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The Power of Love

Todd Waterman


Vincent Aniceto
Eric Newman
Tom Newman


Phil Vischer

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


April 2, 2020
(Yippee, originally)
April 28, 2020
(Yippee, official release)


23 minutes

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A Lifetime Supply of Joy

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It's Cool to Be Kind

The Power of Love is the fourth released episode of The VeggieTales Show which teaches a lesson about love. It was originally released on Yippee on April 2nd, 2020, but was removed several hours later. It was later officially re-released on April 28th.


Laura Carrot declares she’s in love and is showing some of the craziest symptoms. She can’t eat or sleep and she says that her life will never be the same. Is that what love is? It’s through the Biblical romance of Ruth and Boaz that the Veggie crew learns about the kind of love that is powerful. It’s a love the changes the world because love isn’t just something we feel, it’s something we do!



Fun Facts


  • This is the first episode for several things:
    • The first episode where Miss Achmetha has a speaking role, with her new voice actress Elise Napier. This is also her first speaking role overall since 'Twas the Night Before Easter.
    • The first episode with a newly-animated Big Idea logo.
  • This is the second time VeggieTales has told a version of the Bible story of Ruth and Naomi. The first time was in Duke and the Great Pie War.
    • This time, however, the story is done in a biblical setting, focuses more on Ruth and Naomi's relationship, Ruth and Naomi's personal lives, as well as the story having a shorter running time.


  • Callie Flower is listed in the credits with Stephanie Southerland's characters, even though she didn't actually appear in the episode.
  • All of Jean-Claude's lines during the closing scene aren’t pitch-shifted.

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