Big Idea Wiki

Hey everyone! You might know me from the Thomas and Friends Wikia

I am the founder of this wikia.

The purpose for this wiki

A while ago prior to the wiki's existence, I wanted to know some research on many of my favorite shows done by Big Idea. However, many of the wikias related to those shows were either incomplete, feel very sloppy, or just not really reliable.

So, after spending some time on working on TTTE Wikia, and doing episode screenshots as well, I decided to look back at some of my VeggieTales DVDs and just look back and watched the commentaries. Afterwads, I thought the infomation the crew were talking about was pretty good to research. and so, I dedcided that the only way to reveal this great infomation was to start a whole new entire wiki.

The inspiration for the wiki is modeled after both TTTE Wikia and HRWiki.