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The Princess and the Plumber was a musical written by Cavis and Millward. Cavis wrote it because he felt like everyone in London needed to learn about love. It was meant to be the first musical to feature electric lights on the scenery AND actors, but was scrapped because of a fire hazard in the theater.


It's about a sad princess and a kindly plumber who fall in love. On Christmas Eve, the Princess's sink gets clogged up, so she calls the plumber to fix them. Unbeknownst to the plumber, the pipes are magical and he is visited by the Fairy peas (who like to eat Strawberry cheese) and the Sugar Plumber fairy of Christmas. Sometime afterwards, she gets captured by the monkey king and the plumber has to save her from the king's clutches. The plumber faces the monkey king in a plunger duel and the Sugar Plumber Fairy turned the wicked building inspector into a newt, thereby declaring the castle inhabitable and reducing the need for flood insurance. It ends with both the princess and the plumber confessing their love to each other.

Fun Facts

  • The plot is similar to the Nutcracker.
  • Despite the similarities, the plot is not a parody of Nintendo's Mario series, as confirmed by Phil Vischer.
  • There is a movie with the same name that came out in 1930, as Phil pointed out in of the interviews.
  • The poster was illustrated by Greg Hardin.
  • It was mentioned on a trivia question in Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed.