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This is a transcript for VeggieTales Promo: Take 38.


[We fade in to reveal the kitchen countertop with the clapperboard that states the following: "VeggieTales" at top, the first row reads: "Promo", "Scene" 1, and "Take" 38, and the second row is stacked: "Director: Mel N. Reiner" and "Camera: Phil A. Dendrum".]

Director: (very slowly) All right. VeggieTales Promo: Take 38.

[The clapperboard claps and slides away to the left to reveal the male, anthropomorphic tomato who blinks his eyes.]

SPR (fade in and out):

... A Brief Message from
Bob(Tomato) & Larry (Cucumber)

... Hosts of VeggieTales

Bob the Tomato: Okay, get this: All the citizens of the kitchen come together, fruits, vegetables, small kitchen appliances, regardless of species, color or brand name, (A male, anthropomorphic cucumber hops behind Bob) they all come together with one purpose, and that purpose...

Larry the Cucumber: (leans in from the left, interrupts Bob) Hey Bob, ha-have you seen my plastic wind-up lobster?

Bob the Tomato: Not now. (Ahem; Larry leans out) That purpose is to create the most fantastic Christian children's series anyone has ever imagined. A show bursting with positive (Larry's blue wind-up lobster passes by behind him) values filled with lighthearted stories, songs and educational materials. (Larry hops behind Bob, chasing after his lobster) A show so bold, so innovative, so earth-shattering, it could only be called one thing: VeggieTales!

[An announcement promo card drops down onscreen, getting into focus.]

Larry the Cucumber: (offscreen) Oh, here it is. (The card shakes once again) Ow!

[A male, anthropomorphic asparagus with a bowtie and monocle and a female, anthropomorphic asparagus with a necklace and earrings pop up from below]

Archibald Asparagus: Just a minute, not so fast, before this nonsense goes any further, I just want everyone to know that I was against it from the start, isn't that right dear?

Lovey Asparagus: That's right, he was.

Archibald Asparagus: Yes, when that pickle came up to me, I...

Lovey Asparagus: It's-it's a cucumber dear.

Archibald Asparagus: Oh yes, whatever. As I was saying, that cucumber came up to me and asked me what I thought we should do this weekend, I suggested a Caesar Salad might be nice, we haven't done one of those in a while, but no, they decided to do a television show instead, I mean really, you put vegetables in salads, you use them as side dishes, occasionally you might use them as an aesthetically-pleasing garnish, but you should never, never put vegetables on television, it is simply not done.

(Archie leaves)

Lovey Asparagus: I don't know, I kind of like the idea.

[She leaves as well, following him]

(End of Transcript)