her right eye to scan Cuke and then her right eye turns blue and project a small blue holographic image of Cuke he recorded this holographic message)

Captain Cuke: Hmm. Let's wait until that's our only hope.

T-Bot: (turns off the hologram projection and stroll around)

Cuke: (hold out the white plate of blue slime) I can't live on food like this. There's not even a pudding cup!

(The blue slime turns out to be Charlie as he became alive much to Cuke's surprise)

Charlie: Get used to it. We're stuck here! (became unalived)

Cuke: (drops it) Ew!

Voice: (O.S.) I'll share with you.

(Cuke and Mr. Spork turn and see it was a little male asparagus in a purple Space Pirate suit named Oliver, played by Junior Asparagus behind the bars and watch them in this cell. All of them look at each other and went up to Oliver)

Oliver: This is a pretty big sandwich.

(The camera cuts to Oliver outside of this cell hands a long, broad sandwich from his purple lunchbox)

Oliver: I could split it with you if you want.

(Cuke and Spork went up to Oliver)

Cuke: Luntar's locking up children? Will his horribleness have no end??!

Oliver: (smiled sincerely) I'm not locked in here, silly. My name is Oliver. I'm Luntar's nephew. (split the sandwich into two and hand half one to Mr. Spork) Here.

Mr. Spork: (grabs one from him) Uh, thanks. You realize you have a much smaller sandwich now?

Oliver: I know.

Mr. Spork: Like half of it.

Oliver: You want a drink box? (opens his lunchbox and took one from it) I got two in my lunch today.

Mr. Spork: Eh, sure. So you're just giving one of those away...

Cuke: (took the green apple juice box from Oliver)

Oliver: Yep.

Mr. Spork: To us...Two guys you've never met.

Oliver: That's what you do. When ya have enough to spare, ya have enough to share.

Captain Cuke: There's one box and there's two of us,

Oliver: So, the two of you can..

Cuke: Fight each other for it?

Oliver: No.

Mr. Spork: Find a way to clone it?

Oliver: No. Do the same thing I just did.

Cuke: Give it back to you?

Oliver: Don't you guys know how to share?

(Music starts)

Oliver: (took out three chocolate chip cookies from his lunch box) One for me and one for you,

To share is not that hard to do,

When we can see beyond ourselves (as he toss them to Cuke and T-Bot who hands one to Mr. Spork)

And give to others, too! (dance around the bar and closes his lunch box and continue singing as Cuke and Mr. Spork took a bite at those cookies they're holding)

(As Oliver sings, Cuke and Mr. Spork take a bite of the cookies)

Oliver: A bite for you, A bite for me,

That’s how God says it's supposed to be.

And if we have enough to spare,

We also have enough to share.

(T-Bot eeps as she stroll up to the bars and emit yellow beam from her left eye at the dancing Oliver and the trio of the Space Pirates as backup singers to record it)

Oliver: Sharing is the way to save us. Sharing is the key.

Three Space Pirates: Oooo, la la la.

Oliver: It only takes a moment. It’s simple and it’s free.

Three Space Pirates: Oooo.

(Cuke and Mr. Spork sat back down on the bench to eat some snacks)

Oliver: A sip for you, a sip for me,

That’s how God says its supposed to be.

Cause if we have enough to spare,

we also have enough to share.

(Cuke and Mr. Spork are having trouble learning how to share half sandwich and juice box to each other so they hold them away from each other, but feeling confused about what shall they do for each other. As the song ends , Mr. Spork splits his half sandwich into two so Cuke gets one and he gets the other one he's holding)

Oliver: Sharing is the way to save us. Sharing is the key.

It only takes a moment. I hope you both can see.

(the three Space Pirates hop off and left)

Mr. Spork: This concept of sharing is logical...

Cuke: (sucks the apple juice with a straw and look at Oliver) Hold on a second. Are you tryin' to butter us up to get information for your uncle, "Luntar The Locker-upper"?

(Mr. Spork went up to Oliver)

Oliver: (smile sincerely) No, that's not his name. We all call him "Luntar The Brave." He's fighting for the whole planet.

Cuke: The whole planet? I-I don't understand.

T-Bot: (beeps) Tootany's sun is dying. If a solution isn't found, it'll explode into a supernova and incinerate the entire planet.

Captain Cuke: Supernova!? Why is this the first time you're telling us this?!

T-Bot: It seemed like you were having such a lovely time.

Oliver: (look concerned) Luntar's been working day and night to gather enough power with the Super-Grabber. If he has enough, he's hoping he can recharge the sun.

Mr. Spork: So that's why he's grabbing power from every ship and machine.

Cuke: Oh! This messes up the whole mission!

Mr. Spork: (hops up to Cuke worriedly) What if our mission has changed?

Cuke: (grew worried) Mr. Spork, we have our orders. We can't go changing them based on a singing little boy! (look at Oliver) No offense.

Oliver: What about saving our sun?! That's part of your Space Fleet duty, isn't it?

Mr. Spork: If there's a solution, I'm sure we'll find it...But you gotta get us out of here first.

Oliver: Promise me you'll help us...and I will.

Cuke and Mr. Spork: (went up to Oliver)

Cuke: Captain's oath: We'll do everything we can to save your planet.

(Oliver went up to the musical lock box on the cell door and sings the right tune)

Oliver: Doo doo doo doo dooooo

(The musical lock box beeps in the same tune Oliver sings until the cell door opens and slide to the right)

Oliver: Musical lock.

(All of them walk/hop out of the cell)

Cuke: (whispers to Mr. Spork with a crossed face) You couldn't have figured that out?

(All of us went upstairs. The scene changed to Luntar's lair headquarters where the carrot guards are getting ready for bed)

Space Pirate #1: Good night, Eddie.

Eddie the Space Pirate #2: 'Night, Clarence.

Space Pirate #3: You better take your umbrella...

(All of them poke their heads out and peek over the doorway)

Clarence: We're supposed to get more meteor showers tonight.

Mr. Spork: If we can get back to the ship, (as the others walk out from the doorway) I can analyze these pictures (took Cuke's camera from the control console) and figure out how to shut down that Super-Grabber.

Captain Cuke: You sure this is the only way out?

Oliver: Yep! (whispers) It's okay, everyone's gone home.

(All of them walk/hop off to find somewhere out until...)

Luntar: (O.S.) Send out another ship!

(As all of them stop for moment)

Oliver: Except my Uncle Luntar. He likes to work late.

Mr. Spork: (whispers) Hide!

(All of them ran off and hide behind the machine console from Luntar and Luna who are hopping downstairs)

Luntar: We have to find the Applepies!

Luna: (follows behind him) We can't afford the fuel anymore, sir. (stops) Every ounce should be focused on that sun.

(The camera took a shot at the time that count down from 6 minutes and 28 seconds)

Luntar: (sighs) What's the use? (seen sitting on his chair as the camera pans down) Our experiments were worthless! The sun grows darker every day. We've barely got enough energy to power our heat lamps.

(Just as he said, the lamp's power flickers and goes out)

Luna: Should I prepare us all for evacuation? (as Cuke, Mr. Spork, T-Bot, and Oliver poke their heads up halfway from the machine console table and spy on them)

Luntar: No! Not yet. This is our home. (hops up to her)

Luna: A home that will be consumed in an exploding supernova. Space Fleet is already here! If we talk to them--

Luntar: They wouldn't help...Why would they? This is our sun, and our problem. I'll figure it out.

Luna: (hops away and looking desperate)

Luntar: (sadly talk to himself) How will I figure it out? We're doomed...(hops upstairs sadly)

Cuke: Oh man. He's turning into "Luntar The Sympathetic".

Oliver: Uncle Luntar won't ask for help, (smiles) but he needs it. We all need it.

T-Bot: (beeps) Gentlemen, I've located your shuttle. (as she shows a blue holographic image of Cuke's flying car from this machine blue plate and it shuts down) But the bad news is, I'm detecting an (as all of us got out of our hiding spots) oncoming storm of popcorn meteorites.

Mr. Spork: We should wait inside for the storm to pass.

Captain Cuke: No time, let's go.

(All of us ran off. The scene cuts to the planet's outdoors. The sun is burning so the popcorn meteorites started. Captain Cuke, Mr. Spork, T-Bot, and Oliver ran out of the lair to go back to their ships. Then, they saw their flying car-like ship on the top of this entrance)

Captain Cuke: There's the ship!

Mr. Spork: And there's the popcorn!

(The Citizens are seen hopping around while carrying their umbrellas to protect themselves. All four walk up to the entrance as they dodge from being hit by falling popcorn meteorites)

Oliver: Wait! (hold up his red umbrella) Let me share my umbrella. (hands it to Cuke) It'll protect you and your friends.

Cuke: Don't you need it?

Oliver: (smiles) Right now, you need it more.

Cuke: (smiles back) Thank you, Oliver.

Oliver: You're welcome.

Captain Cuke: Well, they don't teach this at Space Fleet Academy, I'll have to go with the usual strategy.

Oliver: What's that?

Captain Cuke: Run fast and scream a lot! (screams as he opens the umbrella and hops away so we follow behind him)

Oliver: Remember your promise!

(Cuke, Mr. Spork and T-Bot got near the gate, but it is locked)

Captain Cuke: Now we just have to pick the lock before we got incinerated.

Mr. Spork: There's gotta be a faster way to get in.

T-Bot: Look out!

(All of us ran aside to dodge this meteorite that landed into the gate and exploded so it's burned and opened. All of us exit through this gate)

Mr. Spork: Okay, that works.

Tootanny Robot Guard: (on top of the gate entrance and noticed them) Prisoners escaping! Must sound the alarm and pursue. (about to warn Luntar, but is hit by a falling popcorn meteorite. his head got spin around and changes his mind) Correction. (ran away) Must run and hide!

(The flying car-like ship flew up in the air with Mr. Spork, Cuke, and T-Bot in it as the popcorn meteorites are falling into Tootanny)

Cuke: (hold up a cell phone and call) Captain Cuke to Applepies.

(The camera cuts to and made a close-up on them while Mr. Spork is eating his popcorns from his popcorn paper bag and Cuke is on his cell phone)

Whoareyou: (V.O. from the cell phone speaker) We read you, Captain.

Cuke: We're on our way back. The mission has changed.

(Their ship flew off. The scene changed to the bridge room of USS Applepies ship where the rest of the Space Fleet and T-Bot gather up around the holographic projector table)

Cuke: Activate the table screen.

Whoareyou: (turns it on and it projects some games) Oh, hang on. (Changes the screen) We usually play games on zis. Here we go.

(The holographic image changed into a time that is 4 minutes and 10 seconds left)

Captain Cuke: Houston, we have a problem. Well, Houston? Give us some ideas?

Houston: Don't look at me, I'm just an intern.

Captain Cuke: Ok, then, I'll have a coffee.

Houston: We're out of coffee.

Captain Cuke: Well, Houston, we have two problems then, don't we?

Whoareyou: Sir.

Captain Cuke: Whoareyou?

Whoareyou: Who am I?

Captain Cuke: I know who you are, Whoareyou.

Whoareyou: Zen stop asking. (Cuke has an idea) Why don't we just talk to Luntar?

Captain Cuke: Luntar is still a desperate gourd. (hops around us) He attacked us once, he might attack us again, even if we try to help.

(Then, the sun started rumbling)

Mr. Spork: We don't have much time.

(The sun is glowing)

Whoareyou: So what do we do?

Ziggy: (standing next to the camera on this table) Hey cats an' kittens! (picks it up) Captain Cuke's camera captured some sweet pics of dah Grabber.

(The holographic table projects a hologram image of Luntar's Space Pirate ship and the gang walk up to around it and watch it)

Ziggy: I made a 3D scan from dem an' did a full analysis.

Cuke: That was fast.

Ziggy: I skipped my Zumba class.

Mr. Spork: Did you find a weakness?

Ziggy: It's a simple reverse o'dah polarity, mon. You put dis part in backwards an' boom! Dah Super Grabber don't grab no more.

Cuke: Ah ha! (look at Mr. Spork) We can render Luntar completely helpless.

Mr. Spork: I think he's already helpless.

(They can all feel the shaking)

Mr. Spork: Maybe the kid is right about Luntar. Isn't Space Fleet all about helping those in trouble?

Cuke: The moment we show up, he'll come after us.

Ziggy: He can't catch us with our twin engines, mon. Remember, we got power to spare.

(Then, all of them feel the shaking again)

Mr. Spork: Wait a minute. That's exactly what Oliver said. If we have power to spare, then we have the power to share.

Captain Cuke: Now, now. Just because it rhymes doesn't means it's a good idea.

Mr. Spork: Think about it. We have two T.U.N.I.C.'s. (projects a holographic image of USS Applepies ship) We can give Luntar one, and still use the other.

Whoareyou: What good will zat do?

T-Bot: Enough Mewantium fired into a sun would recharge it.

Ziggy: We load dah core like a big cannonball, here. With dah reversed polarity, dis becomes a plenty good Super-Slinger, mon.

Mr. Spork: (smiles) The Super-Grabber becomes a "Super Shooter".

Whoareyou: (smiles) A "Super-Sharer".

Cuke: I'm not givin' up one of our engines. That's crazy! (hops away from them) We'll have no way to outrun him.

Mr. Spork: (went up to him) That's a risk we'll have to take.

(T-Bot strolls up with her head lean down)

Cuke: (hops backward) I just don't know if I can do it. (bumps into T-Bot) Ooh!

(T-Bot spins around as she was hit and then emits a blue light beam from her right eye and show a holographic message image of Oliver singing)

Oliver: A sip for you, a sip for me,

That’s how God says its supposed to be.

‘Cuz if we have enough to spare,

we also have enough to share.

(Cuke sadly hops up to his red umbrella and picks it up until he remembers what Oliver said)

Oliver: (voice in Cuke's head) Remember your promise!

Mr. Spork: (went up close to Cuke and smiles) What do ya say, Cuke? Share the power and save a planet?

(Cuke began to think worriedly. The scene changed to outside of Tootanny city. Meanwhile inside Luntar's lair...)

(Luna knocks the door. as she hops backward. Luntar opens the door, hops out of his bedroom, carrying his teddy bear, still wearing an eyepatch and wore a dark purple night cap on his head)

Luna: Luntar! The prisoners have escaped!

Luntar: Wh-Whaaaat?

Luna: Space Fleet is back and they're approaching orbit.

Luntar: Eh...Then ready my ship. And, and power up the Grabber!

(Meanwhile in outer space, the USS Applepies ship flew around the moon and off into the space until Luntar's ship is flying after it)

Space Pirate Henchman: (V.O.) Applepies, straight ahead!

(The camera cuts to inside where Luntar, Luna, and the crew are in. Luntar is now dressed)

Luntar: Prepare the Grabber!

(The plunger grabber activated and the camera cuts to the closeup of Luntar, Artema and Luna)

Luna: Sir, their shields are down!

(The camera cuts to the windows and USS Applepies ship is approaching them faraway)

Luntar: Stay on target...Stay on target...

Space Pirate Henchman: The Applepies is opening its bomb bay doors! Still approaching!

Luntar: Grabber on full power.

(The target on screen locks on Applepies ship)

Luntar: Ready...Aim...

(However, Space Fleet's flying car launched out from under the Applepies ship)

Space Pirate Henchman #1: Look sir, they've launched a shuttle.

(The camera zooms in toward the Space Fleet space car and you can see Mr. Spork, Cuke and Ziggy in their spacesuits and helmets in it)

(Cuke is waving his white truce flag)

Space Pirate Henchman #1: They're hailing us with a truce flag.

Luntar: (hops out of his chair and went up to the window) It's a trap!

(The ships flew up from under Applepies ship)

Luna: It's one of their engine cores.

Luntar: I don't get it. We never even ask for it.

(Then three screens appeared on both windows. First one of Cuke, Mr. Spork and Ziggy on the right. All of them smile at Luntar and the Space Pirates)

Cuke: We had a spare so...we thought you could use it.

Oliver: (arrives and stood between Luntar and Luna with his smile) We accept!

Luntar: Oliver! What are you doing onboard?

Oliver: (smiles) I wanted to watch the fireworks! We're gonna recharge the sun!

(They feel the shaking)

Luna: (looks at them) Well, we'd better do it fast.

Luntar: I-I don't even know if it's possible.

Ziggy: Ay, mon. Don't you sweat dah details. All we need is a little flip-flop on dah Super-Grabber an' you're good to go.

(As their ships plugged the core into the Super-Grabber)

Mr. Spork: With power to spare...

Oliver: Comes the power to share!

Space Pirate Henchman: (then, they feel the shaking) The sun is going supernova. (turn around in his chair) Repeat: The sun is going supernova.

(The sun is flashing and flashing)

(Ziggy came out of the shuttle craft and reversed the polarity of the Super Grabber)

Ziggy: We're good to go, people. Fire dat bad boy. (reels back up into the shuttle craft)

Luntar: FIRE!

(The Super Grabber blast an engine core at the sun and then it explodes. The sun is now back to normal. Captain Cuke was so amazed. The camera zoom into his eyes and flashed white. It shows the shining sun as the giant candy bar of MandN's candies flew up. In the different planet, several monkeys surrounded this giant MandN's candy bar on the ground. The scene changed to Cuke drifting in space and plays a drum with drumsticks and the bubble with a baby cucumber in it wrapped in the white blanket and a yellow pacifier in his mouth. You can hear it coo and it woke up, batting its eyes at the camera. The scene changed to Cuke waking up from his daydream as you can hear a music screeched to a stop)

Captain Cuke: (waking up) Whoa! Weird!

(Then, everyone cheered as the music starts. Inside Luntar's ship, Luntar is cheering up and down as Oliver hops onto Luna's nonexistent arms. Luna spins around while carrying Oliver)

Luntar: Whoo, hoo!

(The camera cuts to Space Fleet's shuttle craft. Ziggy, Spork and Cuke cheer)

Cuke: Alright! Yeah!

Mr. Spork: Woo!

(Enough to Share reprise begins)

Luntar: (slides on screen) Now I'm the kind of guy who seldom likes to ask for much.

I never knew there’d be folks like you, who'd come through in the clutch.

Luntar, Luna, Oliver and Space Pirates: Our sun was goin' nova and we thought nobody cared,

Until you, our friends, with extra blessings opened up and shared. ♪

(The camera cuts to inside Applepies' ship)

Cuke: (look at the window with a image of the normal sun) Oh, I’ve never liked to share my pudding

Mr. Spork: Or my M-and-N's

Both: But sharing's a good way to turn Your foes into your friends.

Cuke: (toss some candies into his mouth with a opened wrapper)

(All of them sing as Ziggy, Mr. Spork, Cuke, and Whoareyou are heading up and standing on the brown wooden bridge)

All: So as we roam the galaxy We'll happily declare,

That when we see a need we''ll try our very best to share!

(Both Luntar's ship and Applepies' ship are heading straight to Planet Tootanny. Later in there, it was a bright sunny day and everyone enjoy in this peaceful relaxation paradise)

All: ♪ Sharing is the way to save us. Sharing is the key.

It only takes a moment. It's simple as can be.

There’s some for you and there’s some for me.

(The camera pans to the left as everyone dances and spins around with joy and it took a shot at Cuke, Mr. Spork, Ziggy, Luna, Luntar, and Oliver went up and stopped with smiles)

All: That’s how God says it's supposed to be.

Cause if we have enough to spare,

We also have enough to share!

(The scene changed to USS Applepies flying around Planet Tootanny slowly)

Cuke: (V.O.) Captain's Log. Stardate: a long weekend... After successfully jump-starting the sun..

(The camera cuts inside this ship and took a shot at Cuke's face in a closeup)

Cuke: ...and making peace with a local pirate, Tootanny is once again the best place to get a good tan and do a little surfin. (look at Captain's Log) Good log.

(The log beeps and flies off)

Admiral Nezzer: (appears on screen) Captain Cuke, Mr. Spork, Gillina, good work. It seems that sharing can happen anywhere.

Mr. Spork: Maybe even on our own ship.

Admiral Nezzer: I sure am proud of you, boys. How long's it gonna take you to get back home?

Ziggy: (standing next to Houston) Awww...With only one engine I'd say, twice dah usual time.

Admiral Nezzer: No worries. You all can share some quality time. (chuckles) Ha ha...Share? Ha ha. See what I did there?

Mr. Spork: (rolls his eyes with a smile) Good one, sir.

Admiral Nezzer: That's why I'm the admiral.

Ziggy: Ha! You're one crazy, funny zucchini.

All: Cause if we have enough to spare,

We also have enough to share!

(Fade to black)

Closing Countertop

(Fades to the countertop. Larry is still dangling above Jimmy Gourd. Mr Lunt is no longer wearing clown makeup and wig, still wearing a yellow builder helmet, standing all the way to the right next to Bob the Tomato who is standing between Mr. Lunt. Jimmy is standing between Bob and Mr. Nezzer who is standing between Jimmy and Jerry Gourd)

Mr. Nezzer: I loved that.

Jimmy: Sharing is a wonderful thing.

Jerry: Yeah, sharing!

Mr. Lunt: If only there was a way we could take what we've learned and somehow apply it to our everyday lives.

Jimmy: I hear ya.

Mr. Nezzer: I would love that.

Larry: Um..Hey guys? I have a thought...

Mr. Lunt: Wait a minute, I know. (Bob looks at Mr. Lunt) Maybe we could share some of our stuff with Larry to help him get down.

Jimmy: Now that's a thought.

Jerry: Oh, I like that idea.

(All of them split up to go get something)

Jerry: I'll go get my blanket.

Bob: Wow...Those guys catch on fast, huh?

Larry: Yep. I suppose now would be a good time to see if Qwerty has a verse for us.

Singers: And so what we have learned applies to our lives today,

and God has a lot to say in His book.

Larry: I still really have to go to the ba--

Singers: You see we know that God's word is for everyone,

and now that our song is done we'll take a look.

(Larry was done swinging and QWERTY shows a verse in his screen as it makes beeping sounds. The verse says...)

Bob: "Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none; and whoever has food to do likewise. -Luke 3:11."

Larry: That's pretty cool how the Bible talks about starship engines.

Bob: Actually, Larry, tunics are shirts. (look at the camera with a smile) The Bible tells us that when we have something someone else needs, like extra food or clothing, that we should share.

Larry: Like Captain Cuke and Mr. Spork sharing their extra engine with Luntar to help him and his planet.

Bob: Exactly.

Jimmy Gourd: Okay! Back to share my food.

Jerry: My blankets!

Mr. Nezzer: My branch trimmer!

Mr. Lunt: My stilts! (to Jerry) Eh, Jerry. Hand me one of your blankets!

Jerry: (hand one of them to Mr. Lunt with a smile)

Mr. Lunt: (place a blanket on Larry's back)

Larry: Oh wow, thanks!

Jimmy: Here, take half my sandwich. (hands Larry a half of his sandwich)

Larry: (the helmet opens. bites it and chews it) Mmm... (talks with his mouth full) Thanks for sharing, guys!

Bob: (as Mr. Lunt left off) So Carly, I think the next time your little sister asks to play with Patches...

Larry: (as Mr. Lunt walks past him with stilts) You should share him with her.

(Mr Nezzer cuts the right rope with his branch trimmer)

Larry: (got swung to the left) Whoa! (he swung to the right) Whoa!

Mr. Nezzer: (cuts the left rope to set him free)

Larry: (hit to the floor and lands flat on his face. He lift his head up and his helmet is now opened) Oof! (look at Mr. Nezzer) Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Nezzer: Sorry to leave ya hangin' like that. (hops off)

Bob: (look at the camera) Well, that's all the time we have for today. Always remember, kids. God made you special...

Larry: And He loves you very much.

Both: Bye!

Larry: Houston! (hops off to rush himself to the bathroom) I need a bathroom!

(Bob watches him go)

(We then cut to the credits followed by a Post Credit Scene)

Post Credit Scene

(Captain Cuke is feeding the ducks and Mr. Spork is getting back to work until..)

Mr. Spork: Captain, we have an incoming transmission.

Captain Cuke: (puts away a bag of popcorn behind his back) Um, I think that was the doorbell.

(A gourd pizza delivery man arrived)

Delivery gourd (Oscar): I've got a large pepperoni with a side of cheese sticks and marinara.

Captain Cuke: Whooh, that's mine.

(The Delivery Gourd hops on the bridge towards Cuke to hand them to him. Cuke smells it as the delivery gourd hops off and left. Houston, Ziggy, Mr. Spork, and Whoareyou went over to him with batted eyes)

Cuke: I share.

(All of them smile at him)

(During the credits, we're treated to "Enough to Share" by Jamie Grace)

(end of transcript)