VeggieTales is the Norwegian dub of said show, translated in the Bokmål writing system. It was dubbed at Nitro Sound AS in Oslo, Norway.[1]

It is shown, during Saturdays, on TV Visjon Norge in Norway. Every two episodes are also newly shown on På sporet's website per month. The series is also available on DVD, beginning to be released in the mid 2000s, but no one has come forward with the DVDs on any auction sites.

Translations and Voices

English Name Norwegian Name Norwegian Voice Actor
Bob the Tomato Tomaten Tom
Larry the Cucumber Agurken Snurken
Junior Asparagus Junior Asparges
Laura Carrot Laura Gulrot
Petunia Rhubarb Petunia Rabarbra
Archibald Asparagus Aristotle Asparges
Jimmy Gourd Sindre Squash
Jerry Gourd Sondre Squash
Madame Blueberry Madame Blåbær
Pa Grape Pops Drue
Mr. Lunt Herr Lunt
Mr. Nezzer Herr Nezzer
Jean-Claude Pea Jean-Claude Erter
Phillipe Pea Phillipe Erter





Fun Facts



  • Larry is given a slightly deeper voice that sounds like an imitation of Stan Freberg.
  • Even though Larry-Boy's name is changed to "Super-Snurk" for his first two appearances, it is oddly reverted to his original name (albeit with "boy" being lowercase and with both parts of his name having a space inbetween) for LarryBoy and the Bad Apple.
    • However, "Super-Snurk" is still used for dialogue.
  • Even though Josh and the Big Wall! itself uses the non-religious foreign cut, the version used in Larry Learns to Listen is uncut.


  • Even though the visuals are left in English, the title cards for some episodes are not read out loud.
  • During Princess and the Popstar, Mr. Lunt says part of "We are so on it!" in English ("on it" was only translated to Norwegian).

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