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[[File:VTPT38TitleCard.png|250px|link=VeggieTales Promo: Take 38/Gallery]]<br />
<gallery position="center">
VT Promo take 38.png
VTPT38 Title card.png
VTPT38 Bob looks at the camera.png
VTPT38 Larry bouncing behind Bob.png
VGPT38 Larry Interrupts Bob.png
VTPT38 Larry smiles at the camera.png
VTPT38 Bob gets Excited.png
Blue lobster rolls in the backround.png
VTPT38 Larry bounces after Lobster.png
VTPT38 Veggietales.png
VTPT38 Now wait just a moment.png
VTPT38 ending.png

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VeggieTales Promo: Take 38 is a rare promo released in 1992.

File:Veggietales promo- Take 38 title screen.png


This was to showcase Christian bookstores about VeggieTales.



  • Larry shares the same voice as one of the Scallions.



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