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This is the transcript for The Yodelnapper!.


(Park, day.)

Narrator: It is a splendidly gorgeous day in Bumblyburg. But where is Larry the Cucumber on this fine, fine spring day? (Cut to Mr. Snappy's Extremely Gigantic Toy Emporium.) Why, standing in line at Mr. Snappy's Extremely Gigantic Toy Emporium, to be one of the first to buy...

Larry: Hula Heidi!

Archie: Master Larry, why must we stand in line on such a beautiful day?

Larry: I have to buy Hula Heidi!

Archie: Yes, yes, but don't you think you already have enough Hula friends?

Larry: Well, I may have Hula Hillary, and Hula Howie, and Hula Hannah and Hula Harriet and Hula Hortonce and Hula Hank and Hula Hally and... and some others, but I don't have Hula Heidi!

Mr. Snappy: Store's open, come and get it!

(Archie gets run over by the people in line. Cut to the inside of the store. Larry gets run over by people too. He grabs himself a pogo stick and hops through the crowd.)

Larry: I'm coming, Hula Heidi!

(He knocks over a chemistry set. The camera cuts to a lump of clay. The clay explodes, revealing a monster. He knocks over shelves and the crowd runs in terror.)

Narrator: Oh no! The World's Biggest Lump of Crazy Clay has gone crazy!

Mr. Snappy: We need a hero of some sort!

Larry: A hero? (He jumps into a pile of plush animals.)

LarryBoy: I, am, that, hero! Halt, World's Biggest Lump of Crazy Clay! Nobody smashes innocent toys with LarryBoy around! (The Crazy Clay smashes a house on LarryBoy.) That does it. Taste my plungers, blob like creature! [The Crazy Clay makes a hole in his body, dodging the plungers.] That didn't work as well as I hoped. (He jumps towards LarryBoy. LarryBoy gets a tennis racket and swings it.) Stay back! (The Crazy Clay grabs it. LarryBoy grabs a doll. LarryBoy speaks with a high pitched voice) Hi! I'm Miss Pretty Pretty! I'm so cute! Please go away Mr. Blue Crazy Monster! Lalalalalala! (The Crazy Clay grabs the doll, then he grabs LarryBoy. LarryBoy speaks normal) Uh oh. (He grabs a saxophone, which plays music. The Crazy Clay hears the music and drops LarryBoy. He continues playing, which makes The Crazy Clay falls asleep. A poster falls on it. On the poster is...) Hula Heidi! I almost forgot! (Dashes to Mr. Snappy) I'd like to buy a Hula Heidi please!

Mr. Snappy: Oh, oh I'm sorry, LarryBoy. They're all gone. Someone just came in and bought every last one!

LarryBoy: What?! All gone?! HULA HEIDDDIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! (LarryBoy collapses on the floor.)

(Cut to Larry jumping in mud.)

Larry: Oh, Hula Heidi. Why! Why! Why! Why did you let someone buy every last one of you?

Archie: Oh look at Hula Hank! Look at him and his cute little ukulele! Isn't he cutesy-wootsy?

Larry: Oh, take him away! I can see what he's thinking behind his pleasant, Hawaiian smile. "You don't have Hula Heidi! You don't have all of us!"

(He splashes mud on Archie's face.)

Archie: Well, Master Larry, you can keep jumping in the mud, but I'm going to get ready.

Larry: Ready for what?

Archie: Why, tonight is the first night of the Bumblyburg Yodeling Festival. And best of all, Einger Warblethroat is performing.

Larry: Einger Warblethroat? He's my favorite yodeler of all time! I've gotta go get ready.

Archie: Wait! Master Larry! You'll drag mud all over the carpets! Oh....

(Bumblyburg Yodeling Festival, night.)

Mayor Fleming: Citizens of Bumblyburg! Let's have a special Bumblyburg "hooray" for Einger Warblethroat!

(Applause as said yodeler gets onstage. Larry jumps excitedly.)

Larry: Woohoo! Einger! Einger rules!

Einger Warblethroat: Yodelay hee hoo! Yodelay hee hoo! Yodelay hee hoooo! Hooooooooo hee hoo!

(Crashing noises are heard. A tube lowers and sucks up Einger.)

Mayor Fleming: Oh dear! We have a bit of a challenge here. Einger Warblethroat has been yodelnapped!

Larry: This looks like a job for LarryBoy.

[ducks down, comes back up in his LarryBoy suit and swings towards the stage]

LarryBoy: Don't worry, Mayor Fleming! LarryBoy is on the case! [shoots his plunger ear towards the ceiling and accidentally hits it] I'm okay.

(LarryBoy swings himself up on the roof, only to witness Einger being taken away on a ship)

LarryBoy: Drat.

(The screen cuts to black. It then fades to a castle in the Bumbly Mountains as the ship enters it)

Narrator: Later that night, Einger Warblethroat finds himself trapped in the dungeon. Along with the rest of the world's great yodelers.

Einger Warblethroat: (opens his eyes) Where am I?

(Just then a door opens, then we see the villain Greta Von Gruesome emerge and zap the ceiling with her lasers)

Greta Von Gruesome: Welcome to my castle. Greta Von Gruesome! Cruel ruler of Zuchinnia, scourge of Bumblyburg, stealer of yodelers, und... snappy dresser.

Einger Warblethroat: Why have you kidnapped me?

Greta Von Gruesome: I use my fortune to get whatever I want. I love yodeling so much, that I decided to kidnap yodelers so they can yodel only for me.

Einger Warblethroat: That's pretty greedy.

Greta Von Gruesome: Und once I started yodelnapping, I realized that if I was going to be truly happy, I would have to yodelnap all the world's great yodelers!

Einger Warblethroat: Well I don't perform for yodelnappers!

Greta Von Gruesome: Oh? I think you vill!

[Greta Von Gruesome then presses a button on her throne and a vat of pudding gets dumped on Einger Warblethroat]

Einger Warblethroat: Blech! Smelt flavored pudding.

(Fade to the next day and zoom in at the Daily Bumble)

Narrator: The next day, mild-mannered Larry heads to work at the Daily Bumble.

(we then fade to Larry riding the elevator when his mop beeps, Larry then puts the mop over his head, and the screen shows Archie)

Archie: Remember Master Larry, if any of the reporters have any news about the yodelnapper, hold the mop up to their mouth.

Larry: Why would I want to do that?

Archie: Because the microphone in your mop will transmit the information to the Larry Computer where we can analyze the data.

Larry: Over and out, and over.

(the doors to the elevator open as Larry still with the mop over his face, hops out, trips, and gets caught between the elevator doors)

Larry: Owie!

Vicky: Are you okay?

Larry: Me okay good. Mop make Larry whoopsie down bonk booboo on head. Owie bad!

Vicky: (giggles) Oh Larry, you always crack me up.

(Vicky then hops off as she sighs)

Larry: What a cucumber.

(we then fade to Bob's office as Bob explains the news)

Bob: I want every available reporter on this yodelnapper story. This is the biggest story we've had since Officer Olaf glued his mustache to the garbage truck.

Vicky: I heard this goes even deeper than just the Bumblyburg Yodeling Festival.

Junior: Yeah! Yodelers are disappearing all over the world. And all the usual super villains, Awful Alvin, The Alchemist, Lampy, are already in jail.

Bob: Hmm. Looks like we've got a dastardly new yodelnapping super villain on the loose. Hey! That sounds like a good headline. [notices Larry's mop in his face] Larry, what are you doing?

Larry: Oh! Um, I...uh...I...thought I saw some grime on your face.

(Larry mops all over Bob's face)

Bob: Larry!

Larry: (moves the mop away from Bob) Sorry.

Bob: Don't mop me ever again, unless I specifically ask you to!

(Bob then turns to Vicky and Junior)

Bob: Well what are you waiting for? This story isn't gonna report itself!

(Vicky and Junior zoom off as Larry's mop beeps. Larry then zooms into the broom closet, Bob then shakes his head)

(Larry puts the mop over his head as we see Archie again)

Archie: I'm afraid this is worse than we thought. No one seems to know who the yodelnapper is.

Larry: Maybe Master Choy will have some good advice.

(we iris out to black then iris in on Bok Choy who's weeping)

Bok Choy: (weeps) Why? Why? Why would someone yodelnap my sweet melodious Einger Warblethroat.

(The superheroes look concerned as Bok Choy wails off screen. Cut to LarryBoy and Dark Crow)

LarryBoy: (to Dark Crow) You think he's gonna be alright?

Dark Crow: Dunno. Warblethroat was Master Choy's favorite.

LarryBoy: I hope he's okay. I was gonna ask him some advice after class.

(Cut to Bok Choy with his head on his desk)

Electro-melon: Bok Choy okay?

Bok Choy: (collects himself) Yes. I'm alright. Please, forgive me. As a former superhero, I face tougher situations than this. (he sighs) Tonight, I want to tell you heroes about the dangers of materialism. A hero should not base their happiness on material things. Can anyone give me examples of material things?

(Cut to Lemon Twist)

Lemon Twist: Money?

Bok Choy: Correct, Lemon Twist.

[Cut to Scarlet Tomato]

Scarlet Tomato: Fancy utility belts?

(Cut to Dark Crow)

Dark Crow: Super Sonic Stealth Planes.

(Cut to Bok Choy)

Bok Choy: Good, good, Dark Crow. Any more?

(Cut to LarryBoy)

LarryBoy: Uh, the complete works of Einger Warblethroat on CD?

(Camera zooms in on LarryBoy's mouth as he mentions Einger Warblethroat)

(Cut to Bok Choy)

Bok Choy: (weeps) Einger. Oh Einger. My ears long for your golden happy sound.

(The other heroes glare at LarryBoy)

LarryBoy: What?

(Cut to Lemon Twist feeling concerned)

Lemon Twist: Uh, sir? Would you like to take a short break?

(Cut to Bok Choy)

Bok Choy: No. (sniffles) I will finish the lesson. (clears his throat.) If all you want in life is more material things, you will be consumed by greed. You will always want more and more. And that will make you miserable. (he sniffles)

(LarryBoy uses his utility belt to hand Bok Choy a box of tissues)

Bok Choy: (blows his nose) Thank you. Now, turn in your superhero handbooks to Section 21, Paragraph 5, Line 10. "Whosoever loves money, never has money enough, whoever loves wealth, is never satisfied with his income." Think well upon this lesson heroes. Are there any questions?

LarryBoy: Yeah, I have a question. Who do you think yodelnapped Einger Warble-

(At the mention of Einger, Bok Choy wails and repeatedly hits his head on his desk)

LarryBoy: Um, never mind.

(Iris out on Bok Choy)

(We then fade to the LarryCave as we see the LarryMobile pulling in)

Archie: So, did Bok Choy have any ideas how to catch the yodelnapper?

LarryBoy: Well, no.

Archie: I see. No matter. I came up with a splendid plan myself.

LarryBoy: You did? What is it? What's the plan? Tell me the plan!

(The screen irises out on LarryBoy. It then irises in on LarryBoy dressed up as a yodeler and with a toy sheep.)

LarryBoy: This is the plan?

Archie: Well, yes. You're going to pose as a famous yodeler named "Noodle Blabberbop".

LarryBoy: Oh. I like the name. Blabberbop! It's fun to say. Blabberbop, Blabberbop, Blabberbop!

Archie: Yes, then, as Noodle, you will hold a concert, and allow yourself to be yodel-napped.

LarryBoy: But Archie, I don't wanna be yodel-napped.

Archie: Well, it's all part of the plan. You'll escape and rescue the yodelers with the help of some wonderful gadgets I've installed in this toy sheep. (The sheep bleats in response.) Do you understand the plan?

LarryBoy: Blabberbop! Blabberbop. Blabberbop!

(The scene fades back to Greta's castle, where Greta is reading the newspaper. Einger looks at her for a few seconds.)

Einger: May I have the funnies section?

Greta: Seize your chatter and yodel for me, yodel-boy. (Lowers the bowl of pudding. Einger starts to yodel, but then...) What's this!? Another yodeler holding a concert in Bumblyburg? I must have him.

Einger: But Greta, don't you think that-

Greta: Who told you to stop yodeling? (Presses the red button, which makes the smelt pudding drop on the yodelers, much to their disgust.) This Noodle Blabberbop says he's not the least little itty bitty bit afraid of being yodelnapped. Well, we'll just see about that.

(The scene fades back to the Bumblyburg Yodeling Festival. It then fades to inside.)

Mayor Fleming: I am overjoyed beyond belief to introduce the talented Noodle Blabberbop and his sheep!

(LarryBoy hops onstage with his toy sheep, but upon seeing the amount of people at the festival, gets stagefright and dashes offstage.)

Archie: But LarryBoy- Um, I-I mean, Noodle, what's wrong?

LarryBoy: Everyone was, looking at me.

Archie: W-W-Well of course. They came to see you yodel.

LarryBoy: But Archie, I just remembered, I don't know how to yodel.

Archie: You don't have to yodel. The yodel-napper will yodel-nap you.

(Archie pushes LarryBoy back onstage. He looks at the audience for a few seconds.)

LarryBoy: So, um... (clears his throat and speaks in a German accent) Did you hear the one about the one-eyed pirate and the cantaloupe?

Audience Member: C'mon, yodel already!

LarryBoy: (Normal accent) Where is that yodel-napper? [German accent] Okay, here goes. Yodel yodel, yodel yodel yodel, yodel yodel yodel yodel yodel.

(The crowd glares at him angrily.)

Junior: He's not even yodeling. He's just saying the word "yodel" over and over!

[Someone throws Bob at LarryBoy]

Bob: Hey! I don't care how bad he is! We do not throw tomatoes in this town!

Narrator: Things are looking bad for Larry- Uh-uh, Noodle. So he realizes that he has to do something. So he does the only thing he can think off... he begins to clog dance.

(LarryBoy does so, and the audience begins clapping, despite their lack of hands.)

LarryBoy: They love my dancing! They love me! I've clogged my way right into their hearts! (A crashing sound is heard. The tube lowers) No! No! Not now!

(He and the toy sheep get sucked into the ship. Mayor Fleming walks back on stage.)

Mayor Fleming: Oh my! What kind of bad, bad person would steal a sheep?

[Cut to black. It then fades back to Greta's castle where the ship returns to it. It then fades to inside. LarryBoy and the toy sheep fall into a glass tube.]

Greta: At last, I have the great yodeler, Noodle Blabberbop!

LarryBoy: Greta Von Gruesome! So you're the yodelnapper!

Greta: That's right! Now stop talking and yodel for me!

LarryBoy: Sorry, but, I can't yodel.

Greta: Wrong answer!

(Pushes the red button that dumps the pudding on him.)

LarryBoy: I've got pudding down my lederhosen.

Greta: Yodel, Noodle! Yodel!

LarryBoy: I can't yodel because- (More pudding gets dumped on him) Just give me a sec-

(Even more pudding gets dumped on him)

Greta: I can do this all day. I've got a whole lot of pudding.

LarryBoy: I don't know how to yodel because I'm not really a world-famous yodeler. I am... (sheds his disguise) That hero!

Greta: LarryBoy!

LarryBoy: And I'm here to save the yodelers!

(The other yodelers jump and yodel happily as he pulls two pieces of wool from the sheep, revealing a button labeled "press to escape". He presses it, causing the sheep to sing a very high note, making the glass cell break. LarryBoy then slides out and pulls a lever, releasing all the yodelers, much to their joy.)

Greta: You'll never get away with this, LarryBoy!

LarryBoy: What? Hold on a second. [shoots the wool out of his plunger ears] What did you say?

Einger: She said, "You'll never get away with this!"

Greta: I won't let you take away my yodelers! If I don't have them all, I'll never be satisfied!

(She then fires a laser beam at Einger and shocks him.)

LarryBoy: You know, that reminds me of something.

(Ripple dissolve to a flashback of what Bok Choy said)

Bok Choy: Whosoever loves money, never has money enough. Whoever loves wealth, is never satisfied with his income.

(ripple dissolves back to LarryBoy)

Greta: Remind you of what?

LarryBoy: If all you want in life is to get material things like money or Supersonic Jets or really cool plungers or-

Einger: Or all the world's great yodelers.

LarryBoy: Right. If you base your happiness on your material things, you'll never feel like you have enough. You'll become greedy and that will make you miserable.

Greta: Well, if you think your little speech is going to get me to give up my yodelers, you're wearing your plungers too tight!

(Greta then pushes the red button again which opens a trapdoor, causing LarryBoy and the yodelers to fall through into a dark room. LarryBoy lands first and each one of the yodelers land on him before he gets up.)

Einger: Where are we?

LarryBoy: Hang on. I think I've got a flashlight, somewhere.

(LarryBoy pulls out a table-saw, which is inadvertently aimed at Einger. He then pulls out an electric fan, which blows into the face of one of the yodelers. He then pulls out a dust-brush which dusts him, a mousetrap which catches the stick it's on, and a foldable lawn chair.)

Einger: Hey, do you hear something? (The other yodelers take notice of this.) Is that... Hawaiian music?

(LarryBoy finally pulls out a flashlight, turns it on, and aims it around. He finally manages to aim it on an army of hula dolls.)

LarryBoy: (gasps) Hey! Wow! Hula friends!

Greta: Meet my hula friend ARMY!

LarryBoy: Wow! You like hula friends?

Greta: Of course! Who wouldn't? With their failed sculpted design, and online auction collectability. In fact, I even bought every last Hula Heidi at Mr. Snappy's Toy Emporium!

LarryBoy: That was you?

Greta: I buy as many as I can, but I always want more and more! Unfortunately for you, I've modified these hula friends to... ATTACK!

(The hula friends' expressions turn angry. The yodelers gasp in horror.)

LarryBoy: Stay back! Let the superhero handle this. (The hula friends march towards them) Plungers away! (Hits a couple hula friends with his plunger ears) Cream pie, away! (Hits three with a cream pie) Uh, lava lamp, away! (Fires a lava lamp, but one of the hula friends hits it with his guitar. The hula friends then grab LarryBoy and beat him up) Oof! Hey! Tha- Ow! That hurt, you know!

(He escapes by hoisting himself up with his plunger.)

Einger: There's too many any-any iny oody-oody-oody-oo. This looks like the end for us.

(He plays some polka music on his accordion.)

LarryBoy: Einger, quick! Your accordion! You know any polka music?

Einger: Sure do.

LarryBoy: (Lands on the ground) Play a polka. The hula friends may be Hawaiian, but no one can resist the crazy syncopation of polka.

(Einger does so, causing the hula friends to dance and electrocute.)

Einger: LarryBoy, it's working! (The hula friends keep electrocuting and then blow up) Evidently, their joints weren't made for polka.

LarryBoy: Now for Greta!

(LarryBoy shoots his plunger towards the ceiling, pulls himself up and lands in front of Greta.)

Greta: You may have defeated my hula army, LarryBoy, but you'll never defeat me!

(Greta shoots a couple of beams at LarryBoy, but he dodges them, blocking the second with a mirror.)

LarryBoy: My turn, Greta! (He fires his plunger in random directions until it hits the pudding bowl. Greta laughs, but LarryBoy pulls on his plunger ears, causing the bowl to dump the pudding on Greta as she screams in horror. He then ties her up.) It's about time you got a taste of your own pudding!

Greta: Bleh! (smacks her lips.) Needs more smelt.

(It then fades back to the Bumblyburg Yodeling Festival.)

Narrator: And so, a few days later, with Greta Von Gruesome safely behind bars, the yodelers thank LarryBoy with their "Tribute to LarryBoy" concert.

Einger: LarryBoy and toy sheep, we want to thank you. Without you, all of us yodelers would still be stuck in glass tubes, fearing that pudding could be dropped on our heads at any second. Bumblyburg should be proud to have such a hero.

LarryBoy: I'm that hero. (The toy sheep bleats in agreement.)

Einger: And to thank you, we've arranged a special yodeling tribute. Hit it, guys.

(The yodelers then yodel to the tune of He is That Hero which the audience, including Archibald listens to. Suddenly, a crashing sound is heard.)

LarryBoy: (gasps) Oh no! Not another yodelnapper!

(Mr. Snappy hops up)

Mr. Snappy: It's the Crazy Clay!

(The Crazy Clay breaks through the wall and grabs LarryBoy)

LarryBoy: Does anyone here have a toy saxophone?

(Luckily, the toy sheep produces some speakers and plays some polka music which the yodelers yodel to, causing the Crazy Clay to dance.)

LarryBoy: Thanks for the polka, Mr. Sheep.

(The toy sheep bleats in response. The yodelers and the Crazy Clay keep dancing while LarryBoy smiles at the camera while the screen irises out on him.)

(End of transcript)