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LarryBoyAndTheRumorWeed22.png Fandom vandalizers beware! You are no match for the awesome power of Larry-Boy and his... SUPER SUCTION EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Admins have warned MoyerDestroyer to stay under good behavior, but he/she just keeps on and on with his/her old tricks -- He has been caught making fake content on this wiki. VeggieTales Fanon Wiki is where he should be at, not here. It was also noticed that he recreated two pages named "Extremely Silly Songs" and "Bob's Favorite Stories!" Along with that, he also uploaded fake title cards for the latter tape as well.
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Larry-Boy is one of the greatest ways to defeat those who vandalize the wiki. MoyerDestroyer, THE CARROT POLICE WILL ARRIVE TO ARREST YOU AND TELEPORT YOU TO BUMBLYBURG PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All right, MoyerDestroyer, hands behind your back! Carrot guards here.