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Umph! is a sports drink that's seen in VeggieTales. It is sponsored as LarryBoy's favorite drink.


When LarryBoy was trying to rescue Alfred from the Bad Apple's web, he accidentally hit the sports drink, which help dissolve the sticky web. Alfred later states that the chemicals inside the drink are the weakness to the webs. LarryBoy and everyone is Bumblyburg used this to get rid of the Fun House.

According to Alfred, it contains potassium phosphate.

It can also be used as water, which can help grow plants very fast.


It only appeared in LarryBoy and the Bad Apple and the video game of the same name. It was also mentioned in a trivia question in Gideon: Tuba Warrior.

Fun Facts

  • Considering the chemicals dissolves the webs, it's possible that Umph! is somewhat carbonated.
  • The chemical formula for potassium phosphate is K3PO4, or its Monobasic version being KH2PO4.
  • The bottle's design is based after Powerade.
  • The reason the sports drink was invented for the show is because in the original storyboards, LarryBoy was going to use a running chainsaw to cut the webs of Apply's Fun House. Tim Hodge states it was unsafe and would teach kids to throw dangerous objects.