The What-If Express
  • Configuration: 4-4-0

The What-If Express is a magical train that often comes when someone feels like they wish their lives were different. It is also the train for Rockwell.


The What-If Express is run by Gabe, who is both driver and conductor.

When Stewart wished that if he caught that football years ago, it popped out of nowhere and he decided to climb aboard.


The What-If Express is somewhat based on a mixture of a Eureka & Palisade American locomotive and a Baltimore & Ohio American.


The What-If Express is painted teal with maroon and gold lining on both engine and passenger coaches.

Episode appearances

The What-If Express only appeared so far in It's a Meaningful Life.


  • Even though it's a steam engine, it blows a diesel's horn.
  • The What-If Express seems to lack a tender, as it is very vital to have one because it serves for both coal and water for the engine.
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