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Trust in God is a song from the VeggieTales episode The League of Incredible Vegetables. It is sung by Alfred as he teaches Junior about being brave.


Alfred: When he fought the giant Philistine Goliath, that scary, armored brute!

Oh, my!

Was tiny, little David in any manner aided by a supersuit?

Junior: Umm..., no?

Alfred: Correct!

Goliath was much stronger. His biceps three times longer, but David never fussed!

It wasn't his own power. He counted on that hour. So whom did David trust?

Junior: Uh... I'm thinking you're gonna say...God?

Alfred: Bingo!

Trust in God!

Junior: Not in my supersuit?

Alfred: Nope!

Both: Trust in God!

Alfred: When you feel the boot, trust in God!

Junior: Against the frozen brute?

Alfred: Absolutely!

Advice you can't dispute,

when fear is taking root,

with him you're in cahoot


Junior: When you