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There Once was a Man is the third song from the VeggieTales episode King George and the Ducky. It is sung by Melvin (Pa Grape).


Melvin (Pa Grape): There once was a man, a very rich man

He had a lot of sheep, he had a lot of land

He threw a lot of parties, he was dapper, he was tan

Yes, there once was a very rich man.

King George (Larry): Okay, great story. I'll see you next time-

Melvin: Wait just a minute, my story isn't done

It's about two men and I've only mentioned one.

King George: Oh.

Melvin: There once was a man, a very poor man

He had next to nothing, just a little lamb

But he loved it like a son and he fed it from his hand

Yes, there once was a very poor man

Then one day, there was a guest

At the house of the rich man

What did he do, have you guessed

To feed the guest of the rich man?

King George: Well, let's see. He had plenty of sheep, so he could just share one of his sheep. Not a problem!

Melvin: He took the lamb of the poor man

He took the lamb of the poor man!

The rich man took, to feed his guest

The very very poor man's lamb!

King George: What? Is that a- Is this a true story?!

Melvin: As surely as I stand before you today, my story is true.

King George: Who is that man?! Tell me! To take the lamb of the poor man! Why, he had lots of sheep, but the poor man only had one! Man! For his cruelty, he will spend the rest of his days locked in my dungeon! Who is he?

Melvin: Oh, King George, you are that man!