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The U.F.P.S. (United Federation Penguin Starship) Rockhopper (sometimes known as the Penguin's ship or The Rockhopper) is the spaceship prominently featured in 3-2-1 Penguins!. It is unknown who built it or where it came from.

Its crew members are;


The exterior is egg-shaped with jet thrusters and wings. The upper half and the thrusters are sky blue, while the bottom half is white.

There are two wings and a propeller, though it's unknown why as there's no atmosphere in space.

It has a framed glass window above and two small windows on the sides for the pilot to see.

There is also an amounted door on the side for anyone to come in and out.


The Main room

The main room consists of the captain's seat.

Other rooms

Besides the main room, there are also rooms in the Rockhopper. There is a bathroom, and a bedroom for Jason and Michelle to rest while they're on missions.

There is also a closet where most unused items are kept.


The extra pilot seat

Originally, the pilot seat Kevin usually sits was a toy control panel where Kevin can play with. Later, it was turned into a control panel for a robotic arm that is equipped with the ship.

Landing gear

Prior to Jason and Michelle's arrival, the crew never heard of the term. After their mission on Wait-Your-Turn, Midgel though it was a great idea.

There were various types of landing gear the crew used.

Fun Facts

  • The ship never had an official name in the original episodes until the television series aired.
  • The name comes from the penguin species. This also makes sense for Zidgel as captain since he's a rockhopper penguin.
  • In the original six episodes, two separate models were made to differ if it's alive or not.
  • One piece of concept art depicts the ship with four thrusters on each end, as well as what appear to be a couple of panels on the top thrusters.
    • Another piece of concept depicts it with a completely different design, being much thinner than the final product, as well as having features such as wings on the front, a hull in the middle, and a checkboard pattern around its nose.
      • Yet another piece of concept art shows a box labeled "Space Mobile," along with a picture of the ship itself. This may have been what the ship would have originally came in, almost like an actual toy. However, this was never shown at any point in the series.
  • The ship was meant to have a cameo in the cancelled Bob and Larry Movie, according to concept art.


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