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The Yodelnapper!
Directed by

Larry Whitaker

Produced by

Jason VanBorssum
Greg Chalekian

Written by

Kent Redeker
Bob Miller
Larry Whitaker

Music by

Christopher Davis

Distributed by

Warner Home Video
(Mass market)
Chordant Distribution

(Christian market)


November 23, 2002
(Christian market)
November 26, 2002
(Mass market)


31 minutes
23 minutes (not
A Polar Pickle!

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Leggo My Ego!

Next episode

The Good, the Bad,
and the Eggly

The Yodelnapper! (sometimes known as The Yodel Napper) is the third episode of LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures. It teaches a lesson in the dangers of materialism.


LarryBoy is excited over the new Hula Heidi dolls, but Archie is less impressed considering LarryBoy owns all of the other "Hula Friends" dolls. LarryBoy is devastated that the dolls are sold out, but Archie tells him that his favorite yodeler, Einger Warblethroat, is performing. However, the performance goes wrong when Greta Von Gruesome kidnaps Einger and takes him to her castle and demands the delivery of all yodelers. With the help of Archie, LarryBoy sneaks into the castle under the disguise of a yodeler. There, he releases the trapped yodelers, but the group falls into a pit and are attacked by an army of Hula Heidi dolls. After defeating the dolls with the help of the yodeler Einger, LarryBoy apprehends Greta Von Gruesome and she is arrested for her villainous actions. The five rescued yodelers then put on a "Tribute to LarryBoy" concert, yodeling the Larry-Boy theme song.


Home media

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Trailer Appearances

Fun Facts


  • The list of things the super heroes listed:
    • Lemon Twist - Money
    • Scarlet Tomato - Fancy utility belts.
    • Dark Crow - Super sonic stealth planes.
    • LarryBoy - The complete works of Einger Warblethroat on CD.
  • The verse Master Choy gave was Ecclesiastes 5:10.
  • Aloha Or plays when the hula friends arrive.
  • Larry reads the interactive storybook version on The Doom Funnel Rescue! and The Good, the Bad, and the Eggly DVDs.
  • This was featured as a bonus feature on a re-release of Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler.
  • The funeral March plays when the yodelers think they are doomed.
  • According to animator Chuck Grieb's resume, production on this episode finished in August 2002.


  • The seating during the yodel event is somewhat odd. Archie was originally in the front, but he was then at the balcony with Larry.
  • This is probably the first time Larry develops a crush on Vicki.
  • How do Greta and LarryBoy know each other? It's possible Greta knows who LarryBoy is from reading newspapers, but it's never explained how LarryBoy knows about Greta.
  • This is also the first time in the LarryBoy series where somebody is heard crying. This will happen again in the Super Short that accompanies it.
  • Junior mentions that Awful Alvin, the Alchemist, and Lampy are in jail, but he forgets to mention Mother Pearl.
    • Speaking of Awful Alvin, his head appears as one of the members of the audience at the Bumblyburg Yodeling Festival, despite being in jail.
  • The audience member who shouts "C'mon, yodel already!" sounds similar to Scallion #3.
  • The toy sheep is different in the Daily Bumble image.
  • The continuity for the seating is off:
    • Herbert and Wally are seen in the back, but Wally is also seen next to Ma Mushroom.
    • Bob is seen on Vicki's right, but another character is seen on Bob's spot in a closeup.
  • During the Crazy Clay Monster scene, there are two characters look like a recolor of Bob without the hat. It is unknown if they are tomatoes or other fruits/vegetables. (see image)
  • Several websites state this episode was released in 1998, which is false.
  • Unless they're already sold out, Larry could just buy a Hula Heidi doll from an online shopping site.


  • During the scenes of the yodeling festival, you can see that the second character next to the beet on the balcony is headless.
  • The words on Greta's newspaper are missing when she is first reading it, but they show up in the next shot.

Inside References

  • This is probably the second time Larry created a monster by accident.
  • LarryBoy's scream was reused from the previous episode.
  • Greta states "That's right!" when LarryBoy discovers she is the "yodelnapper."
  • This episode states that Larry dressed up as a yodeler, considering he was a doctor that yodeled before.
  • One of the dolls LarryBoy uses to attempt to stop the clay monster is Miss Pretty Pretty, Michelle's doll.
  • Just like Madame Blueberry, this episode talks about the dangers of being greedy.

Real-World References

  • The Crazy Clay Monster was based off of the Batman villain Clayface.
  • The way the Yodelers get Kidnapped on a helicopter would be similar to how Milli Vanilli was kidnapped in the episode "Kootie Pie Rocks" on King Koopa's Airship, especially in the middle of their concert, and how the yodelers are forced to yodel for Greta would be like Kootie Pie forcing Milli Vanilli to perform for her.
  • The drum riff that plays when the dolls glare angrily at LarryBoy and the yodelers sounds similar to that from the Terminator theme.

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