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This is Phil Vischer, Brian Roberts, and Chris Wall discussing about The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's.


(silent for 6 seconds)

Brian Roberts: Hey everybody, this is Brian Roberts. The director of "The Wizard of Ha's"!

Man 2: Ehh, what?

Roberts: Oh, I'm sorry, wait- it's "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's".

Man 2: "The Wonderful", don't forget "the Wonderful", and this is Phil Vischer, uh, who wrote "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's"-

Man 3: (interrupts) And hi.

Vischer: -that Brian directed.

Man 3: Hey Phil. I'm Chris Wall, I'm the producer of this particular show.

Vischer: "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's"?

Wall: "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's". I didn't produce "The Wizard of Ha's". Uh, but I was asked to produce "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's".

Vischer: Right, really?

Wall: It was really a better show. I mean, to be honest-

Vischer: The working title was "Wizard of Ha's" when you started producing it.

(both Wall and Roberts speaking uninteleglible)

Vischer: "The Wizard of Ha's". Yes, I think.

Roberts: This look familar.

Vischer: Yeah, there's not much to say about, uhm the theme song.

Wall: It has been updated.

Vischer: You know, I don't think I've been on a-

Roberts: (interrupts) The edit has been updated.

Vischer: -commentary for like, 3 or 4 years.

Vischer: And the last show I wrote was Lord of the Beans, in which, for some reason, which none of us quite remembered, because it was so long ago, there was no commentary recorded for that show.

Fun Facts

  • Pleasure Island is a theme park in Disney's Pinocchio, where the boys get turned into donkeys if they stay there too long. Brian suggested Bob must've stayed there and got a tail while visiting.
  • The owners of the Lord of the Rings film series Phil's referring to is possibly New Line Cinema.
  • Hoodwinked is a 2005 animated film, which John Mark Painter did the music for. The sequel was animated by Jam Filled Toronto, who also helped out on this episode.