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Here's a collection of transcripts from the VeggieTown Values greetings.

Original Greetings

Segment 1

Bob: Hey kids, welcome to VeggieTown. I'm Bob the Tomato.

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber, and I'm here for the Value Bargain Sale.

Bob: The what?

Larry: The Value Bargain Sale. I'd like to buy a new skateboard please. Bright blue with flaming marshmallows on the side.

Bob: Larry, there's no sale here.

Larry: But the sign says VBS. Everybody knows VBS stands for Value Bargain Sale.

Bob: No it doesn't. VBS is all about-

Larry: Video Body Surfing?

Bob: No, that's not it either.

Larry: Vigorous Blubber Sharks?

Bob: Larry!

Larry: Very Big Sausages?

Bob: Hey kids, do you know what VBS stands for? If you said Vacation Bible School, you're right.

Larry: Oh, so it's about getting to know God.

Bob: And having a great time in VeggieTown.

Larry: Wow, that sounds like fun.

Bob: Oh it is. Lots more fun than Vicious Banana Slugs!

Larry: Good one, Bob.

Bob: Well, goodbye kids, and have a great time in VeggieTown.

Larry: Yeah, see ya. Why couldn't VBS stand for Voluptuous Buffalo Sing-Along? Bob! Bob?

Segment 2

Bob: Okay, Larry.

Larry: Yeah Bob?

Bob: It's time for the song.

Larry: What song?

Bob: You know, the song about that place the boys and girls have been visiting every day?

Larry: You mean the restroom?

Bob: No! I mean that special place, where they play games, learn Bible verses, and have refreshments! That place where they watch us on TV and learn important lessons!

Larry: Hmm. Can't be the restroom. The TV in there is broken. I pulled the handle, but no picture came on!

Bob: Larry, I'm talking about VeggieTown!

Larry: Oh, gotcha! Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the VeggieTown Municipal Anthem!

Bob: If you'd like some contests and prizes,

if you'd like to share a smile,

meet new friends of all shapes and sizes,

learning good things all the while. Have we got a place for you!

Both: VeggieTown,(x4), up and down, all around,

fun is found in VeggieTown!

Larry: Have a ball,

at the mall,

uh... 10 feet tall!


Bob: Stop, cut, hold it! 10 feet tall? What does that mean?

Larry: Uh...I don't know, but it rhymes with "mall".

Bob: Larry, the VeggieTown anthem is supposed to make sense.

Larry: Sorry, I'll do better the next verse.

Things are cool,

at the school,

please don't drool!


Bob: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, stop! "Please don't drool"? Larry, that's worse than 10 feet tall!

Larry: Um... don't worry, Bob. I got the next verse covered.

At the church,

you will search,

for your perch!

Bob: Cut, cut, cut! Larry, "you will search for your perch"?!

Larry: Well, I wanted to use "purse", but it didn't rhyme.

Bob: Never mind. Let's just finish the song, OK?

Larry: Ok.

Both: There's never ever ever ever ever been a place like VeggieTown! (x2)

It's time for VeggieTown!

(Larry falls and blows his sousaphone one more time, with everybody laughing like in the regular intro.)

(Fade to white)

Larry: Uh, Bob?

Bob: Yeah, Larry?

Larry: How about: "You will search for your wallet"?

Bob: Uh...right, Larry. Well, kids, at least he got one line right, It is time for VeggieTown! Have fun!

Segment 3

Bob: Hey kids, and welcome to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato!

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber!

Bob: Today, we wanna help you find your way around VeggieTown! There are so many exciting things to see, so I got this map from the Chamber of Commerce!

Larry: Oh, I don't need a map. I know VeggieTown like the back of my hand.

Bob: Larry, you don't have any hands.

Larry: Oh. That explains why I get lost every time I leave my room.

Bob: According to this map, the VeggieTown School is down this way. And the church construction site is over that way, and the playground is over here!

Larry: Oh, I love the playground! That's where I do my best work!

Bob: You work at the playground?

Larry: In the sandbox. I just dig, dig, dig, deeper and deeper and-

(Larry falls off the countertop)

Larry: Ow. Hey Bob?

Bob: Yeah Larry?

Larry: Could you throw me that map?

Bob: Why?

Larry: I think I'm lost again.

Bob: Well, don't you forget your maps, kids, and have fun discovering the neat places in VeggieTown!

Segment 4

Bob: Hey kids, welcome to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato!

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber!

Bob: And today we'd like to tell you about the-

Larry: Um, excuse me Bob.

Bob: What is it, Larry?

Larry: Exactly where are you?

Bob: Well, I'm standing right next to you. Where are you?

Larry: I'm next to you! I think.

Bob: Wait a minute. Larry, I can't see you!

Larry: I can't see you either, Bob!

Bob: Oh no, we're...

Both: ...invisible! Aaaaaah!

Bob: This is terrible! How could we show kids around VeggieTown if they can't see us?!

Larry: Uh, maybe we could wrap ourselves in bandages like the Invisible Man, or cray paper, except then we'd look like pinatas.

Bob: Larry, how did this happen?!

Larry: Um, well, remember when we went to the beach yesterday and you wanted me to bring the sunscreen and you said it was on the counter in the yellow bottle?

Bob: No, it was the white bottle.

Larry: Oh, well, I brought the yellow bottle.

Bob: Larry, that was vanishing cream! You're supposed to put it on those horrid age spots!

Larry: Oops! Well, if we had any age spots, they've disappeared.

Bob: But so have we! How are we gonna get back to normal?

Larry: Um, well, did you ever see Peter Pan?

Bob: Peter Pan? Why?

Larry: Well, when Tinkerbell was fading away, all the kids in the audience had to concentrate really hard to bring her back. So, maybe if the kids here concentrate as hard as they can-

Bob: They can bring us back?

Larry: It worked for Tink!

Bob: I guess it's worth a try! Okay kids, we need your help! Concentrate as hard as you can on bringing us back!

Larry: You can do it, boys and girls!

Bob: That's it! You're doing it!

Larry: Except for maybe that kid in the last row. (popping sounds ensue)

Bob: We're coming back! I can feel it! (popping sounds end)

Larry (in Bob's body): We're back!

Bob (in Larry's body): I can see you Larry! Thanks kids!

Larry (in Bob's body): Uh, Bob?

Bob (in Larry's body): Yeah, Larry?

Larry (in Bob's body): Why is my voice coming out of your mouth?

Bob (in Larry's body): Aaaaaah! We're back but we're reversed!

Larry (in Bob's body): I kinda like it this way. It's not easy being green, you know.

Bob (in Larry's body): Well kids, we'll work this out! You go ahead to VeggieTown, we'll catch up!

Larry (in Bob's body): Ketchup? Is that a tomato joke?

(Bob, in Larry's body, rolls eyes.)

Segment 5

Bob: Welcome to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato!

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber! I'm running for president!

Bob: You can't run for president!

Larry: Why not?

Bob: You're a cucumber!

Larry: So? Jimmy Carter was a peanut!

Bob: He was not a peanut! He was a peanut farmer!

Larry: Oh.

Bob: Besides, you can't run for president with a shoe on your head!

Larry: It's a running shoe.

Bob: Who would vote for you?

Larry: Well, I would, and so would the kids out there, maybe.

Bob: Sorry Larry, you'd need more votes than that.

Larry: Well, I know, I'll run for mayor of VeggieTown!

(American flag drops down behind Larry)

Larry: My fellow citizens! As mayor I will put a chicken in every pot, a turkey in every toaster, a penguin in every refrigerator-

Bob: Stop! Hold it!

Larry: Free waffles for the kitties-

Bob: Larry, VeggieTown is about important things like forgiveness and doing what's right. We're here to learn about God's values!

Larry: Hm. A mayor is an important job. I guess I'd better learn too!

Bob: That's right, so let's get to it!

Larry: Yeah, and remember kids, a vote for Larry is... a vote for me!

Bob: (sarcastically) Nice slogan Larry! One more thing!

Larry: Yeah Bob?

Bob: Lose the shoe!

Larry: Oh. Right.

Segment 6

(Larry, as Larry-Boy, is stuck on the cardboard wall again and is trying to wiggle free)

Bob: Uh, hi kids, I'm Bob the Tomato and-

Larry: Please, Bob, call me Larry-Boy.

Bob: Uh, okay, uh, Larry-Boy. Kids, welcome to VeggieTown, where we talk about real problems you might face in your own life.

Larry: Uh, Bob, I'm facing a problem in my own life.

Bob: What is it?

Larry: I'm stuck on this wall!

Bob: That's not the kind of problem I'm talking about, Larry. As I was saying, kids, problems like choosing between right and wrong, accepting and forgiving each other, and helping each other.

Larry: Bob, did you say, "helping each other?"

Bob: I certainly did!

Larry: Well, I'm an each-other so, would you help me down from here?!

Bob: Alright Larry. Kids, let's help Larry. You'll need to dislodge his surface tension apparatus.

Larry: What?

Bob: They'll have to wiggle back and forth in their chairs until you get unstuck.

Larry: Oh.

Bob: Okay kids, start wiggling!

(Wall begins to wiggle. Larry gets unstuck and falls, landing hard on the countertop.)

Larry: Ouch. Thank you!

Bob: Good work, kids! And now, it's time to go to VeggieTown!

Larry: Um, I have another problem Bob.

Bob: What's that?

Larry: I've fallen and I can't get up!

Bob: That's wonderful, Larry!

Larry: Wonderful? Why?

Bob: Well that's a dilemma anybody can relate to!

Larry: And I feel better already! Uh, Bob?

Bob: Have a great day in VeggieTown, kids!

Larry: Don't worry, I'll be on my feet in no time, or I would if I had feet! I'll be there shortly! Actually, Bob will be there shortly! I'll be there tallily!

(fade to black)

Bob: Larry.

Larry: Yeah Bob?

Bob: Try not to talk.

Larry: Okay Bob.

Segment 7

Bob: Welcome to VeggieTown, kids! I'm Bob the Tomato!

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber. I'm very disappointed.

Bob: Why?

Larry: Well, these kids are having fun in VeggieTown.

Bob: They're supposed to.

Larry: No way. They're supposed to learn about serious stuff.

Bob: Well, we can learn serious things and have fun at the same time!

Larry: No we can't. Instead of having a boring time, you kids have been doing cool stuff! I mean you! Well, not you. The one next to you! The one with that thing in your hair! What is that anyway?

Bob: Larry, you're just jealous because you haven't gotten to do anything. Could it be you're green with envy?

Larry: That's easy for you to say.

Bob: What if you do an activity today?

Larry: Could I?

Bob: How about it kids? If you think we should let Larry play a game, stomp your feet!

(feet stomp, countertop shakes)

Bob: I'll take that as a yes!

Larry: They were just squashing spiders.

Bob: Oh no!

Larry: Oh boy! Just a second!

Bob: Now what?

(Larry emerges wearing his oven mitt)

Larry: I brought my mitt out for the game!

Bob: B-but Larry... oh, never mind. Kids, i know you're gonna have fun today!

Larry: And learn too!

Bob: So put on your oven mitts, uh, I mean your thinking caps, and let's head for VeggieTown!

Larry: Bob, maybe they were just smashing pumpkins.

Bob: Ooh! I hope not!

Segment 8

(dramatic music begins playing, camera pans over a city setting)

Larry: This is the city, VeggieTown. A lot of Veggies live here. Sometimes, they get in a jam, or even a relish. When that happens, they call me. My name is Larry. I carry a badge. I should probably pin it on my shirt except for I'm not wearing a shirt. I guess I could pin it on my- Ow! Forget that!

Bob: Larry, what are you doing?

(camera pans to Bob and Larry)

Larry: Oh hi Bob, I was just welcoming the kids to VeggieTown.

Bob: W-w-welcoming them? It sounded like you were trying to scare them away!

Larry: Sorry! I'll try again!

(lights cut out, a moon and other nighttime decor appears)

Larry: Imagine, if you will, another dimension. A dimension of cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage. A dimension where nothing is as it seems! You are entering the VeggieZone!

Bob: Larry, will you stop that? And can somebody please turn on these lights?

(lights turn back on)

Larry: Ooh! That's bright!

Bob: Larry, you're giving the kids the wrong idea about VeggieTown! This is a place full of fun, a place where we talk about following God in our everyday lives!

Larry: You mean, it's not a spooky place-

Bob: Of course not!

Larry: But, what about that corner under the stairs in your basement? That's pretty spooky!

Bob: No it's not!

Larry: But, once I saw a dust bunny there-

Bob: A dust bunny? What's so scary about that?

Larry: He had long teeth and big claws.

Bob: He did not!

Larry: Well, maybe short teeth and icky fingernails.

Bob: You're making this up! Besides, the kids aren't going to my basement, they're going to all the fun, bright, exciting places in VeggieTown, like the store and the mall, and, uh-

Larry: Ooh! Can I come too?

Bob: Well sure! Come on!

Larry: Um, there's just one thing I have to do!

Bob: What's that?

(dramatic horn music plays)

Larry: There are a million stories in VeggieTown. This has been one of them.

(dramatic horn music ends)

Bob: Larry! Let's go!

Larry: Sorry! See you in VeggieTown, kids!

Segment 9

Bob: Hey kids, welcome to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato!

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber, and I'm very excited!

Bob: Why is that?

Larry: Because I'm gonna be the mayor of VeggieTown! I have a great campaign song! Wanna hear it?

Bob: Sure!

(grayscale picture of Larry in a mayor's outfit, in tan, drops down)

Larry: Vote for me! (x4)

Vote for-

Bob: A-a-a-a-a-a-ah that's not very catchy Larry! Besides, you have to tell people why they should vote for you.

Larry: No problema! How's this?

Vote for me!

Or you'll be sorry 'cause I'll put mustard in your oatmeal,

and make noises like a sick cat while you try to sleep-

Bob: F-for-for-forget the song, Larry! What's your platform?

Larry: My what?

Bob: Where do you stand?

Larry: Um, right here I guess.

Bob: I mean, where do you stand on the issues?

Larry: Um, if I stand on them won't they get squished? And nobody likes a squishy issue, Bob.

Bob: Larry, do you even know what the mayor of VeggieTown does?

Larry: No.

Bob: Larry, I don't think you're quite ready to run for mayor. You need to know how VeggieTown works. But cheer up, you can run again when you've learned about VeggieTown! So let's join the kids and get started!

(Bob hops offscreen)

Larry: Okay Bob. Hey! Maybe I can run for Tooth Fairy instead! I needs some new specimens for my molar collection! Bob? Bob?!

Segment 10

Bob: Hey kids! Welcome to-

Larry: Excuse me, I'll handle this! Welcome to VeggieWorld! I'm Larry the Cucumber!

(many different props for a VeggieTales-themed amusement park appear, but this time, trumpets are cheering "Ta-da!".)

Bob: Whoa whoa whoa, hold on! Did you say "VeggieWorld?"

Larry: Correct, sir!

Bob: But, this is VeggieTown!

Larry: Not anymore, Bob! VeggieTown is about to become VeggieWorld, a property of the Wizzy Entertainment Group!

Bob: It's becoming a theme park?!

Larry: Right, Bob. Okay kids, get your money ready!

Bob: Larry, you can't charge kids to get into VeggieTown! That's ridiculous!

Larry: No, that's business.

Bob: Larry, people can't pay to see the church construction site.

Larry: Gone, Bob. It'll be the Junior Asparagus Tower of Doom!

Bob: What about the school?

Larry: Now, the Nebby K. Nezzer Stunt Show!

Bob: Larry, this is VeggieTown! Our home!

Larry: But, Wizzy Entertainment gave me lots of money! Well, not exactly. More like 2 lollipops and a set of Partridge Family plastic cups.

Bob: But Larry, you don't own VeggieTown, it belongs to all of us!

Larry: Uh oh! Do I have to give the lollipops back? I already ate one.

Bob: Larry, you need to let us in now! We have to get started on another great day in VeggieTown!

Larry: Well, okay kids, you can come on in!

(amusement park props disappear)

Bob: See you in VeggieWorld!

Larry: That's VeggieTown, Bob!

Bob: Oops! Right.

On the Job

Vacation School

Bob: Hi kids! Welcome to VeggieTown. I'm Bob the Tomato, and this is, uh, Larry? Larry?! Where are you?

(Larry emerges wearing a beachgoer's outfit)

Larry: Here I am, Bob!

Bob: What's with the outfit?

Larry: I'm ready to learn how to take a vacation!

Bob: Vacation? You can't go on vacation! We need to introduce these kids to VeggieTown!

Larry: I thought you said we were gonna go to vacation school to learn how to take a vacation.

Bob: This isn't vacation school. This is where kids come to have fun, while learning about God.

Larry: Hm. Having fun while learning about God. That sounds a lot like vacation Bible school, Bob!

Bob: It IS vacation Bible school, Larry.

Larry: Oh.

Bob: Well, goodbye, kids! Have fun in VeggieTown!

(Bob hops offscreen, which Larry can't see since his hat covers his eyes.)

Larry: See ya! Hey Bob? If we're going to VBS, will I still need to wear sun-tan lotion? It makes me smell like a coconut! Bob?

Larry's Interview

Bob: Hi kids, and welcome back to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato.

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber!

(Bob appears surprised to see Larry wearing a tie)

Bob: So, what's the occasion?

(Larry looks down at his tie)

Larry: Oh, well, since all week we're learning about values on the job, I thought I should get a job!

Bob: Larry, it takes more than wearing a tie to get a job.

Larry: Really? Like what?

Bob: Well, you have to answer questions at an interview.

Larry: Ooh! Questions. I'm good at questions. Ask me a question.

Bob: Okay. Do you have any experience?

Larry: Hmm. Well, once in Science class, I blew up a test tube and made a lizard turn blue!

Bob: That's an experiment. I asked you if you had any experience.

Larry: Maybe. What's experience?

Bob: Have you done this job before?

Larry: What job?

Bob: The job I'm asking you about.

Larry: What job is that, Bob?

Bob: It's, uh... I don't remember.

Larry: Maybe you shouldn't ask the questions, Bob.

Bob: Hrm.

Larry: Goodbye, kids, and have a great day in VeggieTown! Say goodbye, Bob!

Bob: I, e-e-er, goodbye!

(Larry hops offscreen, leaving Bob confused.)

Larry the Cook

Bob: Hello kids, and welcome back to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato.

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber!

Bob: And we're here....uh, Larry, you wanna tell the kids why you have an oven mitt on your head?

Larry: I've got a new job, Bob. I'm a cook!

Bob: A cook?

Larry: Oven mitts are very important in the kitchen! Safety first!

Bob: Yeah, but you don't wear an oven mitt on your head. You wear oven mitts on your hands.

Larry: I don't have any hands!

Bob: As I was saying, we're here to welcome you to another day in VeggieTown, where you'll learn that any job you do can glorify God, when you follow what the Bible says.

Larry: We're not learning about eating?

Bob: Not really, Larry. We're learning about values on the job.

Larry: Oh. Well then maybe we can learn about value meals, and if the kids pay an extra 50 cents, they can get a super sized lesson!

Bob: We're not learning about eating!

Larry: Can I teach the kids how to chew without moving your jaw?

Bob: Larry!

Larry: How about how to use a fork to eat soup?

Bob: Have a fun time in VeggieTown, kids!

Larry: Or maybe how to suck spaghetti through a straw?

Bob: Oh brother...

Larry the Psychiatrist

Bob: Welcome back to VeggieTown, kids! I'm Bob the Tomato.

Larry: And I'm Larry the Psychiatrist!

Bob: Uh, Larry the Psychiatrist?

Larry: Yep! You see, Bob, I want to help people.

Bob: Good for you!

Larry: I'd like to start with you, Bob!

Bob: Er, not now, Larry. Kids, I think you're gonna have a lot of fun today-

Larry: Bob?

Bob: Yes, Larry?

Larry: I think it would be nicer if you sat on the couch.

Bob: Why's that?

Larry: It would be... cozier.

Bob: Oh. Okay.

(Bob hops up on couch)

Bob: Ahem. As I was saying, kids, you're gonna have lots of fun-

Larry: How do you feel about that, Bob?

Bob: About what?

Larry: About the kids having fun. Are you... jealous?

Bob: What?! No! Why would I be jealous?

Larry: Hmm. Fascinating.

Bob: Larry, are you trying to psychoanalyze me?

Larry: I don't know what that means.

Bob: Are you trying to be a psychiatrist with me?

Larry: Hmm. Interesting. Are you afraid of psychiatrists, Bob?

Bob: Have fun in VeggieTown, kids!

(Bob leaves the screen)

Larry: How do you feel about waffles? Bob?


Bob: Welcome back to VeggieTown, kids! I'm Bob the Tomato, and-

(Larry emerges dressed in different cleaning/maintenance tools)

Larry: Ta-da! Introducing the world's newest superhero, Sani-Boy!

Bob: Sani-Boy?

Larry: That's right, Bob. Short for Sanitary-Boy! Watch this!

(broom activates, dust begins to build up)

Bob: Larry, you're making a mess!

Larry: No, I'm making an un-mess!

(Larry sneezes from the dust, accidentally sprays cleaning agent at Bob)

Bob: Aah!

Larry: Oops! Sorry!

Bob: Be careful with that thing!

Larry: Don't worry, Bob, it's anti-bacterial!

Bob: Yeah, well, so's a blow torch. Anyway, I think your work here is done, Sani-Boy. Have fun today, kids! I'm gonna go take a shower.

Larry: Stay tuned for the further adventures of Sani-Boy! Where there is dust, I'll bust it! Where there is grime, I'll-

Bob: Larry!

Larry: That's Sani-Boy!

Slingshot Larry

Bob: Hello kids, and welcome back to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato, and this is, uh, Larry?

Larry: Incoming!

(newspaper flies at Bob and hits him on the head)

Bob: Larry!

Larry: Sorry, Bob. I have to work on my aim.

Bob: What are you doing?

Larry: Well, I thought I could get a job delivering newspapers!

Bob: But, why did you throw the newspaper?

Larry: I'm testing my new delivery system, the official Larry-Brand Aerodynamic Paper Projectile Impeller.

Bob: Isn't that a slingshot?

Larry: No, it's an official Larry-Brand Aerodynamic Paper Projectile Impeller.

Bob: Oh. Well, anyway I'm not sure that you should be throwing papers around like that.

Larry: Oh, too hard, right?

Bob: That's right.

Larry: Okay.

Bob: As I was saying, kids, welcome back to VeggieTown, where you will learn that at any job you can bring glory to God. All you have to do is follow what the Bible tells us. Isn't that right, Larry-

Larry: Incoming!

(a bouquet of flowers fly and land on Bob's head. Bob is visibly dissatisfied with this)

Larry: Is that better?

Bob: (sarcastically) Yeah.

Restaurant Larry

Bob: Greetings kids and welcome back to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato...

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber, and I'll be taking your order today!

Bob: Taking your what...? Larry, what are you up to?

Larry: I have a new job, Bob! I'm opening up my own fast food restaurant!

Bob: Do you know anything about fast food?

Larry: Sure I do, and my restaurant will be unique!

Bob: How's that?

Larry: We'll be the only one selling Larry's special deep fried Peanut Butter and Jellyfish sandwiches!

Bob: Peanut Butter and Jellyfish...?

Larry: Sure! Would you like fries with that?

Bob: Not right now, Larry... you see, the kids are about to start the day in VeggieTown where we learn that in any job we can please God! As long as we do what the Bible says.

(Larry hops up to the camera)

Larry: Kids, would you like a deep fried Peanut Butter and Jellyfish sandwich for a snack?

(Larry hops back beside Bob)

Larry: I may need to re-think my menu.

Bob: While he does that, you have a good time in VeggieTown. See you soon!

(Bob and Larry hops off camera)

Larry: Hey, Bob. I might have an opening for a short-order cook and... you're short!

Bob: Larry!

Larry: Sorry.

Bob: Nyeh.

Larry: Nyeh.

Cowboy Larry

Bob: Welcome Kids for another exciting time in VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato. And this here is Larry the Cucumber.

Larry: Howdy partners!

Bob: Howdy partners?

Larry: I'm practicing my cowboy talk, Bob! I'm trying to get a job as a cowboy.

Bob: A cowboy? Larry, have you ever even been around a cow?

Larry: A cow? Uh, no. Why, do I need cow experience?

Bob: Well, cowboys work with cows. You rope 'em, and herd 'em and things like that.

Larry: Really? Wow! But, they're so, I dunno, big!

Bob: What were you expecting?

Larry: I dunno. I was thinking me and the cows could roast marshmallows.

Bob: .....anyway, we should welcome the kids back to VeggieTown!

Larry: That's right! This is where we learn that in any job we do, we can please God!

Bob: If we do what the Bible says.

Larry: Bob?

Bob: Yeah, Larry?

Larry: Maybe if we did roast marshmallows, the cows wouldn't get mad when I rope 'em.

Bob: (dryly) Get along, little doggy...

Rocketboy Larry

Bob: Hello kids, and welcome back to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato...

Larry: And I'm Rocketboy Larry!

Bob: ...Rocketboy Larry?

Larry: It's my new title. I have a job as a space explorer.

Bob: What kind of job is that?

Larry: I fly around in my spaceship and, well, explore! New worlds that is, and new lifeforms, and new civilizations!

Bob: What kind of lifeforms?

Larry: Wild, exotic, weird lifeforms, like eggplants, rutabagas, sarsaparilla and sassafras.

Bob: Larry, you can find all those things right here on earth.

Larry: Really? So I don't need a spaceship?

Bob: No, you don't.

Larry: Well, if I don't need my spaceship, I should move it. It's double-parked out front. Wanna fly it with me?

Bob: Uh, Larry, I don't think your spaceship can really fly.

Larry: ...then you don't wanna fly it with me?

Bob: No.

Larry: Okay, goodbye!

(Larry hops offscreen.)

Bob: Well, kids, I hope you have fun in VeggieTown, where....

(A slingshot-esque sound shakes the ground as Bob looks up.)

Larry: (O.S.) See ya later, Bob!

Bob: I don't believe it.......uh, goodbye kids! Larry, wait!

(Bob runs offscreen.)

Hardhat Larry

Bob: Hello, kids!

Larry: And welcome back to VeggieTown!

Bob: I'm Bob the Tomato...

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber.

(Bob notices Larry's construction outfit.)

Bob: Larry, I'm guessing that you're dressed up like that because you have a new job.

Larry: That's right, Bob. I'm working in construction! I have a new job with Arthur Artichoke's Architectural Associates. Try saying that three times fast.

Bob: Well good for you, Larry.

Larry: And on my job, I'm learning to use all the lessons we've been studying in VBS, about how we can please God in any job we do, as long as we do what the Bible tells us.

Bob: That's great, Larry! Why don't you tell the kids about your new job?

Larry: Love to, Bob. (to kids) Well, kids, I wear this tool-belt so my tools will always be handy!

Bob: And the hardhat?

Larry: ....hardhat?

Bob: That thing on your head.

Larry: This isn't a hardhat, Bob. It's a batter's helmet.

Bob: What?

Larry: In case I wanna go hit some baseballs after work, silly!

Bob: Oh, of course...

Larry: Well, gotta go to work! Have a great day in VeggieTown, kids!

(Larry hops off.)

Bob: What was I thinking?

For the Family

Greeting 1

Bob: Hi kids, I'm Bob the Tomato. Welcome to VeggieTown, a place where...

Larry: Bob! Stop! Don't move!

Bob: W-what?!

Larry: You're gonna step on my collection!

Bob: ...I don't see anything.

Larry: Of course you don't. It's invisible.

Bob: What kind of collection is invisible?

Larry: A hole collection.

Bob: Holes? Larry, why would you collect holes?

Larry: 'Cause I wanna be holy!

Bob: But that's not what...

Larry: Careful Bob, one more step and you'll be standing on holy ground. That one over there, from an old sock.

Bob: I see.

Larry: No you don't. It's invisible.

Bob: Larry, this is crazy! Collecting holes doesn't make you holy.

Larry: It doesn't?

Bob: No! Being holy means "special", set apart for God.

Larry: You mean like the Holy Bible?

Bob: Well, yes! But people can be holy too.

Larry: They can? How?

Bob: To find that out, let's go with the kids to VeggieTown!

Larry: Not that way Bob! There's a-

Bob: AAAH-

(a crash is heard)

Larry: ...hole there. A big one. Found it in the middle of the street.

Bob: (echo) Larry!

Larry: Don't worry! I'll just go over here and AA-

(a crash is heard)

Bob: (echo) Larry, lemme out of here!

Larry: (echo) As soon as I get out of here! Funny, I don't remember this one.

Bob: (echo) Well kids, it looks like you'll have to go on to VeggieTown without us.

Larry: (echo) Hello, rabbit!

Greeting 2

Bob: Hey kids, I'm Bob the Tomato. Welcome to another exciting day of-

Larry: Quiet on the set! We're about to record the first episode of my brand new TV show, "Everybody Loves Larry"...

Bob: What?

Larry: Starring VeggieTown's best loved personality, me! Now, just read your lines from the cue cards, Bob. You're playing the part of the gruff, but lovable English butler.

Bob: Larry, I-

Larry: Remember, Bob, English butler. Gruff...

Bob: But-

Larry: -lovable. Right, rolling! Action!......Bob, that's your cue.

Bob: Oh, heh-heh.... (in Scallion #1-esque voice) Why look-ee 'ere! It's everybody's favorite cucumber, Larry!

(an audience applause is heard)

Larry: (ahem) So, English butler, I once had a bird named Enza. I opened the door and in flew Enza. Get it? Influenza.

(audience laughter is heard)

Larry: See? I told ya they loved me.

Bob: Larry, those people weren't really clapping for you, or laughing at your jokes. They're just sounds on a tape.

Larry: You mean, everybody doesn't love Larry?

Bob: Well, a lot of people love you, Larry. But the important thing is that someone dearly loves you.

Larry: Really? Who?

Bob: God! He loves each of us! We're learning in VeggieTown that He has a special place in His heart for every one of the kids out there! So what do ya say we cancel this TV sitcom, and follow the boys and girls?

Larry: Well, okay. But first let's do the scene where you clean the chickens out of the toilet.

Bob: I don't think so.

Greeting 3

(while Bob and Larry are talking, a camera timer ticking is heard)

Bob: Are you ready?

Larry: Yep! Did you set the timer?

Bob: Uh-huh!......uh, where'd you get that shirt?

Larry: Aunt Ruth. She sent it with a note saying to "clothe myself in compassion", like it says in the Bible.

Bob: Cute.

Larry: Oh, wait!

(the camera flashes)

Bob: Great. Now I have to set the timer again.

(Bob winds up the camera, and we hear the camera timer over their talking yet again)

Larry: She also sent these.

Bob: Larry, "clothed in compassion" means your mind should be surrounded with compassion. The Bible is talking about how other people see you.

(the camera flashes)

Bob: Ah! I wasn't looking. Thanks a lot Larry, we'll never get this picture taken.

Larry: Gee Bob, seems to me you could use a little compassion.

Bob: Oh, heh-heh, well I uh..

Larry: I'll show you compassion by setting the timer for you.

Bob: Uh, be careful Larry. That camera's pretty expensive.

(the camera breaks)

Larry: Oops. Bob, do you think you could show me a little compassion?

Bob: (sighs) I'll try, Larry.

Greeting 4

Bob: Hi, kids! Uh, while I wait for Larry, why don't you-

Larry: Oooh! Cheeseburgers, my favorite! Why are they all on one plate?

Bob: Well, it's in honor of VeggieTown Values For the Family. I ordered "family style".

Larry: Ooh, family style....what's that?

Bob: Well, it means we share.

Larry: Oh, um..okay. Say, isn't that Aunt Ruth over there?

Bob: What? Where? I don't see her.

(Larry eats one of the cheeseburgers)

Larry: (with cheeseburger stuffed in his mouth) Hmm. I must've been mistaken.

(Larry swallows the cheeseburger)

Larry: So, which value are we learning about?

Bob: Kindness. You see-

Larry: WOW! Isn't that Tom Cruise?!

Bob: What?! Really?! Where?!

(Larry eats one of the cheeseburgers)

Bob: Hey! Have you been eating all the cheeseburgers?

Larry: (with cheeseburger stuffed in his mouth) Um, yeah. Sorry. I guess I wasn't being very kind. I was just hungry.

Bob: Kindness is important. The boys and girls are learning that in VeggieTown.

Larry: You're right. From now on, I'll be kind, no matter what! Are you gonna eat that last cheeseburger?

Greeting 5

Larry: Hi Bob. Whatcha doing?

Bob: Oh hi, Larry. I'm using the computer to look up my family tree.

Larry: Good idea, Bob. Since we're learning about VeggieTown Values For the Family. I know all about my family tree. My great-great-great uncle Lucas invented the phonograph, the light-bulb, and the motion picture projector.

Bob: I thought that was Thomas Edison.

Larry: Then there was my grandfather's cousin, Lorrie the Cucumber. She was the first man to walk on the moon.

Bob: Larry, that was Neil Armstrong!

Larry: Um...

Bob: Larry, you don't have to be ashamed if your background is, well, humble.

Larry: I don't?

Bob: No, being humble is good! It's much better than bragging, and pretending you're better than other people.

Larry: It is?

Bob: Sure! That's one of the things we're learning in VeggieTown, that God likes humility. Maybe we'd better join the kids in VeggieTown and start learning.

Larry: I'd be proud too! I mean, I humbly accept your invitation!

Bob: See you in VeggieTown, kids!

Greeting 6

Bob: Hi kids, welcome back to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato, and this is-

Larry: Dr. Larry M.D.! You can tell I'm a doctor by this doctor thingy on my head, and this telescope around my neck.

Bob: Uh, Larry, what are you doing?

Larry: Bruises are my specialty! I'm gonna examine you, Bob. This won't hurt a bit!

Bob: Well, you won't need to see me then, I don't have a single bruise.

Larry: I'll be the judge of that.

Bob: Ow!

Larry: Well, maybe a tiny bit.

Bob: OW!

Larry: Now Bob, that didn't hurt! I didn't feel a thing.

Bob: Ow! Ow! OW OW OW!

Larry: Oops.

Bob: When you said bruises were your specialty, did you mean curing them or giving them?

Larry: Um, I'm not sure. I missed that day in medical school.

Bob: Well, let's not miss a day in VeggieTown where the boys and girls can learn about gentleness. And one of us needs to learn that lesson too.

Larry: By "one of us", do you mean you?

Bob: No, I mean you. So let's go, okay?

Larry: Just as soon as I take that splinter out of your nose.

Bob: WHAT?! NOOO!!!

Greeting 7

Bob: Well hi, Larry! Are you ready for another exciting day in VeggieTown?

Larry: You go on without me. I'll just stay here and vegetate.

Bob: Oh, why so glum Larry?

Larry: I can't be a doctor without patients.

Bob: Why don't you have patients?

Larry: I don't know. They all come for one visit, but they don't come back.

Bob: Oh. Well, maybe it's your bedside manner. Here, show me how you talk to a patient.


Bob: Uh Larry, I think I know what the problem is. You don't have any patience.

Larry: I know that, Bob.

Bob: No, I mean you need more patience.

Larry: That's what I said.

Bob: No, patience, Larry! As in, you're being impatient. Instead of rushing, you need to be more patient with, uh... your patients.

Larry: Oh, I get it! But how can I learn about being patient?

Bob: In VeggieTown, Larry! That's something the boys and girls are learning.

Larry: Well, I wanna learn about it too! Let's go, Bob. Get a move-on, hurry up!

Bob: Patience, Larry, patience!

Larry: Oh, right.

Bob: Heh.

Greeting 8

Larry: Hi, boys and girls. For my next number, I'd like to sing-

Bob: Wait, wait, your next number? Larry, this isn't a concert, it's our welcome to VeggieTown.

Larry: Well, today it's a musical welcome, Bob. And since the kids are learning about friendship, I'd like to sing a little song called, "Friends are Friends Forever".

Bob: Larry, we can't use that song. It belongs to Michael W. Smith.

Larry: Um, well, then I'll use my own song. (ahem) Ladies and gentlemen, a different song about friends! (ahem)

I've got a friend.

His name is Bob.

Let's not pretend that he's not a slob.

Bob: Hey!

Larry: He's round and red as a big balloon!

He eats hot fudge with a serving spoon!

He smells a lot like a wet raccoon!

He's my friend Bob!

Bob: Hey!

Larry: My friend Bob!

Bob: Hey!

Larry: I like that "hey" part, Bob. Adds a rushing calypso touch.

Bob: Larry, how could you sing that way about a friend?! Why can't you be more thoughtful, like uh... Michael W. Smith?!

Larry: That would be copyright infringement, Bob.

Bob: (sigh) Let's go to VeggieTown, Larry. Learning about friendship would do us all some good.

Larry: Okay, Bob.

My friend Bob looks like a blob.

Bob: Hey!

Larry: Has a complexion like corn on the cob.

Bob: Hey!

(Bob and Larry fade out)

Greeting 9

Bob: Welcome back, kids! Today in VeggieTown, we're gonna-

Larry: Hi, Bob! You like my new hat? I'm gonna be the Oddfather!

Bob: Uh, the Oddfather? What's that?

Larry: Why, he's the head of the family, Bob! And since we're learning about VeggieTown Values For the Family-

Bob: Wait, wait, wait, Larry, not that kind of family. You're talking about being a gangster!

Larry: No, no, Bob, I simply do favors.

Bob: Like what?

Larry: Like if a bully is giving you a hard time, I see that he wakes up with a head of lettuce on the foot of his bed.

Bob: Lettuce?

Larry: Or if somebody steals your lunch money, I send someone over to his house to, uh, break all his graham crackers.

Bob: Uh Larry, that's getting revenge! God doesn't want us to get revenge, He wants us to forgive.

Larry: Even our enemies?

Bob: That's right!

Larry: Oh, well, then on to VeggieTown!

Bob: Larry, you're a dill I can't refuse!

Larry: I'm a what?

Bob: Never mind.

Greeting 10

Bob: Hi kids, and welcome to Ve-

Larry: Y'know, Bob, I think you need a makeover.

Bob: Uh, a makeover?

Larry: Nothing personal, Bob, but you need a new look.

Bob: Larry, I like my old look. My friends love me just the way I am.

Larry: How could they? That look is so 20th century. Now, just keep your eye on QWERTY.

Bob: Why?

Larry: It's a virtual makeover, Bob. Watch the screen, and we'll try out your new look.

Bob: Okay...

(each time Larry speaks, Larry presses a button on QWERTY)

Larry: How 'bout... a mustache?

Bob: Eh...

Larry: And a toupee?

Bob: I don't think so, Larry.

Larry: Okay, a smaller mustache and a larger toupee.

Bob: Eh...

(Larry goes faster)

Larry: And a monocle, and big ears...

Bob: That's enough, thank you!

Larry: And a beauty mark and an eyepatch!

Bob: Ahh...

(A screen pops up on QWERTY saying "System Error")

Larry: Oops.

Bob: Nevermind, Larry. Like I said, my friends love me just the way I am, and that's how God loves us, and how he wants us to love each other!

Larry: Well, I guess that's our cue to go to VeggieTown. Forget the makeover.

Bob: Right! I was starting to feel like, uh, Mr. Tomato Head.

Larry: Mr. Tomato Head! What a great idea, Bob! Let's turn you into a licensed character! Your face will be on paper plates and pencil toppers, and people will love you even more!

Bob: That'll never happen.

Larry: Yeah, you're probably right.

(end of transcript)