Uncle Blobb
  • Species: Alien (Unnamed species)
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair Color: Light blue
  • Eye Color: Black

Uncle Blobb is a real estate agent and a former carnival barker at the Carnival Moon.



Physical Appearance

Uncle Blobb is a humanoid alien, somewhat resembling a green frog with blue hair. He wears a magenta tuxedo with black shoes and bowtie, and a cummerbund around his waist. He also wears a top hat with a ribbon that is the same color as his tux.


Voice Actor

Fun Facts

  • Uncle Blobb's looks and performance are based on Zero Mostel's character Max Bialystock from "The Producers". Zidgel even mentioned that he looks like him on a commentary.
  • Blobb's motivation is similar to the Coachman from Pinocchio, where they make profits by using children. In this case, he turns the Pumpkin-headed kids into seeds.
  • Uncle Blobb's name came from Daniel López Muñoz's concept art when he was just named "Uncle Blob" at the time. Also from that same piece, he was going to be a mob boss of jelly aliens.



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