The VeggieTales on TV Theme Song is a song used for the opening of VeggieTales on TV. It's much different than the original theme; which was most likely done to differentiate this version of the show.


Bob: Oh, hi there. I'm Bob the Tomato. Come on over to my house!

Welcome to my house, it's the one upon the hill

It's the place I cook my dinners, take my baths and pay my bills

It's the place where I get letters from kids... like you...

Larry: Hi Bob!

Bob: Hi Larry!

Larry: Everyday we get a letter

Gotta make the problem better

Archibald: Do you like my yellow sweater?

Pa Grape, Archibald, Junior, Mr. Lunt and Jimmy: VeggieTales!

Junior: You've seen us on DVD

Mr. Lunt: But now at last we're on TV

Pa Grape: From Portland, to Schenectady

All: It's VeggieTales!

VeggieTales (On TV!)

VeggieTales! (Could it be)

Time for VeggieTales!


  • The theme song would always end with Pa Grape saying something, usually a crack at Archibald's yellow sweater.
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