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VeggieTales Bible Mania

Cindy Kenney


April 1, 2006

VeggieTales Bible Mania was a book released in 2006.


Astound kids (and grown-ups, too!) with an entire book of amazing-but-true Bible facts, all hosted by our favorite VeggieTales characters. These little-known nuggets of truth include Bible wonders and miracles, facts about the human body, nature, creation, weapons, armor and much, much more. Kids won't want to put this seemingly endless encyclopedia of information down as they discover fun facts, like the oldest person in the Bible, best fighter, biggest villain, longest drought, worst hail storm, people most talked about in the Bible, longest book, number of Johns in the Bible, etc. And they'll laugh at some of the zany Veggie facts included for fun! Whether it's finding out the most extreme weather, the craziest miracles, or the weirdest things mentioned in the bible, VeggieTales Bible Mania is sure to make children laugh, learn . . . and love it!

Fun Facts[]


  • In the "I am that hero!" section, "F.I.S.H" and "C.H.I.P.S" are incorrectly credited to have been played by Jimmy and Jerry Gourd.