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The Scallions

The Scallions are a trio gang who are recurring antagonists (but sometimes anti-heroes) in VeggieTales.


The Scallions are a bunch of green scallions who first appeared in "Daniel and the Lion's Den" on "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?". They're known for the wisemen, milk money bandits, salesmen, and the quartet singers with Frankencelery.

Physical Appearances

Scallion #1 is the second tallest of the trio. He is a slender scallion with purple eyelids, a long, purple nose, has a British accent and used to wear black eyeliner. He also wore a gold crusted belt with a red jewel. In earlier episodes, his stalks stick straight up like his two counterparts. In later episodes, his stalks were combed back.

Scallion #2 is the tallest of the trio (with Scallion #1's hair combed back). He has a yellowish green nose and eyelids and seems to be the skinniest of the trio. He has a deep, goofy voice that is somewhat similar to Jerry Gourd and Larry's original voice.

Scallion #3 is the smallest scallion of the trio. He is a pudgy scallion with a big nose and eyelids. He arguably has the best singing voice out of the three scallions. In earlier episodes, his eyelids and nose were light blue. In later episodes, his eyelids and nose were dark green.

Voice Actors



The VeggieTales Show

Fun Facts

  • They are the first villains in the VeggieTales series.
  • After the series switched to Maya, Scallion One's hair stalks has been slicked back, making it more like it's combed.
  • None of the scallions were ever named. However, according to a tweet by Phil Vischer, he imagines the Scallions' names being "Huey, Louie and Dewey", which is actually a reference to the characters of the same names from DuckTales, though it's unknown if it's their actual names.
    • In addition to that, the Scallions are unrelated from each other's families, joined together to commit criminal activities and also purposely "scrubbed their records", making their birthdays/ages unknown. This has been confirmed by Phil on Twitter.
    • There is also a running gag in the series (such as in the silly song "Larry's High Silk Hat") in which no one knows Scallion One's name.
    • In King George and the Ducky, the Tallest Scallion's name was Cedric. And in Sweetpea Beauty, his name was Eddie.
    • In the credits of The End of Silliness? for the silly song "The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps", the closest thing we had been almost given to official names of the Scallions did not count, as Phil confirmed (or at least assumed) their actual names in said tweet. (See the image on the right.)
  • In several commentaries, some of the crew would often get Scallion One confused with Archibald. This is mostly due to the fact they eventually had similar voices, and also because some of Scallions roles might be similar to Archie (e.g., Madame Blueberry, King George, and Esther. In fact, Archie was going to be in Esther. Also due to the fact, Archibald took Scallion One's role in the VeggieTales Super Comics adaption of the first Minnesota Cuke story).
  • As the series progressed, Scallion Two's voice sounded more like Jean Claude's minus the French accent. He gained a new voice in his last appearance in the original series, although his original voice returned in The VeggieTales Show.
  • Scallion Three is the only one of the three scallions to be taken over by a different voice actor starting in 2006.
  • Out of the three scallions, Scallion #1 had the most appearances on VeggieTales.
  • Scallion #1 shares the same model as Scallini in LarryBoy and the Cape-Coat Caper.
  • In The VeggieTales Show, Scallion #3's voice sounds just about the same as Scallion #2's.