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Veggie Beat is a fictional media corporation that has been appeared and mentioned a few times on VeggieTales.

Veggie Beat Magazine

Veggie Beat Magazine is a magazine that was mentioned by Larry in a few episodes. He once took advice from an article that he should wear an oven mitt on his head so he can look cool. But because he couldn't see, Larry fell into the sink. He also mentioned the magazine in Lord of the Beans that he would use his talents of riding a unicycle to be on the front cover.

Veggie Beat Television


Veggie Beat Television is a television channel that plays music videos from popular musicians and artists. The channel is hosted by Rockin' Robin (played by Jimmy Gourd).

The channel is based on various music video networks, like MTV and VH1.

Veggie Beat Radio


Veggie Beat Radio is a radio station and a subsidiary of "Veggie Beat Television". Much like its television counterpart, it plays popular music and is hosted by Rockin' Robin. The station also runs sweepstakes, like winning tickets for concerts.