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Veggie Carnival is a PC game released on October 15, 2002.[1]


It's the grand opening of the VeggieTales Carnival ... and you're invited! Try your luck at fun midway games and sing along with your favorite Silly Songs. If you're lucky, you'll even win enough tickets to ride the ultimate roller coaster -- the Bobbereeno!

  • Clown around, disguising your favorite veggie character in hats, wigs, clothes, and more.
  • Head to the wild, wild West when you play Dartguns in Dodge! Aim for a high score and win a ton of tickets.
  • Crash! Boom! Pick a car and get ready for a delirious driving derby in Bumper Clickers.
  • Watch robotic veggies sing your favorite songs in the sing-along tent.
  • Get ready for the ride of your life on the Bobbereeno roller coaster -- but only if you can earn enough tickets!
  • Playable on Windows PC and Macintosh!

Fun Facts



  • The audio on Phil Vischer's characters sound different compare to the ones Mike and Lisa do.
  • Mr. Lunt's voice was range differently. At some points, he sounds slightly deeper and even to something like his debut appearance.
  • Mr. Nezzer is seen wearing his clown motif when you click on the Clowning Around tent, yet he does not wear it outside.
  • The Nezzer Chocolate Factory hat does not fit Laura unlike in the episode where it fits perfectly.
  • The regular eyeglasses do not fit on the veggies, yet the Groucho ones do.


  • The footage on the Why We Do What We Do Promo is rendered slow and does not sync with the audio.
  • George's mouth is white instead of black.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The beard and hat costume is based after Abraham Lincoln, the US president from 1861 to 1865. "A penny for thoughts" is on the fact his face is seen on the penny.
  • When a Viking helmet is put on Junior, Laura or Percy, Ride of the Valkyries is briefly heard.
  • An Elvis Presley wig and outfit can also be used in this game.

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