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The Star of Christmas (fully named The Star of Christmas of Canterbury) is a metal framed star. It is based after the Star of Bethlehem.


According to Arthur Hollingshead, it was made in the sixth century and was originally given by St. Gregory the Great to the monks of Canterbury in August 14, 592. It was later decorated the courts of King Edward the Confessor, William the Conqueror, and James the Lethargic until it rested at St. Bart's Church in 1638. The star hasn't been seen since February 12, 1803, due to security risks from the reigns of King Charles the Greedy and Cedric the I'll-Eat-Anything-Star-Shaped.

Almost 80 years later, Reverend Gilbert decided to let his son use the star for the Christmas pageant they're working on. However, Cavis wanted to steal it for his production since he needed to attract the crown Prince Fredrick so then he can critique how wonderful "The Princess and the Plumber" is. Moyer kept the treasure in his sock drawer for safe keeping.