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Tina Celerina
  • Species: Celery
  • Hair color: Green
  • Eye color: Blue

Tina Celerina is a hyperactive celery who is best friends with Petunia Rhubarb and works at her florist shop.


Tina Celerina is the best friend of Petunia Rhubarb. She often does her best in assisting Petunia with her plants, and she is especially relied on to plan parties, though she once learned that poor planning can lead to disaster when she was completely unprepared in planning the parties of both Junior Asparagus and Archibald Asparagus.


Young Ebenezzer

But there's nothing here! Not even a jellybean...

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Physical Appearance

Tina Celerina, as her name implies, is a stalk of green celery with blue eyes. She wears a yellow shirt with two dark blue horizontal stripes, and has her darker green leaves tied in a ponytail.


VeggieTales in the House

VeggieTales in the City

Voice Actresses



  • Jullie (Brazilian Portuguese dub)
  • Sara Ekander Poulsen (Danish dub)
  • Roos van der Waerden (Dutch dub)
  • Elena Barra (European Spanish dub)
  • Susa Saukko (Finnish dub)
  • Marie-Charlotte LeClaire (French dub)
  • Anne-Catrin Märzke (German dub)
  • Hermann Lilla (Hungarian dub)
  • Analiz Sánchez (Latin Spanish dub)
  • Sarah MacDonald Berge (Norwegian dub)
  • Katarzyna Owczarz (Polish dub)
  • Annica Smedius (Swedish dub)

Fun Facts

  • Her name is a play on "Nina Ballerina", a song done by Swedish pop band ABBA.
  • She is the first VeggieTales character Tress MacNeille voices that is pitched shifted (i.e., like Bob and Larry).