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This Bean is a song from the VeggieTales episode Lord of the Beans. It is sung by Randalf (Mr. Nezzer), as he explains what the bean's powers are.


Randalf (Mr. Nezzer): This bean is not an ordinary bean! (2x)

Toto (Junior): It's not?

Randalf: No, it's not. Many many years ago, when Center-Earth was thick with snow, four beans were given.

I said, four beans were given!

Long before the shire was made, where flobbits flaunter in the shade, four beans were given.

Powerful beans were given.

Special! Powerful! The first bean could grow any kind of food or drink you could imagine. The second could change your looks: your height, your hair. The third produced the finest clothing, and the fourth, small kitchen appliances!

Toto: ...Small kitchen appliances?

Randalf: Small kitchen appliances! Toasters, blenders, Fry Daddy deep fryers, you name it!

Toto: Whoa! Is this one of those beans?

Randalf: No.

Toto: No? Oh. Where'd those beans go?

Randalf: Unfortunately, the poor fools who received them had no idea what they'd been given, and cooked them up in a stew.

Knight #4: Not bad.

Randalf: But there was another bean...

Toto: Another bean?

Randalf: Another bean...

Toto: Another bean...

Randalf: A fifth bean...a fifth bean that could give anything!

Toto: Anything?

Randalf: Anything! From blenders to bagels, hairdos to hats, the power of all the others wrapped up in one bean!

Toto: One bean?

Randalf: One bean, the most powerful bean in the world!

Toto: Is this it?

Randalf: Put it in the fire, Toto.

Toto: Huh?

Randalf: Put it in the fire! The one true bean carries an inscription revealed by fire alone.

(Toto puts the bean on a pair of tongs and puts it in the fire.)

Randalf: Now take it out and look closely.

(Toto pulls it out of the fire, looking closely at it.)

Toto: I don't see, wait!

Randalf: What does it say?

Toto: It says, "if you can read this, you're too close."

Randalf: Other side.

(Toto turns the bean around. As he does, the bean shines, revealing the words "Use Wisely".)

Toto: Use wisely....use wisely?

Randalf: This is that bean! (2x)