TheStarofChristmas278 Behold, Cavis Appythart! I'm always beneath you, but nothing, IS TO BLOCK YOU FROM THIS WIKI!!!!!!!!!
Admins have warned Veggifan to stay under good behavior, but he/she just keeps on and on with his/her old tricks -- Even though he has been on here for many years, he was reported by Thesonicfan106 for constantly spamming in the comments. After being blocked for a week, he kept up his behavior, so he got blocked permanently. Recently, he has been attempting to get around his block many times by using IP addresses, which have resulted in autoblocks.
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Cavis Appythart is one of the greatest ways to defeat those who vandalize the wiki and making cartoons. Veggifan, WE WILL TAKE YOU TO LONDON PRISON AND YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FROM THIS BIG IDEA WIKI!!!!!! HAVE FUN BEING BLOCKED FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

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