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The VeggieTales on TV Theme Song is the song used for the opening of VeggieTales on TV. It showcases Bob welcoming the viewer to his house as he and the rest of the Veggie cast sing about the premise of the show. The theme song would always end with Pa Grape adding a final comment (usually a crack at Archibald Asparagus' yellow sweater).


Bob: Oh, hi there. I'm Bob the Tomato. Come on over to my house!
Welcome to my house,
It's the one up on the hill. It's the place I cook my dinners,
Take my baths, and pay my bills.
It's the place that I get letters from kids
Like you...
Larry: Hi Bob!
Bob: Hi Larry!
Larry: Every day we get a letter,
Gotta make the problem better!
Archibald: Do you like my yellow sweater?
Archibald, Pa Grape, Junior, Mr. Lunt, and Jimmy: VeggieTales!
Junior: You've seen us on DVD
Mr. Lunt: But now at last we're on TV
Pa: From Portland to Schenectady!
All: It's VeggieTales! VeggieTales! (On TV!)
VeggieTales! (Could it be?)
Time for VeggieTales!