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Veggie Valley Grade School is a elementary school in VeggieTales.

It first appeared in Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed, as it was the school in Bumblyburg. One classroom was seen only and Dad Asparagus and Petunia Rhubarb seems to be the teachers for the class.

The same room was not seen again until Celery Night Fever.



There's also a blueberry, presumably Mayor Blueberry's kid, a cucumber that resembles Larry with glasses, and a gourd. Their names are Renne Blueberry, Barth the Cucumber, and Gordy Gourd.

Fun Facts

  • There are some posters seen at the back, such as the ones with the Fib saying "Say No" and Larry with Bob holding a book saying "Read".
  • A lot of artwork is seen throughout the classroom. While it is assume that it's done by the students, it's actually done by either kids of the production team, or fans of the show.