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Music by

Kurt Heinecke

Distributed by

Buenna Vista Films





VegeHits (translation: Vegetable Hits) is the Brazilian Portuguese version of the first VeggieTunes album, featuring the same Brazilian Portuguese audio tracks from the original VHS dub.


  1. Os Vegetais (VeggieTales Theme Song) (The Vegetables)
  2. Deus é Maior (God is Bigger) (God is Greater)
  3. Canção do Búfalo d'Água (The Water Buffalo Song) (same translation)
  4. Rei Dario (King Darius Suite) (King Darius)
  5. Oh, Não! O que Vamos Fazer (Oh, No!) (Oh no! What Do We do)
  6. Ficamos Sabendo, Rei Dario (We've Got Some News, King Darius) (We Know, King Darius)
  7. Não Temas, Daniel (Fear Not, Daniel) (same translation)
  8. Nós Somos as Uvas Más (We Are The Grapes Of Wrath) (We Are the Bad Grapes)
  9. Alguns Vegetais Foram Para o Mar (Some Veggies Went To Sea) (Some Vegetables Went to the Sea)
  10. A Canção do Perdão (The Forgiveness Song) (same translation)
  11. Ocupado, Ocupado (Busy, Busy) (same translation)
  12. Ame o Seu Próximo (Love Your Neighbor) (same translation)
  13. A Canção da Escova de Cabelo (The Hairbrush Song) (same translation)
  14. Eu Posso Ser Seu Amigo (I Can Be Your Friend) (same translation)
  15. O Que Nós Temos Aprendido (What Have We Learned) (same translation)


  • Oddly enough, You Were in His Hand is skipped on this release. This is likely because Buenna Vista Films thought it was already part of the same song King Darius Suite, given by the instrumental.
  • This is the only international CD for the following:
    • The only one that is fully based off an American CD release.
    • The only one to contain What Have We Learned.