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"My son was lost, but now he's found! He was dead to me, but now he's alive again!"
— Mike Asparagus
The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's
Directed by

Brian Roberts

Produced by

Chris Wall

Written by

Phil Vischer

Music by

John Mark Painter
Kurt Heinecke

Distributed by

Warner Home Video
(Mass market)
Word Entertainment
(Christian market)


October 6, 2007
(Christian market)
October 9, 2007
(Mass market)


49 minutes

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The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's is the thirty-first episode of VeggieTales.

The story is based on the parable of The Prodigal Son mixed with elements of "The Wizard Of Oz."


Opening Countertop

Bob and Larry once again greet the kids while on the Countertop, but Larry is upset while hiding something behind his back, which Bob is confused about, asking Larry if there's something wrong. Larry responds that he's fine, but Bob tells him, "You don't look fine," before asking Larry what he's got behind his back. Larry tries to deny it, but Bob tells him that there's something behind his back, asking Larry what's going on, before Larry finally admits that he's in big trouble, before holding out the item that he was hiding behind his back. The item is an aardvark toy that belongs to Larry's astronaut dad, with Larry explaining to Bob that when you pull on the aardvark's tail, the aardvark shoots its tongue out and picks things up (because it has a Velcro), and he wanted to see how many times the aardvark could shoot its tongue out in a minute when it suddenly broke while he was doing so. When Bob asks Larry what his dad said, Larry answers that his dad doesn't know about it, and because of that, Larry is afraid that his dad won't love him anymore if he tells him what happened to the aardvark. Of course, Bob says that it reminds him of a letter they just got, with Larry saying, "How did I know you were gonna say that?" Bob then says it is their latest show. He continues that the letter was from Felix Rosenwinkle from Grinnell, Iowa. Bob then explains that Felix says that he knows God doesn't want us to steal stuff, but he's been stealing stuff anyway. He feels awful about it now, but he doesn't think that he can ever go back to church. He also thinks that no one will like him, not even God. Larry sympathizes with Felix, saying, "That's even worse than breaking your dad's aardvark." When Larry asks Bob what Felix is gonna do, Bob tells that he's gonna listen to the story of the Prodigal Son, something which Larry is amazed about, before telling Bob that that story is short and that they have a whole DVD to fill. Fortunately, Bob tells him, "It isn't short when you tell it like this." Bob then tells Felix that it's time to pay a visit to the Wizard of Ha's, which Larry is excited about, asking if he can fix the aardvark, before Bob says, "Roll the film."

The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's Act 1

On a dental floss farm in Kansas, three farm hands are hard at work, when a young boy named Darby O'Gill (played by Junior Asparagus) calls out for his father, all while accompanied by his pet pig, Tutu. He asks one of the farmhands where his father is, but the first farmhand (played by Mr. Lunt) is too busy watering the floss. When Darby asks how the floss is, the second farmhand (played by Larry the Cucumber) says that it's almost ready. Darby then asks the third farmhand (played by Pa Grape) if he has seen his dad, but the third farmhand tells him that he has to get his tractor Bessie ready to harvest the floss. At that moment, Darby's father, Farmer O'Gill (played by Dad Asparagus) finally shows up with a wheelbarrow, to which Darby shows him a flyer for a place called the Land of Ha's, explaining that it has a lot of fun rides and attractions, before asking his dad if they can go. Farmer O'Gill then tells Darby that that place is so far away and that they just don't have the money for it, but Darby tells him that he got it all figured out and that they can use the piggy bank, before Farmer O'Gill tells him that that's for his college, for his future, something which Darby is not happy about.

At the same time this happens, the first and second farmhands manage to harvest one of the wads of floss, before demonstrating it by sticking a pebble between a wooden model of a mouth. The floss successfully dislodges the pebble from the wooden mouth model, as a sign that the floss is ripe enough to be harvested. Once Farmer O'Gill has been informed that the floss is ready, he then tells the third farmhand to get Bessie ready, so the third farmhand does as he's told, but unfortunately, Bessie ends up breaking down after a few seconds. When Farmer O'Gill asks the third farmhand if he can fix it, the third farmhand says that they don't make parts for Bessie anymore. Because of that, the farmhands have no other choice now but to harvest the floss by hand. Darby is upset that he won't be able to go to the Land of Ha's, just as the flyer blows away in the wind, with Farmer O'Gill telling him, "Maybe next year." Darby is upset with having to live on the farm, before he runs off by himself, while Farmer O'Gill tells the farmhands to go home to their families and that they've got a lot of work to do tomorrow. Darby is still upset about having to pick the floss, dejectedly saying that he never gets to do what he wants to do, all while gazing up at a rainbow in the sky. The third farmhand then goes over to Darby, before telling him, "I know what you're thinking, you're wishing you could be somewhere else, somewhere over the rainbow," though Darby asks him, "How would I go over a rainbow? It's water droplets refracting sunlight." Darby then says that the place that he wants to go is "beyond the barn," which confuses the third farmhand. But told him to remember how much his dad loved him before leaving with the other farmhands.

After the farmhands leave after that, Darby then sings about how he's longing to go "somewhere beyond the barn." After this song ends, a strong wind suddenly picks up as Darby notices it, before a Mary Poppins-lookalike shows up on the farm, asking if she's in London, but Darby tells her that she's not, before she blows off in the wind again. Tutu then starts 'barking' when he sees something coming, with Darby telling Tutu to stop that barking, before seeing that what Tutu was barking at was Bobby Bernard (played by Gourdon), who had apparently gone to the Land of Ha's. Bobby then laughs, taunting Darby about his dad not letting him go, but Darby tells him that his dad will let him go, just not this year because of the floss, before Bobby sarcastically tells him, "Of course not, he don't want you to have fun," but Darby tells him that that's not true and that his dad loves him very much. Of course, Bobby then tells Darby that love has its limit, telling Darby to do something you want to do and see how far his dad's love goes, then leaves, but not without telling Darby, "Get wise, get some money, and have fun!" After Bobby leaves, Darby is suddenly hit in the face by his flyer that had gotten blown away by the wind earlier, before he once again sings about going "somewhere beyond the barn." After that, Darby's mind is made up as he sneaks out of the house with his piggy bank, before he and Tutu then start making their way towards the Land of Ha's, while a terrible windstorm has blown up. Darby then tells Tutu that they should have done this years ago, before Tutu spots a tornado off in the distance, which catches Darby's attention. When Darby asks Tutu what you're supposed to do when you're caught outside by a tornado, Tutu responds by ducking down in a ditch, but Darby tells him to get out the ditch and help him remember. Spying a nearby trailer, Darby guesses that you go inside, so he and Tutu run towards the trailer, just as the tornado comes nearer. Once Darby and Tutu are inside the trailer, Darby thinks that they're safe, when the trailer is suddenly lifted up into the air by the tornado, as they see a bunch of strange things in the sky, before the trailer drops down to the ground after that.

After the trailer has crashed to the ground, Darby and Tutu go over to the door and open it up to find themselves in a strange colorful land, while Darby says, "Tutu, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." When Darby and Tutu exit from the trailer, they find that the trailer they were in landed on a strange truck-like machine with jaws on the front of the grill. The machine's jaws then open up, releasing three peas who are grateful to Darby for freeing them, one of the peas says hello to Darby before telling him that he freed them, before another pea tells him that he broke the monster with his "little hut from the sky," which confuses Darby even further, before the first pea then says, "If only she were here, she would explain." Soon, a floating blue-purple ball then appears from out of nowhere, with the peas telling Darby that she will explain everything. Darby then asks if there's a beautiful fairy inside that big round ball, but is told, "A beautiful fairy is that big round ball." The fairy introduces herself as Splenda the sweet, but not-fattening, fairy (played by Madame Blueberry) before telling Darby that these peas are the Munchies, and that he is in Munchieland. One the Munchies offers Darby a snack, but he turns that one Munchie down, before Splenda tells Darby that the Munchies think that it is a "shiny hut," but she knows that it's actually a "starship" sent from across the galaxy to save the Munchie from the Munchie Muncher. Darby is even more confused, before Splenda further tells him that since he destroyed the Munchie Muncher, the Munchies regard him their hero, before Darby tells Splenda that it's not a starship, but an old trailer.

Splenda then sings to the Munchies to come out and meet Darby, the brave hero who defeated the Munchie Muncher. Lots of Munchies then come out to meet Darby and thank him for saving them. When two of the Munchies (played by Jean-Claude and Phillipe Pea) ask Darby for his name, he tells them his name, Darby, which confuses the Munchies, but they are able to come up a song which goes, "His name is Darby, and he's our hero / I like my Barbie, but I'm no weirdo / Like Dana Carvey, Robert De Niro, His Name is Darby, and he's our hero." The Munchies then sing this lively song, but are interrupted by the Muncher's computer screen which is activated, bringing up a nasty bully (also played by Gourdon), demanding to know who destroyed his Munchie Muncher. When the bully sees Darby, he realizes that he was the one who destroyed the Munchie Muncher, before Darby tells him, "Do I know you?" The bully then says, "You're gonna pay for this, and your little dog too!" before he starts laughing as a bunch of smoke is brought up, but he starts coughing from the smoke before the image fades away and the Muncher's computer breaks down after that. Splenda then tells Darby that he has nothing to worry about and if the bully shows up, he can just drop his 'starship' on him, which Darby is skeptical about.

Once again, the Munchies try to offer a snack to Darby, but he tells him that he's not very hungry, before telling them that he's trying to get to the Land of Ha's, which the Munchies are amazed about. Splenda then tells Darby that if he wants to get to the Land of Ha's, he'll need Yellow, which Darby is confused about. Splenda then knocks on the door of a small house, before the door then opens up the reveal an elderly yellow-skinned toad wearing Scottish attire, who says, "Yellow." Splenda introduces this toad as Yellow MacToad, who may be old, but is the one who will lead Darby down the path to the Land of Ha's. The Munchies then suggest that Darby follow Old Yellow MacToad, who then starts making his way, though rather slowly, before they start singing about following Yellow down the road. However, when the Munchies reach the beginning of the path, Yellow has not made it yet, so because of that, Splenda has to pick him up then bring him to the beginning of the path. With that over, Darby and Tutu then follow after Yellow, while the Munchies sing about going to see the Wonderful Wizard of Ha's, while Darby thanks the Munchies and Splenda for all their help.

While traveling down the path, Darby is humming a bit of the song, but Yellow is now behind him and Tutu, but he resumes hopping before he hears a voice say, "Hey you." Darby asks who said that before the voice asks him if he has any comic books. Darby is still trying to find the source of this voice, thinking that the candy corn plants are talking, before realizing that the voice actually belongs to a Scarecrow (also played by Mr. Lunt). The Scarecrow then asks Darby if he has any magazines, before Darby asks him what the problem is. The Scarecrow then answers that he is stuck on a pole with nothing to do, with Darby guessing that the Scarecrow is bored with nothing to do. Darby then tells the Scarecrow that he's following a toad and that he doesn't know how to get him to stop, also telling him that they're going to the Land of Ha's. When the Scarecrow hears about this, he says that he always wanted to go there because they got "that ride that spins you around until the bottom drops out." Darby then tells the Scarecrow that he can come, but the Scarecrow says that that place isn't cheap and that scarecrows don't have a lot of cash, but Darby tells him that he can pay for him because he's got plenty of money. The Scarecrow thanks Darby before asking him to get him down, so Darby goes over to help the Scarecrow get down off the pole that he is on before pulling on the Scarecrow so hard that it sends him flying off his pole before landing on the ground again. Now that the Scarecrow has been freed, he says, "Let's see the Wizard! Follow that toad!" Soon, Darby, Tutu, and the Scarecrow then follow after Yellow, while Darby and the Scarecrow sing about going to see the Wonderful Wizard of Ha's.

However, while traveling, the Scarecrow ends up running into an object in the path, which prompts Darby to go back and see if the Scarecrow is alright. It turns out that the object that the Scarecrow ran into is actually a Tin Man (also played by Larry the Cucumber) who can't move or go anywhere because he's been rusted. The Tin Man then says, "Oil can," something which confuses the Scarecrow, thinking that he said, "Boil spam," but Darby knows that the Tin Man is actually referring to his oil can, which they can use to help the Tin Man move again. After applying the oil to the Tin Man, he is able to move again, before thanking Darby for helping him out. When the Scarecrow asks the Tin Man what the story is, all while calling him 'Rusty Boy', the Tin Man says that he's not a boy anymore but a man now, saying that he left home to seek out adventure and roller coasters. Of course, he explains that after walking for a half hour, it got old real fast and that he got bored to tears, which led to his getting rusted. When Darby suggests that the Tin Man go home, the Tin Man says that he must seek out adventure, before the Scarecrow suggests that he consider a career in telemarketing, but the Tin Man says that it's roller coasters that he's interested in. Darby then tells the Tin Man that they're going somewhere with roller coasters, which is the Land of Ha's, before the Scarecrow says, "Hope you brought some money, cause fun has a price." The Tin Man then says that the tinsmith forgot to give him pockets, but Darby says that he has enough money to pay for all three of them, which the Tin Man is excited about. Soon, Darby, Tutu, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man then go on their way once again to the Land of Ha's, while singing about going to see the Wonderful Wizard of Ha's.

Silly Songs with Larry


Act 2

Darby, Tutu, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man continue traveling through the forest, while the Scarecrow asks Darby where he's from. When Darby answers that he's from Kansas, the Tin Man says that he has a cousin who lives in Kansas, as does the Scarecrow, looking just like him, though minus the straw in the Scarecrow's case. While the group is still traveling through the forest, the Tin Man asks what color the toad is again, before the Scarecrow asks, "You mean Yellow MacToad?" he answers that he's yellow. Darby then asks if there's anything really dangerous in the woods, before the Scarecrow tells him that a friend of his was in these woods who says that he saw a fellow from Toledo, to which the Tin Man says, "You mean an Ohioan?" The Tin Man then says that his uncle says that he saw one of those guys that plays those little flutes in the army, which the Scarecrow recognizes as a Fifer. Of course, the Scarecrow doesn't want to make matters worse, but he says that he met a fellow who knew a guy who says that he saw "a mommy horse." Because of this, the group then starts repeatedly chanting, "Ohioans and Fifers and Mares, oh my!"

The group continues repeating the chant until a Lion (also played by Pa Grape) shows up and roars, scaring the group so much that they run around in circles, with the Tin Man fearfully yelling, "It's an Ohioan!" The Lion then corrects him saying, "That's 'lion'." At first, the group is calm, but when they hear that it's 'lion', they run around in a panic again, but the Lion calms them down again, saying that he's just hungry. Unfortunately, this only frightens the group once again, before the Lion tells them that he's not going to eat them, he's just having fun with them because he's so bored. Darby then asks the Lion why he's so bored and that he's the King of the Forest, the Lion then answers that he left home to become king because it sounded like fun but because of modern times, the forest is run by representative government. He also adds that there's no decent food in the forest. When the Scarecrow tells him that the woods are full of rabbits and squirrels, the Lion says that they won't let him eat them because it's a children's film, but he does say that what he really wants is cotton candy. The Scarecrow then asks Darby if they're going somewhere that has cotton candy, which Darby says that they are, before asking the Lion if he wants to go to the Land of Ha's, before the Tin Man tells him, "He's buying." At that moment, Yellow MacToad then tumbles out from behind some trees before he resumes traveling down the path again. Because of that, the group then follows after Yellow, once again singing about going to see the Wizard of Ha's.

After a bit of traveling, the group is able to come upon the Land of Ha's, with Darby saying that he finally gets to do what he wants to do. The group then make their way towards the Land of Ha's while a choir sings about making their way towards the city. However, while traveling through the flowers, the group is suddenly waylaid by a bunch of puppies that are in the flower beds, as they stay to pet the puppies, but the Scarecrow and the Lion want their comrades to keep going if they are to make it to the Land of Ha's. Fortunately, they are able to get past the puppies while the choir once again sings about making their way towards the city. Meanwhile, the bully has been watching everything before telling his onion minions that they're taking a little trip to the Land of Ha's, with the minions asking if they can ride the rides, but are told no. Darby and his group have finally made it to the Land of Ha's, where they are met with the Wizard of Ha's (played by Archibald Asparagus) who welcomes them to the Land of Ha's. The Wizard then asks Darby what he wants to do, with Darby answering that the Lion wants cotton candy, the Tin Man wants roller coasters, and the Scarecrow wants one of those rides where you spin and the bottom falls out, while he just wants to do whatever he wants. The Wizard then tells them that they've come to the right place, before he leads them inside, but before the group can get to the turnstile, the Wizard then tells that there is the topic of financial remuneration, which means money, because "getting what you want has a price." Darby then takes out his piggy bank as the Wizard then takes it from him and dumps all of the money inside into a slot, which causes an orange and yellow striped meter to light up as a sign that the group is now allowed into the park for whatever they want, which the group is happy to hear as they enter the park at last.

The Wizard then starts to sing about all the fun that customers can have when they come to the Land of Ha's and that they don't need their parents to tell them that it's bad. Darby and his friends have as much as they like while in the Land of Ha's, until the money runs out. Darby, Tutu, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion then exit from the first part of the park before Darby asks the Wizard if he has one of those bouncy castles where you bounce around and knock your heads together. The Wizard then tells him that he's only "scratched the surface of the Whimsical Land of Ha's," before pointing to another gate where there is more fun. Darby then yells to the others to check it out, but the others want to rest a bit because they're not as young as Darby is. Nevertheless, Darby decides to check it out first, but when he tries to go through the turnstile for that gate, it won't turn, as he asks why it won't open. The Wizard then tells Darby that he needs to put more cash into the slot in order to be granted passage to the next gate, with the Tin Man asking Darby if he's got more money, but Darby tells him that he doesn't because that was all that he had. The Lion then admits that he got a stomachache from all that food, saying that his mother had a tea for when his stomach was upset and that he misses it so he decides to leave. The Scarecrow then admits that he had enough spinning to last him a while, before he also decides to leave. The Tin Man then tells Darby that the roller coasters were great, before thanking him for all the fun, but admits that he misses his mom and dad before he also leaves as well.

While Darby looks on sadly, the Wizard tells him to go home because there's nothing for him here. After hearing these words, Darby remembers about being back home at his dad's Dental Floss Farm and about how he was upset with his dad for not letting him do what he wanted to do, as well as the fact that the money that was intended for his future in college had been squandered away on all of the fun he had. Darby then tells the Wizard that he can't go back home because his dad would never forgive him for what he's done, before asking the Wizard to let him try some more rides. The Wizard tells Darby that he's out of money, while Darby tries to protest to the Wizard that he can do anything. Because of that, the Wizard then removes his goggles, saying that he's not a wizard and that there's no magic, he's just a businessman, trying to make a living. Darby then says that this is supposed to be 'the funnest place on Earth', and right now, he's not having very much fun, before some voices are heard, asking if the place looks like fun. The voices belong to two tourists (played by Jimmy and Jerry Gourd), who have also come to the Land of Ha's as well. The Wizard notices that he has new customers, while Darby angrily says, "This place is a joke!" with the Wizard telling Darby not to do it, before Darby goes to tell the tourists not to enter the Land of Ha's because the Wizard only wants your money. The Wizard then sets of an ejector trap, but it only goes off in front of Darby, before activating another trap, which is a steel colander that also lands in front of Darby, but the third time, Darby is not so lucky because the Wizard then activates a trap door that sends Darby falling down below. The Wizard then starts chasing after Tutu who then runs past Jimmy and Jerry. With Tutu chased away, the Wizard then greets Jimmy and Jerry, welcoming them to the Land of Ha's. Tutu then runs out of the gate, while the bully has been watching everything from behind one of the hedges.

Darby finds himself in a dungeon after having fallen down the trap door before he calls out for Tutu, but there's no answer. Darby then sadly says that he's so sorry for what he's done, before the bully approaches the dungeon cell laughing, sarcastically mocking Darby for missing his dad. When Darby asks the bully what he wants, the bully answers that he wants Darby to know what it feels like to be alone and that he sees that that's already taken care of, before he and his onion minions leave after that. Darby then sings a reprise of "Somewhere Beyond The Barn," this time singing about how he misses being with his dad and if he'll ever get home. After the song ends, Darby is frustrated that he's been so foolish for disobeying his dad. Darby then comes up with the idea of going back home to ask his dad for a job, saying that he doesn't deserve to be his son anymore, but maybe he'll hire him to work on the farm. Darby then asks how he's going to get out of the dungeon, before the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion come to the window of the dungeon cell. Darby asks how they found him, before the Lion tells him, "You got your dog to thank for that," as Tutu appears alongside the trio in front of the window. Darby is happy to see that his friends and Tutu are safe, before the Scarecrow asks how they're going to get him out, before the Tin Man says, "We need a helicopter, 200 yards of steel cable, and a pound and half of margarine," at the same time that Tutu leaves after that. The Lion sarcastically says that he'll check his pockets, before the Tin Man notices that the window has a latch, but unfortunately, he can't reach it. The Scarecrow then comes up with another idea, telling his comrades to unstuff him, that way, he'll be skinny enough to get through the bars of the window and reach the latch. The Tin Man and the Lion do just that to the Scarecrow, allowing the Scarecrow to get through the bars now that he's been unstuffed. After the Scarecrow pulls down on the latch, he tells his comrades to push on the window, but when they do, the Scarecrow ends up getting his nose stuck between the bars of the window. The Tin Man and the Lion then jump into the pile of straw before the Scarecrow then floats back down gently as a leaf after that. Unfortunately, after all, three have gotten into the dungeon, there's no way out for all of them now, but fortunately, Tutu throws down a rope for them to climb up.

Once the group has been freed from their dungeon, they run through a hallway before noticing three onion minions in the hallway, which then start chasing after the group. The group then runs into the Wizard who tells them that he thought that he got rid of them. The group tries to escape through the front door, but more minions and a Munchie Muncher block the doorway (even scaring the Wizard), as the group now finds themselves cornered by the onion minions, before the bully then approaches them laughing. The bully then taunts Darby and his friends, telling them that they'll wish that they were back in that dump, but Darby quickly grabs a bucket of water being used by a janitor (played by Charlie Pincher) before he dumps the water onto the bully, which causes the bully to start crying. When the Scarecrow asks the bully if he's melting, the bully answers that he's not, but he's really wet, before the bully is suddenly confronted by his parents, revealing his real name to be Chester, who ask him where he's been because they were looking all over for him, before they also ask him why his friends are dressed as evil minions and why his closet is full of Munchies. Chester's Mom then tells Chester to finish packing because they're going to visit his cousin Bobby in Kansas. Chester then tells Darby and his friends that they can go before apologizing to them before he leaves after that. After Chester leaves, the group is happy that they can go home, but Darby is the only not happy, because he doesn't even know how. Fortunately, the Munchies look up to notice Splenda approach the group again, before Splenda asks Darby if he wants to go home, which Darby wants to more than anything, asking Splenda if she can take him, but Splenda says that she can't, before telling Darby that she has something that can take him home, which is the same trailer that he and Tutu hid in when the tornado hit. After Darby and Tutu enter the trailer again, he wants to know what to do now, though Splenda said that he should know because it's his trailer, before she tells Darby to say, "I want to go home, click, click, click." Although Darby is in disbelief about it, he does it anyway, before Splenda then activates the ejector that sends the trailer airborne, back towards the direction of Kansas, as everyone says goodbye to Darby.

Back at the Dental Floss Farm in Kansas, Farmer O'Gill is looking ahead, before the third farmhand approaches him, telling him that they've searched everywhere and that they couldn't find Darby anywhere. Of course, Farmer O'Gill then looks ahead to see what looks like Darby and Tutu coming up the path to the farm once again, which Farmer O'Gill is happy about as he runs over to greet his son. At the same time, Darby is contemplating on asking his dad for a job at the Dental Floss Farm, before Farmer O'Gill picks him up happily, before the first and second farmhands also look up to see that Darby has returned home. Farmer O'Gill then tells the farmhands to get a cake and ice cream and one of those bouncy castles because they're going to have a party, which the farmhands are happy to hear. Of course, the first farmhand is confused because Darby ran off and spent all the money, but Farmer O'Gill says, "My son was lost, but now he's found. He was dead to me, but now he's alive again," before telling the first farmhand to join the party, to which he answers, "Okay," before he hops off after that. Darby then apologizes to his dad for what he did, before Farmer O'Gill tells him that he knows that and that it's okay, before he hugs his son again. The farmhands then come by with a bouncy castle, before Farmer O'Gill and Darby both start bouncing on the bouncy castle after that. Farmer O'Gill says, "I love you, Little Mister," to which Darby answers, "I love you, Big Mister," before they both hug after that.

Closing Countertop

Back on the Countertop, Larry tells Bob, "Aw man, Bob, that was the happiest ending ever!" with Bob telling Larry that he's glad he liked it, before Larry says, "He even got to jump on the bouncy thingy!" Larry wants to watch it again, but Bob tells him that they don't have time for that, before saying that they're over by Qwerty to talk about what they've learned today, while he pulls out a pair of headphones. As soon as the "What Have We Learned" song starts to play, Bob places the headphones over his ears so that he won't have to listen to the song. Larry then asks Bob if they can just watch the ending again, but Bob tells him no, before he puts the headphones on again as the song plays again. After the song ends, Bob then takes the headphones off & puts them away as Larry asks, "What about the Bonus Features?", but Bob tells him that they need to finish the show, and when Larry asks if they can watch it with the sound down, Bob tells him no before explaining that Darby took his dad's money and ran away from home because he thought it would make him happier, but being away didn't make him happier and after what he did, he was afraid to come back, afraid that his dad wouldn't love him anymore. Larry then asks what that has to do with us, before Bob tells him that the story of the Prodigal Son is about how much God loves everyone, because Jesus told that story to teach us something about God. Larry is confused, before Bob says that they should see if Qwerty has a verse for them, which Qwerty always does, with the verse being, "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called Children of God! 1 John 3:1." Bob then says that Darby's dad in the story is like God and Darby is just like Felix and everyone else for that matter and that what Jesus was telling us in his little story about a father and a son is that God's love has no limits, it goes on forever, no matter what you've done, no matter how far you've run away, you can always come back to God, and when he sees you coming, he'll pick you up and he'll just keep hugging you. Larry then asks, "What about my dad and the aardvark?," before Bob answers to Larry that his dad loves God and he loves him and that he'll show him the same kind of love, which Larry is relieved to hear, because the other day, he was playing with his dad's chameleon, as he brings out a toy chameleon, with the chameleon's eyes falling off. Bob then tells Larry that he needs to be more careful with his toys, before telling Felix that he can always go back to God and that God can not wait to see him. Bob and Larry then sign off once again, before the episode then ends after that.

During the end credits, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion sing Over the Rainbow to finish the episode. After the song ends, Scarecrow is put back on his post.



Other Languages

  • Magjistari i Ozit (Albanian) (same translation as The Wizard of Oz)
  • ساحر الكاسر الحكيم (Arabic) (The Wise Breaker Magician)
  • Reisen til HaHa-land (Norwegian) (The Journey to HaHa Country)
  • جادوگر فوق العاده هاس (Persian) (Ha's Super Wizard)
  • Чудесный Волшебник Ха (Russian) (same translation)


Phil Vischer wanted to retell the story of the Prodigal Son for VeggieTales, but the only two factors why it wasn't told was because it was both not that fun, and it was too short. So he decided to add elements from the "The Wizard of Oz" since he discovered it was similarly structured as "The Prodigal Son." Phil wrote the script in 2005, but production didn't start until 2006 or 2007. The reason was because of what happened after the release of his last story, where they got in copyright trouble with New Line Cinema when they warned them about copying elements from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Home Media

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Trailer Appearances

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Fun Facts


  • Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but God forgives us.
  • God's love has no limits, it goes on forever, no matter what you've done, no matter how far you've run away, you can always come back to God, and when he sees you coming, he'll pick you up and he'll just keep hugging you.


  • Shipshewana is a town in Indiana, in which there are small Amish communities. They often have craft shows and sell kits.
  • Rainbows are created when sunlight hits a sort of prism (eg. glass, water).
  • Lion stating the forest is run by a representative government and he is just a figurehead reelects towards the current British government.


  • This is the first episode for several things:
    • The first episode where Bob and Larry refer to the episode as a video format.
    • The first episode since Petunia's debut episode to have a new turn-on animation for Qwerty since A Snoodle's Tale.
    • The first episode where a child from the Make-a-Wish foundation voiced a character.
    • The first episode where Chris Wall produced.
    • The first episode to not have Mr. Nezzer since A Snoodle's Tale.
    • The first episode since An Easter Carol to feature Phil Vischer in an audio commentary.
    • The first episode since A Snoodle's Tale to be distributed by Warner Home Video, instead of Genius Products.
    • The first (and only) episode distributed by Warner Home Video to have the onscreen Warner Home Video logo at the beginning of the DVD. In this case, it's the full screen acoustic strings Warner Home Video logo. The Warner Home Video FBI Warning Screen is also used instead of the Big Idea Entertainment one, though it can be assumed that this logo appeared since Warner Brothers has the rights to "The Wizard of Oz" film. The Warner Home Video Interpol OIPC English and French Warning Screen is also used at the end.
  • This is the last episode for several things:
    • The last episode to be animated by Jam Filled Toronto.
    • The last Fall released episode to not be Christmas related until The League of Incredible Vegetables.
    • The last episode to be filmed in 4:3 standard definition format.
    • The last episode to be distributed by Warner Home Video.
    • The last episode to be made before The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie.
    • The last episode to have the green light on QWERTY turned on. All productions after this have the light turned off.
    • The last episode where a character says "Come Again?" besides Bob and Larry.
    • The last episode to be dubbed in Spanish despite it not being released.
    • The last episode to be dubbed in Albanian.
    • The last episode where Bob summarizes a kid's letter, afterwards, he just reads the full letters/emails.
  • There were a few differences between pre-production and the final version:
    • According to Brian Roberts, Tim Hodge was originally the director for the first two phases until he took over.
    • Bessie was added in the final version.
    • Yellow McToad was added by Mike Nawrocki.
    • Joe Spadaford stated that they were thinking of using Laura as the main star.
    • The trailer was supposed be abandoned like someone lived there but was changed because Phil didn't want it to look like Junior was breaking into someone's house.
    • Larry and Mr. Lunt were just them dressed up without the textures. This was changed after Phil detested.
    • Bob was going to have cotton balls to cancel out the song.
    • The candy corn field was originally written as just a field of corn. Brian thought of making it as toilet paper, but Phil detested it.
    • The script called for a hundred puppies in the field. This changed to at least around 10.
    • Phil originally wanted to have Jimmy to play as the wizard. However, they changed to Archibald as they thought he fit better.
    • The song was just the choir singing three times. Brian suggested that the characters should sing parts of it.
    • It was Chester who imprisoned Darby, instead of the Wizard dropping him in the garbage chute.
    • Brian Roberts initially wanted Bob and Larry to cry over the outcome of the story. But in the final version, they didn't. However, they did cry over the outcome of the story of Madame Blueberry, which released 9 years apart from this episode.
    • Although the movie tends to parody songs from The Wizard of Oz with different melodies, at the end credits, Mr. Lunt sings the real "Over the Rainbow."
  • Some of the characters in the story and their biblical counterparts include:
    • Darby — The Prodigal Son
    • Farmer O'Gill — The Prodigal Son's father
    • Farmhands — The father's servants
    • Scarecrow — One of the Prodigal Son's friends
    • Tin Man — One of the Prodigal Son's friends
    • Lion — One of the Prodigal Son's friends
    • The Wizard of Ha's — The Innkeeper


  • Because this episode was filmed in 4:3, the Blu-ray release cropped it to 16:9.
  • The lion breaks the fourth wall when he states he's not allowed to eat animals because it's a children's film.
  • Bob pulls out the headphones from nowhere.
  • As Bob answers to Larry "It's our 27th show!" in response to his question about why he always reads a letter from a child, this episode confirms Very Silly Songs! and other sing-along/compilation videos, as well as both VeggieTales movies, to not count as regular episodes.
  • Oddly enough, the original Word Entertainment DVD release still has the Warner Home Video logo.
  • As stated in the art gallery, getting into a trailer during a tornado is extremely dangerous.


  • After Scarecrow opens the latch, his nose stuck on the bars is slightly bigger, but his nose turns back to its normal size when he floats down in the pile of straw. Brian Roberts states that a false nose because his normal one couldn't be seen.

Inside References


Is that a...panther bike?

Real-World References

  • The nanny that shows up when the storm is coming is a spoof on Mary Poppins.
  • Spam is spiced ham in a can. This is often joked on Monty Python.
  • When Scarecrow and Darby first meet, Scarecrow mentions to a few real-life brands.
    • The Game Boy, a handheld video game system by Nintendo.
    • The iPod, a portable media player from Apple Inc.
    • Scrabble, a word-based board game distributed by Hasbro in North America and Mattel internationally.
  • Darby and Scarecrow saying "Tin Man, rusted" is a reference to the B-52s' song "Love Shack."
  • Scarecrow's line "Stay on target! Stay on target!" is a reference to the first Star Wars movie A New Hope.
  • The fact that Tutu behaves like a dog could be a possible reference to Babe, a 1995 Australian movie based on the book of the same name. It is also a reference to Kate Bradley's dog from the sitcom Petticoat Junction.
  • Barbie is a Mattel toy line that was established in 1959.
  • Furby is a Hasbro-owned toy line that builds robotic bird-like toys.
  • Tutu is based on Arnold Ziffel from the sitcom Green Acres.
  • Darby O'Gill is named after the titular character from the 1959 Disney movie Darby O'Gill and the Little People.
  • Darby and Tutu going home in their RV mimics Marnie, Dylan and Sophie going home in a flying bus at the end of the 1998 TV movie Halloweentown.
  • Dana Carvey and Robert De Niro are real-life actors. Dana Carvey was mentioned by Mr. Lunt on the Character Commentary for Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.
  • Darby O'Gill is named after Darby Robin from the Playhouse Disney series My Friends Tigger and Pooh.

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