The Snoodle Script Game is a mad lib type game that's from A Snoodle's Tale.

Bob needs your help to choose words for his story.

How to play

Just select what words you what to pick and you can listen to the poem you created.

Transcript and choices

Welcome to Snoodleberg, home of the Snoodles

A curious folk who eat (1) with noodles

And spend half their days making sketches and doodles

And (2)

Now, right in the heart of this curious town,

Stood (3)


1 - Food a. Gnochi b. Broccoli c. Fish sticks d. Streudel

2 - Funny Phrase a. Trying new recipes for delicious Snoo-boodles b. Cuttings shrubs in tall, leafy poodles c. Watching clouds floating by like cute Labradoodles d. Sayng goodbye using fun words, like "Toodles!"

3 - Rhyme for "town" (describing the tower) a. Brown (a bright colored building; no beiges or brown) b. Crown (a curious building, with a horn at its crown) c. Down (a curious building, with a shoot that came down) d. Ground (a curious building stuck up out of the ground)

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