The Shinin' Star Swing! is a song from The Amazing Carnival of Complaining.

It recaps the events from that said episode.


Other Three: Hey Zidgel, where did you get that calliope, huh?

Zidgel: I got it from a cat named Uncle Blobb

Other Three: How did you figure out how to play that thing?

Zidgel: You just twist a few knobs and swing. Well, you climb on into that circus tent

Other Three: Before you know it you are a seed of discontent

Zidgel: Can you tell me what went wrong? Move your feet and swing along. You are griping and whining about everything.

Other Three: Man complaining hips are hard to swing

Zidgel: You get to jump, jive and run. You should be having fun.

All: Don’t be a seed! If a seed is what you are. You have got to be a bright and shining star! Hey!

(Midgel scatting)

All: You can’t always get what you want. No, no! You can’t always get what you want. Ah-uh! But if you gripe sometimes, you just might find, you turn into seed!

Zidgel: When you stop griping and whining about everything

Midgel, Fidgel and Kevin: Your legs get loose and you start to swing!

Zidgel: You jump, jive and run! Man now you are having fun! Can you tell me where that sad face went?

Midgel, Fidgel, and Kevin: Cracked a smile, changed your style, now you are content

Zidgel: You are singing a new song! Move your feet and swing along!

All: Don’t be a seed! If a seed is what you are, you have got to be a bright and shining star! Hey!

Zidgel: When they see you swing and smile a lot

Midgel, Fidgel, and Kevin: They want a little bit of what you got.

Zidgel: Now look at who you are! A bright and shining star!

All: Much happier by far! A bright and shining...

Zidgel: No griping, no whining!

All: A bright and shining star!

Fun Facts

  • This is the only song from the series to use stock footage (aside from the opening shot of the Comet Lounge).
  • This is the final 3-2-1 Penguins! song to be animated entirely by Big Idea.



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