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This article is about the book series. You may be looking for the VBS program.

VeggieTown Values is a series of books published from 2005 to 2006. The books in the series are parodies of existing movies and/or TV shows. The books in the list are:


  1. Frog Wars (January 30th, 2005)
  2. Lost in Place (January 30th, 2005)
  3. Field of Beans (January 30th, 2005)
  4. The Spoon in the Stone (January 30th, 2005)
  5. Ben Hurry (April 23rd, 2006)
  6. Cool Hand Cuke (April 23rd, 2006)
  7. West Slide Story (April 23rd, 2006)
  8. Snooze Brothers (April 23rd, 2006)