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Two Birthdays
Directed by

Craig George

Written by

Wes Halula

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson


September 25, 2015


11 minutes

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Two Birthdays is the first half of the eighth episode of the second season of VeggieTales in the House.


At Pa Grape's Store, Bob and Larry are helping Pa bring a large aquarium with lobsters in it into the store. Bob complains that he's going backwards and for Larry to hurry up, while Larry complains that Bob said for him to slow down, then asks which direction he should slow, but Bob tells him to just do it like they planned. Bob then tells Larry to hurry up and slow down, but they both end up falling down and end up in the aquarium full of water, while the lobsters are now outside of the aquarium. Because of this, Pa asks himself why he keeps hiring Bob and Larry. Bob says that they could have planned that better, while Larry says that Proverbs says, "Good planning and hard work lead to good things, but rushing and taking shortcuts lead to ruin." At that moment, Tina comes into the store, telling Pa that she's planning parties for Junior and Mayor Archibald, which causes Larry to say that he loves parties. Tina is glad to hear this, telling Larry that he and Bob are invited to Junior's birthday party, then tells Pa that he's invited to Mayor Archibald's "fancy-pantsy dinner party," which Pa is disappointed about, saying that he'd rather go to Junior's party.

Bob, who is still underwater in the aquarium, asks Tina how she plans two parties at once, which he thinks sounds complicated, before Tina answers that her game plan is to not plan anything, and that she just goes for it. Bob asks Tina if that works, while Tina says that they'll find out as she leaves after that. After Tina leaves, a lobster comes up to Larry, who picks up the lobster and throws it into the aquarium with Bob, which Bob is not happy about. At Petunia's house, Petunia feeds a sandwich to a flytrap, which eats the sandwich in one bite, before Tina shows up and greets Petunia, who tells her that Mayor Archibald called, though Tina thinks that he probably called about how happy he is that she's hosting his dinner party, then high-fives herself. However, Petunia tells Tina that that's not it at all, and that he was actually yelling and crying, which Tina thinks was with happiness, but Petunia says that it was with terror, because Tina was supposed to make his fancy dinner party today. Tina then starts questioning about this, thinking that there must be a misunderstanding, before Petunia tells her that Captain Mike Asparagus called too, and Tina says that she knows, thinking that he wants her to put on Junior's birthday party tomorrow, but Petunia tells her that it's also today. Tina is surprised when she hears this, asking what time, Petunia telling her "now." Tina then starts frantically rushing around, trying to get everything ready for the parties, getting some party hats and deciding to get a cake for Junior's party, before Petunia also suggests "Pin The Tail On The Donkey," but Tina misunderstands, telling Petunia that there's no time for that, then realizes what Petunia is talking about. Tina then decides that for Mayor Archibald's party, he'll want fancy decorations, tea cups, plates, and flowers. When Petunia also suggests a game of Go Fish, Tina once again misunderstands, telling Petunia that she has no time to play Go Fish, then once again realizes what Petunia is talking about. Petunia tells Tina that she's quick like that, while Tina tells herself to calm down and that she can't have a heart attack, before leaving. After Tina has left, Petunia then feeds an ice cream cone to the flytrap.

At Junior's house, Junior and his guests are waiting for their party to start, while Captain Mike is pacing around, wondering where Tina is. Junior glumly says, "Happy birthday to nobody," before falling face down, while Bacon Bill tells him not to be sad, and that they can make up their own party games. Junior says that he has a game, which is "Wait For The Birthday Party," which Bacon Bill says is his favorite game, other than "I don't know what you're talking about." Captain Mike asks where Tina is, just as Tina finally shows up, which Captain Mike is happy to see, before asking where the clown is. At first, Tina is at a loss, before saying that she'll get a clown soon, which Junior and the other guests groan about, while Captain Mike is also surprised that there's no clown because he ordered a clown. Tina tries cheering up Junior by asking him what his favorite game is, the kids answering that it's "Pin The Tail On The Donkey," while Captain Mike tells Tina that that's why he asked her to bring "Pin The Tail On The Donkey." Tina frantically looks through the boxes that she brought, but can't tell which box is for Junior's party, saying that she brought something even better than "Pin The Tail On The Donkey," which is "Pin The Tail On The French Fry." This causes Junior to ask Captain Mike if this is really happening, but before Captain Mike can scold Tina, Tina shoves the box into Captain Mike's invisible arms, telling everyone to play amongst themselves, before running off after that. Captain Mike asks Tina where she's going, and Tina says that she'll be back, while Captain Mike asks if Tina is sure that this box is for them. Tina still runs frantically to try to get to Mayor Archibald's party, at the same time that Ichabeezer is walking Rooney, but is trying to get Rooney to stop pulling on his leash, just as Tina comes by and uses the leash as a jump rope, while Ichabeezer also plays along with her. After jump roping, Tina runs off after that, before Rooney resumes pulling on his leash.

Jimmy and Jerry are trying to count how many marshmallows that they have, when Tina suddenly zooms right towards them, bowling them over, sending Jimmy, Jerry, and the marshmallows flying until landing once again. Jimmy lands on the ground, but has several marshmallows balanced on his head, with Jerry balancing on top of them. Tina finally arrives at Mayor Archibald's house, where a Cherry Cat is sitting, as Tina snuggles with the Cherry Cat, then runs into Mayor Archibald's house. Inside, Mayor Archibald and his guests are waiting for Tina, when Tina suddenly shows up, as Mayor Archibald asks her where she's been, saying that his fancy dinner guests are hungry, which the guests confirm. Tina tells Mayor Archibald that it's a good thing that they're ready for dinner because she brought lunch, but brings out hot dogs, because she accidentally took the box for Junior's party with her, which Mayor Archibald and the guests are surprised about. Tina then says that she has to get back to Junior's party, which prompts Mayor Archibald to ask Tina if she even bothered to plan this day at all. Tina then tells Mayor Archibald and the guests that hot dogs are the new lobster, before Captain Mike calls out to her, which prompts Tina to leave. After leaving Mayor Archibald's house, Tina snuggles with the Cherry Cat again before running off again, zooming right past Jimmy and Jerry, who are still in the position that they were in before. However, when Jimmy laughs, this causes the marshmallow formation, with Jerry on it, to fall down once again.

Tina then jump ropes with Rooney's leash again when Ichabeezer is still trying to stop Rooney from pulling on the leash, before rushing back to Junior's party. The broccoli boy is forming a tower with the French Fries, saying that he wishes that this was fun, while Junior whines to Captain Mike if they can do chores instead, just as Tina comes back, which Captain Mike is happy to see, asking Tina what else she has planned. Tina becomes flustered when asked this, saying that she didn't plan anything, which surprises Captain Mike when he realizes that Tina offered to run Junior's party, but didn't make plans. Tina says that she thought that she'd make it up as she goes, which causes Captain Mike to tell Tina that "Good planning and hard work lead to good things, but rushing and taking shortcuts lead to ruin," but Tina thinks that Captain Mike made that up. Captain Mike tells her that it's in the Bible, but Tina brushes him off, deciding to put on a puppet show, claiming that kids love a good puppet show. Tina then picks up a bundle of socks, as Captain Mike asks her if those are her gym socks and that they're damp, but Tina insists that they're puppets, which causes Captain Mike to shout Tina's name in fury, but Tina has to leave once again to return to Mayor Archibald's party. When Junior, Bacon Bill, Captain Mike, and the broccoli boy look at the pile of socks, something underneath the socks suddenly moves, which causes the foursome to hold on to each other fearfully, as Captain Mike, who is in Bacon Bill's invisible arms, asks if something moved. The socks then move once again.

Tina then jump ropes with Ichabeezer on Rooney's leash again before rushing off again, then runs into the tower of marshmallows that Jimmy and Jerry are standing on, causing them to fall once again, before Tina arrives at Mayor Archibald's house again, while she greets the Cherry Cat again, before entering the house again. Inside, Mayor Archibald and his guests are still waiting while looking at the hot dogs, when Tina enters saying, "Who's ready to partay?!" Mayor Archibald angrily says that this an outrage, while the corn gentleman says that this isn't a party, but rather a fiasco, the carrot gentleman adding "A catastrophic debacle," the broccoli gentleman adding, "A demolitious shamblicious." Mayor Archibald tells them not to lose sight of how special the day is for people, but the guests can only stare at him. Tina apologetically tells Mayor Archibald that she didn't mean to serve him hot dogs, because they were for Junior Asparagus's birthday party, and that she meant to bring Mayor Archibald and his guests lobsters, before realizing in horror that she delivered live lobsters to Junior's party. Back at Junior's party, Captain Mike is running around in a panic with a lobster clamped to his head, while the broccoli boy is intimidated by the other lobsters, saying that "I'm not gonna eat that." Bacon Bill, on the other hand, greets one lobster that is crawling towards him, asking it if it's lost, before the lobster then pinches him, but he thinks that the lobster likes him and that it wants to be friends. Of course, the broccoli boy tells Bacon Bill that the lobster is very angry with him, just as two other lobsters also crawl up to Bacon Bill and pinch him, but he thinks that they're tickling him.

The other lobsters are also crawling over the cake and the presents, just as Junior asks Captain Mike who planned this party, before Tina is heard saying, "No party," which Junior is heartbroken to hear. Mayor Archibald is then heard calling for Tina, as Tina leaves again, which Captain Mike is frustrated about. Ichabeezer is still trying to stop Rooney from pulling on his leash, when this time, Tina runs into them, as they get thrown into the air. Jimmy and Jerry are once again standing on the tower of marshmallows, but get knocked over again when Tina runs past them again, before Tina runs into Mayor Archibald again. Mayor Archibald tells Tina that the guests left, which causes Tina to tell Mayor Archibald that she'll get them back and for him to give her a chance because she just wanted to help out. Because of this, Mayor Archibald angrily fires Tina, which Tina is very saddened about. Tina sadly asks herself why she thought she could pull off two parties with no plans, before Bob and Larry show up. Larry greets Tina and says that she looks sad, and Tina says that it's because she is sad and starts crying. Bob asks Tina how they can help her, Tina tearfully saying that she didn't plan anything, because Junior and Mayor Archibald were counting on her and that she messed it all up. Bob tells Tina that if she needs a plan, they can help, which Tina is convinced to hear, while Larry says that they're good at planning, while Bob says that they even planned to plan, before Larry says, "Or we could to plan to plan to plan plan." Tina asks what the verse was about planning, which Bob says, which is "Good planning and hard work lead to good things, but rushing and taking shortcuts lead to ruin." This causes Tina to realize that she ruined everything, asking how a plan can help now. Bob says that it's gonna take work, but they'll help her fix both birthdays, which Tina is confused about when she hears the last part. Because of this, Bob tells Tina that today is Archibald's birthday, but he's kind of shy about it, which Tina is surprised about, asking herself how she could have missed that, then says that they need a plan. Bob, Larry, and Tina then huddle together as they start to discuss the plan for both Junior and Archibald's birthday parties.

At the school playground, Junior, the broccoli boy, and Bacon Bill are swinging on the swings, though Bacon Bill manages to outswing Junior and the Broccoli Boy, landing in the sandbox. At that moment, Bob, Larry, and Tina then show up, telling them to "Come to the fountain in an hour! We have a new party planned!" before giving Junior, the broccoli boy, and Bacon Bill party hats. When Junior and the broccoli boy are confused about this, Bob tells them that they can swing now. Larry and Tina next enter Pa Grape's store, just as Mayor Archibald's party guests are about to return the lobsters. Tina tells them that they planned a new event, before Larry tells them to come to the fountain at 4:00. Everyone has soon arrived at the fountain, where everyone is playing games at the party and helping themselves to ice cream. Mayor Archibald says that the sundae bar is exquisite, which his party guests agree with. Tina tells Mayor Archibald that she's glad that he likes the sundae bar that they planned for his special day. Mayor Archibald is surprised when Tina says this, before Tina tells him that today isn't just Junior's birthday, but also his birthday as well. Everyone else is speechless, while Larry gives a cake to Mayor Archibald, which Mayor Archibald is surprised by because he thought that no one remembered. Tina then tells Junior that she didn't plan his birthday very well, though Junior tells him that the first part was "a huge bummer," but he likes the ice cream part, which he thinks is killer. Tina then leads everyone, as they start singing a birthday song to both Junior and Mayor Archibald, telling them that it's their special day because God made them. After the song ends, Junior tells Mayor Archibald that "this is the best birthday ever," high-fiving Mayor Archibald, while Tina says that all it took was a little planning.



Fun Facts


  • It is never revealed how old Archibald is in the episode.
  • Since Ichabeezer stated in Junior Jetpack that Junior was eight, it could be assumed that Junior turned nine in this episode.
  • Despite being Junior's friends, Laura Carrot and Tiny Pea are strangely absent to attend his party.
  • Pa Grape is never seen at either of Archibald's parties.