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The Tiger Bike is the grand prize of sumo tournament. Like the name suggests, it is a bike designed like a tiger.

Despite Apollo Gourd not caring about the prize, the Italian Scallion on the other hand wants to win the prize so he can give it as a gift to Hadrian so he won't have to repair his old bike. However, everyone assumes he won't last more then 8 seconds in the ring. Regardless, Scallion trained very hard to win the bike. Unfortunately, he didn't win the bike, though because he's the only opponent Apollo dealt that last the longest, he won the bell from it. Hadrian used it on the finished bike Scallion promised before to repair.

It only appeared in Sumo of the Opera, although a re-colored version appears briefly in The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's.

Fun Facts

  • Sometime after the production of the episode was done, one of the animators had a bike that was painted orange and had a few modifications. Mike stated the way he did it, it could've almost been a real Tiger Bike.