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The Slobfather

Doug Peterson

Illustrated by

Big Idea Design


October 9, 2003

The Slobfather is the first book in the Mess Detectives series. It features a lesson in telling the truth.


Case #101 - The Slobfather

VeggieTales presents a brand new book series called The Mess Detectives, starring Bob and Larry. These wacky Mess Detectives work to uncover messes and help kids understand how to use biblical values to "come clean" both inside and out!

In this tale, Veggie detectives, Bob and Larry, are called to the scene of a messy crime already in progress. But they arrive too late - the bedroom of Junior Asparagus is already seriously messy. It's time to uncover the messy truth. Who did it? Was it Junior? Or could it have been a gang of nasty Slobsters, led by the notorious Slobfather - the mastermind of all messes?

Kids will enjoy being a part of the investigation as they find out who's really behind the whole messy mystery. Children will laugh and learn with their favorite friends from VeggieTales, as they discover the importance of telling the truth.


  • The title for the book is based on The Godfather.




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