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This is Mr. Lunt and Gourdon Smithson discussing about The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's.


Mr. Lunt: Hey, there, this is Mr. Lunt.
Gourdon Smithson: And this is Gourdon Smithson.
Mr. Lunt: What?
Gourdon Smithson: Gourdon Smithson.
Mr. Lunt: Who are you?
Gourdon Smithson: I played a role of Bobby Bernard/Chester.
Mr. Lunt: What are you doing in the booth with me for the commentary? You're like-You're like a sea level of character.
Gourdon Smithson: I know, but Larry's on vacation.
Mr. Lunt: He's never even had a plush toy. How can you be on a commentary when you've never been immortalized in plush?
Gourdon Smithson: Larry's on vacation, so-
Mr. Lunt: Yeah, that's a big problem.
Gourdon Smithson: You're gonna sit here talk to yourself for two hours?
Mr. Lunt: I could. Don't think that I couldn't. I find myself supremely interesting.
Gourdon Smithson: That makes one.
Mr. Lunt: Look, there I am onscreen. No, not that guy. That's Larry. He was the producer.
Gourdon Smithson: Right.
Mr. Lunt: But right before we had to direct the commentary, he got called in for reshoots on that pirate movie.
Gourdon Smithson: Right, they didn't let me be in that.

(scene change to the rainbow)

Mr. Lunt: I was a stunt coordinator.
Gourdon Smithson: Wow. I didn't know you had a background in that.
Mr. Lunt: I don't.
Gourdon Smithson: Oh.
Mr. Lunt: Which is why we lost a few peas, but I'm still here.
Gourdon Smithson: (chuckling)
Mr. Lunt: I survived.
Gourdon Smithson: That's good.
Mr. Lunt: And Junior, we put him on the fence there, look, he's hopping on the fence. That fence is only is only two inches wide.
Gourdon Smithson: Is there wire work involved?
Mr. Lunt: It was a little wire work and I had him practice. I had Junior rehearse on a balance beam.
Gourdon Smithson: Yeah.
Mr. Lunt: You know, 'cause that's similar and he did that like Cathy Rigby for about a month and a half and then I thought he had it. (scene change to Munchieland) So, the lady was flying because,
Gourdon Smithson: Oh, is she really flying?
Mr. Lunt: Yeah. Well, she was in a harness.
Gourdon Smithson: Oh, it was that attached?
Mr. Lunt: He didn't mind the chafing. She was in the harness and the harness was hanging from a big crane.
Gourdon Smithson: Like a machine or like a bird?
Mr. Lunt: No, not the bird, with that crane, from the lady from the bird, that's impractical. Because the bird cannot fly in one place.
Gourdon Smithson: Is it really tall bird?
Mr. Lunt: Well, yeah, but it can't fly. But it can't-
Gourdon Smithson: No, it just moves its neck around.
Mr. Lunt: Oh, you mean like a hundred foot tall bird?
Gourdon Smithson: Was like, you know, a big crane with the long neck.
Mr. Lunt: The kind of bird- The kind of bird that does not exist. You think we should have used one of those.
Gourdon Smithson: Yeah.
Mr. Lunt: Go ahead, you know how many peas we had in this?
Gourdon Smithson: What, like two and then they just duplicated, right?
Mr. Lunt: No way, look at all those peas, like a hundred. We had to bus them in from all over the place. Gourdon Smithson: Is it that hard to find a lot of peas?
Mr. Lunt: Ohhh!
Gourdon Smithson: You know, before the Union?
Mr. Lunt: That's hard to get them to grow mustaches out of their nostrils, like that guy. (scene change to Darby talking to the Scarecrow) You know, most of this effects work was actually done on an iPhone. That shows you haw far things have come. That's me, I had to coordinate my own stunts there for me to be hung up there.
Gourdon Smithson: So now, you hanging from a bird?
Mr. Lunt: No, I'm not hanging from- I'm hanging from a pole.
Gourdon Smithson: Oh, so there's no-
Mr. Lunt: Don't you see the pole behind me?
Gourdon Smithson: There's no crane-
Mr. Lunt: No, no cranes involved, but there was an air bag underneath me on the ground in case I toppled. (scene change to the group walking through the flowers) You know, I had to get all the puppies together for this puppy scene.
Gourdon Smithson: So you were the puppy wrangler?
Mr. Lunt: I was supposed to get 1,400 puppies and I only found seven, which explained the-
Gourdon Smithson: That explains a lot.
Mr. Lunt: Yeah, that explains a lot, but they matched together perfectly. I worked on that, I got matching puppies. The trick was, I had to feed them, and none of them were housebroken, and they were all standing in my, staying in my trailer.
Gourdon Smithson: That must've been quite a scene.
Mr. Lunt: In like, the second week of production, I couldn't even go in my trailer without passing out. It was terrible. (scene change to the Scarecrow hanging on to the door by his nose) Look, I'm hanging by my nose! Ha! Do you know how I did that?
Gourdon Smithson: Uh, you put your nose in the door and then film it?
Mr. Lunt: No, that would hurt. I don't wanna do anything that hurts me. I used a, a pystetic nose. You might not know that word, but it means fake. Yeah.
Gourdon Smithson: Oh, how'd you do this right here?
Mr. Lunt: That was a stunt double. I was a guy named Slim. I made it-
Gourdon Smithson: Did it hurt when they unstuffed you?
Mr. Lunt: It hurt when they unstuff me, um, well they had to stuff me in the first place to have stuffing to pull out. That's the part that hurt. (scene change to Darby walking home) This is the emotional wrap-up.
Gourdon Smithson: I think we can make fun of this, but-
Mr. Lunt: I had to do this stunt planning for this, because some emotions have never been seen by vegetation before, and people are worried about getting hurt. Junior's dad was worried about getting hurt on his emotions, in this part, so I had to wrap him in bubble wrap so he could practice. All the rehearsals for this, everyone was wrapped in bubble wrap.

{scene change to the wide shot of the dental floss farm)

Gourdon Smithson: I'm actually in that shot hiding behind the barn.
Mr. Lunt: (singing) Somewhere behind the barn, (speaking) is that what you were singing?
Gourdon Smithson: Yeah.
Mr. Lunt: Oh, nothing like jumping on a bounce-and-play in slow motion. Goodbye!
Gourdon Smithson: Bye, everybody.