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This is the episode transcript for The Penniless Princess.


Opening Countertop[]

(The scene opens showing a fancy library background with Larry wearing a red robe and a monocle, sitting on a chair as he picks a book)

Larry: Good evening. I'm Larry the Cucumber... the First. Welcome. Ahhh, the classics. They are so very classy. When you combine British accents with a lot of walnut and just the right amount of cobblestone, you've got something special. You've got... a classic. (Bob hops onto the scene) What?

Bob: What are you doing?

Larry: I'm being fancy.

Bob: Why?

Larry: Because of today's story.

Bob: A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Oh! That's a great story! It's a classic.

Larry: Exactly. A classic.

Bob: Well, it's great to read the classics, but why-

Larry: Suit him up, boys!

(Jean-Claude and Phillipe bring in a chest, measure Bob and dress him up as a baker and put him on a chair)

Phillipe: Magnifique!

Jean-Claude: Voila! Voila, voila, Washington!

Bob: Ah! Why am I dress like a baker?

Larry: I received this correspondence from Agatha Williamson, Bristol, England.

Bob: Wow, fancy.

Larry: (British Accent) "Dear, Bob and Larry, I do hope this letter finds you well. I'm quite fond of your programme." (Normal accent) Look at that. See? She spelled program with an "e". Ain't that cute?

(Bob nods his head in agreement)

Larry: (British Accent) "In Sunday School, I learned I should always love others, but there are times when I find that exceedingly difficult. What about when people are boorish and incorrigible. (Normal accent) Lookie there. "Boorish and incorrigible". Ain't that cute? Um, what's that mean?

Bob: It means not nice.

Larry: Okay, that makes sense. (British Accent) "With gratitude, Agatha Williamson, Bristol, England."

Bob: Wow. That's a great question.

Larry: It sure is. So, Agatha and Bob, I think I got just a thing. My own classic title: The Penniless Princess. We hope you enjoy.

Bob: Stop talking like that.

Larry: Shh.

The Penniless Princess Act I[]

(The story opens in London as we see the story's title card. The camera pans across the city and stops in front of a train station. Petunia and Papa Razzi, played by Mr. Lunt, are shown leaving the station.)

Petunia: We're finally in London! I want to go to see a musical.

Papa Razzi: Musicals are so unrealistic. People just bursting into song for no reason.

Jimmy Gourd: (in a singing tune) Might I fetch your bag?

Papa Razzi: Yes, please get my bag.

(Jimmy and Jerry are shown loading a cart with tons of luggage)

Jimmy: You're gonna hurt yourself.

Jerry: I can carry five more.

Jimmy: Carrying more bags doesn't mean a bigger tip.

Jerry: You don't know that.

(The camera pans across the cart and shows Captain Crewe (played by Larry) and Sara Crewe)

Sara: Papa?

Captain Crewe: What is it, Sarah? What are you thinking?

Sara: Is this my new home? Is it, Papa?

(As she says this, Jimmy slips.)

Captain Crewe: It's most certainly is, sweetheart, We reached London, England!

(A blue case falls off and its fragile contents break)

Jimmy and Jerry: He did it.

Captain Crewe: Let's see if we can give you a better view.

(Captain Crewe picks up Sara, letting her get a good view of the city)

Sarah: (sighs)

Captain Crewe: You don't like it, do you? (lets her down)

Sara: Well... I suppose soldiers, even the bravest ones like you, don't really like going into battle either.

Captain Crewe: (chuckles) That's one way to look at it.

(more luggage falls off the cart and piles onto Jimmy)

Jerry: Uh, incoming.

Jimmy: Oh, bother. I do believe I am in great pain.

Captain Crewe: You have to admit, traveling on a boat all the way from Africa was a real adventure.

Sara: I suppose. All I could think about was that you're going to have to leave today.

Captain Crewe: Oh, Sara. I'm gonna miss you terribly. But I know you'll be brave.

Sara: Of course.

Captain Crewe: Just remember, you're never alone. No matter what, God is always with you.

Sara: All the time.

Captain Crewe: Because He loves you, always. You're His Princess.

(Petunia and Papa Razzi appear.)

Petunia: Princess?? (gasps) She's royalty! Take a picture!

(Papa Razzi snaps a picture of Petunia, Captain Crewe and Sara)

Papa Razzi: Ha! I told you we'd see somebody famous on the train, or my name's not Razzi. Papa Razzi.

(As they make their way through the city, a song begins)

Captain Crewe: (singing) My Little Princess. I'm so blessed, to be your Papa, you're my everything.

(Jimmy Gourd struggles with the cart and falls)

Jimmy: Ow!

Captain Crewe: But Little Princess, what's truly best is that you're also a child of the King.

(Sara is given an umbrella)

Captain Crewe: It is God the Father, to whom you belong. And no one can take that away. (we see Junior as a homeless boy)

It's good times or bad times, He's right by your side. You're His princess and there He'll stay. (Buys an apple and gives it to Sara)

(Sara gets down, while the luggage falls out again. Sara walks over to the flower lady and gives her the apple. Jimmy and Jerry Gourd reload the cart again.)

Captain Crewe: My Little Princess. You'll never guess, how much love that your one life can bring.

My Little Princess. (gives a tip to the flower lady) I confess for you are loved by me, and loved by the King.

Flower Lady: God Bless You.

Captain Crewe and others joining in: As you hold your head high, the world to see God's heart.

You're life as well as you sing.

(During this, Jimmy tries taking a hot cross bun from a bakery, but Bob catches him in the act and stops him)

As you live, you'll find that the King's love will shine.

Whether good times or trials.

In the lows and the highs, If your dreams live or die, you'll be...

(Captain Crewe takes off Sara's hat and puts on a crown made from a newspaper he bought.)

Captain Crewe: God's Little Princess.

(The song ends.)

Papa Razzi: Smile! (takes a picture of them)

Petunia: Oh, at this rate, you're gonna need to buy more film. (giggles)

(The camera opens up, and Mr. Lunt sees there was no film in the camera.)

Papa Razzi: Film?

(Captain Crew and Sara arrive at The Minchin School for Lovely Little Ladies)

Captain Crewe: Ah, here we are! The Minchin School for Lovely Little Ladies. (knocking at the door) Are you ready, Sweetie?

(Miss Amelia (played by Madame Blueberry) answers the door.)

Miss Amelia: Captain Crewe?

Captain Crewe: Oh! You must be the headmistress.

Miss Amelia: Me? Oh, goodness, no.

Miss Minchin: (O.S.) Ms. Amelia, is that the Captain?

Miss Amelia: She is waiting for you, inside.

(They all enter the place and are greeted by Miss Minchin)

Captain Crewe: (takes off the hat) Hello?

Miss Minchin: I.. (thunder strikes) am the Headmistress Minchin. (horse whinnies)

Captain Crewe: Lovely.

Miss Minchin: And this must be our Sara. It will be a great privilege to have a charge with such a beautiful and promising child, Captain Crewe.

Captain Crewe: Sara is a true joy. She's my little princess.

(Miss Minchin giggles)

Sara: We rode a boat, all the way from Africa. There was a storm one night at dinner, and the waiters kept dropping the dishes.

(Jimmy and Jerry enter with the luggage)

Jerry: heh, heh. Dropping dishes. Funny. (accidentally drops a bag)

Miss Minchin: A clever child is a great treasure in an establishment such as mine.

Jimmy Gourd: Uh, where should we put these bags, before they crushed us?

Captain Crewe: Oh, I'm terribly sorry. (gives them $100) Thanks for your trouble.

Jimmy Gourd: Wowzers! Uh, thanks, Captain! (immediately puts some luggage down and leaves)

Miss Minchin: Amelia! Take our new guest's bags upstairs.

(Miss Amelia tries moving the heavy chest upstairs)

Captain Crewe: Oh, please. Allow me.

(Captain Crewe is about to help, but Ms. Minchin stops him.)

Miss Minchin: No, I wouldn't hear of it! Miss Amelia loves to carry things. Don't you, Amelia?

Miss Amelia: But of course. Though down the stairs is much easier. (The chest slides down the stairs along with Ms. Amelia.) Sometimes.

Captain Crewe: I'll do my best to return for Sara's birthday. But until then, she is to have anything she needs. I'll pay every bill you send me without question.

Miss Minchin: Oh, my goodness, Captain Crewe. Are you certain? The room you have asked for is very costly.

Captain Crewe: Nothing to worry about. I have my money securely invested in diamonds.

Miss Amelia: Diamonds?! How exciting!

Miss Minchin: Where did you come from?

Miss Amelia: I am very spry.

Sara: (giggles)

Captain Crewe: Be sure to buy Sara a mountain of dolls.

Sara: Papa, stop being silly. I only need one doll, to talk to while you're gone.

Captain Crewe: You mean like...this one? (gives her a teddy bear)

Sara: (gasps) A little bear!

Captain Crewe: A teddy bear. They're the latest thing.

(They hug)

Sara: He's perfect. And he's short and squishy, so I shall name him Mortimer, like our old neighbor. Mr. Mortimer owned a whole bunch of monkeys, and he taught them to juggle bananas.

Miss Minchin: (snorts then sneezes) Oh, dear. I seem to be allergic to your little doll.

Sara: She sneezed on Mortimer.

Captain Crewe: Maybe keep him tucked away, okay?

Sara: Okay.

Captain Crewe: Time to go. Are you learning me by heart?

Sara: I know you by heart. You are inside my heart. Think about me every day.

Captain Crewe: I will, every day. I love you so much, no matter what.

Sara: I love you too, Papa.

(After they hug, Captain Crewe leaves the building. Sara sadly watches as her father leaves.)

Miss Minchin: Now, you will put on your uniform and report to class.

(Fade to a classroom.)

Miss Minchin: Attention, French class!

Students: Good morning, Miss Minchin.

(Another horse whinny is heard)

Miss Minchin: Your new companion is here, and I expect you all to be very agreeable to her. This is Sara Crewe, all the way from Africa.

Students: Bonjour, Sara.

Sara: Bonjour.

Miss Minchin: We have reserved this seat just for you.

Lavinia: But Miss Minchin, that's my seat!

Miss Minchin: Correction. That was your seat, Lavinia.

Lavinia: But...

Miss Minchin: Miss Amelia, you may begin.

(The students take their seats.)

Miss Amelia: Here are the words we will be learning today. (on a chalkboard, she writes the following phrases) Au naturel. Faux pas. A la mode...

Sara: Lavinia. What a pretty name.

Miss Amelia:...C'est la vie!

Lavinia: Hmph!

Miss Amelia: Cul de sac.

Ermie (Ermie Asparagus): I wonder how you say 'pony' in French? La Ponay maybe.

Sara: What? What are you doing?

Ermie: Being incredibly bored!

Sara: But we've hardly begun.

Ermie: I'm Ermengarde, but you can call me Ermie.

Sara: Pleased to meet you, Ermie.

Ermie: Did you know that French people have a different word for everything?

Sara: Oh, but it's so exotic. Every French word is a thing of beauty.

Lavinia: (mimicking) Every French word is a thing of beauty.

(The other students giggle.)

Miss Minchin: True, Miss Crewe. (the students silence themselves) A knowledge of the French language is a mark of the well-educated. Which is why it is of the utmost importance that a girl such as yourself learn it and know it well. Now, chop chop! Come up to the front. Unless you have been formally taught French already.

Sara: I have never really been taught French, but... but...

Miss Minchin: You must not say 'but' when you are instructed to do things.

Sara: What I mean to say--

Miss Minchin: Do not disagree with your elders, Miss Crewe. It is impolite.

Sara: Je veu dire que je n'ai pas appris le francais a l'ecole.

(Everyone gasps)

Ermie: Where did she learn all those words?

Miss Minchin: What is she saying?

Miss Amelia: That she did not learn French from books.

Sara: Papa et moi l'avons souvent parle. Je connais la langue assez bien.

Miss Amelia: Because she and her father spoke it to each other often. Madame, there is not much I can teach her. Her accent is exquisite.

Miss Minchin: You might have told me.

Sara: I tried. I...I suppose I did not begin right.

(The students start bantering)

Miss Minchin: Silence! Silence at once!

(Sara pulls out her teddy bear.)

Sara: I tried to tell you.

Miss Minchin: (snorts and sneezes again)

(The students laugh at this. Cut to Sara's room as Ermie follows her.)

Ermie: I can't believe you speak French! You really are so clever, aren't you?

Sara: I don't know.

Ermie: Whoooaaa!!! It's as big as Westminster Abbey! (She takes a look around Sara's room) Look at the frills on this dress! (sees a toy horse) Hey, that's a soft horsie! (sees the bed) Are these bedsheets silk? (lies down on the bed) Woohoooo!! I'm in heaven!

Sara: You're funny.

Ermie: You're so nice to me.

Sara: Why wouldn't I be nice to you?

Ermie: I dunno. Most girls aren't. Especially Lavinia. (mimicking) Every French word is a thing of beauty.

Sara: Let's not make fun of her. Everyone deserves kindness.

Ermie: Even Lavinia? Even Miss Minchin?

(another horse whinny)

Sara: Even them.

(Ermie spots a huge bookshelf.)

Ermie: Wow. You don't actually have to read all of these, do you?

Sara: Have to? I love to read. It's like an adventure on every page.

Ermie: It's like school on every page.

Sara: You haven't read any of these? (grabs a book) Oh, Ermie, the adventures we're going to have together!

Ermie: How?

Sara: We'll imagine them. (opens the book) Let's imagine we're princesses in a palace.

(Both girls close their eyes.)

Sara: I'm going to feel like royalty.

There's a throne and a crown in front of me.

Ermie: Where? All I see is a footstool.

Sara: It's so fun and inviting

(They imagine the room as a palace)

It's gonna be so exciting!

Ermie: Huh?

Sara: It all makes quite a difference

Life's much more an adventure if

You try, you will see what I can see. (talking) Now you try imagining something

(Ermie starts imagining the room as a jungle.)

Ermie: I think I see a chimpanzee.

Sara: Marvelous idea.

Ermie: Look! He's over there swinging tree to tree!

Sara: (monkey sounds) Can he juggle bananas?

(The chimp, which looks more like a monkey, does just that.)

Ermie: Oh, I hope he'll be a friend to me!

Both: It'll be so fun to swing, swing, swing!

Imagine every now and then

Life's much more an adventure

When you imagine with meeeeee!

(During this final verse, they slide down the stair railing and land at the bottom of the stairs.)

Ermie: (laughs) That was awesome!

Sara: (sighs)

Ermie: Are you okay, Sara?

Sara: Papa and I love to imagine together.

Ermie: Oh. You're not gonna cry, are you? (Sara suddenly hugs her) Oh, goodness!

Sara: You're a perfectly wonderful friend, Ermie.

Ermie: Thanks, Sara.

Sara: Let's do this again tomorrow.

Ermie: Absolutely!

(Both girls head back to their rooms.)

Sara: Well, hello again, Mr. Mortimer. What have you been doing while I was away? (the sound of snoring startles her) Huh? (she picks up Mortimer before she spots a servant girl, played by Laura, sleeping on her windowsill.) Oh, a little girl. Oh, Mortimer, look how tired she is. I hate to wake her. Of course she would be in such trouble if she were discovered. (to servant) Hello? Hello, little girl? Wake up.

Servant: What? Huh? Oh! Oh, Miss! Oh, Miss! Oh, I've done a bad thing.

Sara: Don't be frightened. It doesn't matter the least bit.

Servant: I didn't mean to sleep none. (yawns) It was warm, and I was so--

(Before she can finish her sentence, she falls asleep and onto the floor.)

Sara: This could take a while.

(We cut to Sara and Becky on the bed. Sara plays the trumpet to wake up Becky.)

Becky: Oh, miss...Oh, miss, I've done the bad...

Sara: I know, I know.

Becky: I'm so tired all the time.

Sara: It's really quite all right.

Becky: (worried) You ain't mad? You ain't gonna tell Miss...Minchin?

(Another horse whinny is heard)

Sara: Why would I do that?

Becky: I ain't supposed to be around you all the others, miss.

Sara: Please call me "Sara". And why can't you be around us? We're the same. We're both just little girls.

Becky: Oh, no, miss. We ain't the same at all.

Sara: But we are. What's your name?

Becky: (nervously) Becky.

Sara: Becky. (gasps) What a beautiful name.

Becky: I best be going now.

Sara: You're welcome to come and play with me anytime.

Becky: Thank you, miss Sara! Thank you ever so much!

(Becky exits)

Sara: You know what, Mortimer? I think Becky, and I are going to be marvelous friends!

(We pan close to the window. As a year passes, it is soon Sara's birthday.)

Miss Minchin: Look at the size of this cake!

Miss Amelia: I don't think I have enough room to write "Birthday".

Miss Minchin: Honestly, impertinence of these girls, always smiling, always pretending to be so kind!

Miss Amelia: I think they really are that kind!

(Lavinia enters)

Lavina: Miss Minchin?

Miss Minchin: What is it now, Lavinia?

(Lavinia closes the door, causes Miss Amelia to fall on the cake.)

Lavina: Sara's letting the servant girl and boy play with us!

Miss Minchin: BECKY!!?!

(We cut to Sara, Ermie, Becky, and the classmates playing "Duck, Duck, Goose".)

Ermie: (giggles) Bring on the cake! Duck, duck, Goose! (laughing)

Miss Minchin: (sweetly) Sara?

Sara: Yes, Miss Minchin?

(Another horse whinny is heard)

Miss Minchin: My dear, it is time for Becky to scoot along and finish their chores.

Becky: Yes, 'em.

Sara: Oh, but I haven't even opened Becky's presents yet.

Miss Minchin: Becky's presents?

Ermie: Come on, Sara! Open the one with the big blue ribbon! It's for me and I wanna play with it!

Sara: We'll open yours in the second, silly. But Becky and Piglet's presents me very excited indeed.

Ermie: Okey doke. While I wait, I'll open it myself.

Becky: It's just the thing I made.

(Sara opens Becky's present and it reveals the monkey rock.)

Sara: It looks like a perfectly delightful little monkey!

Becky: Do you like it, miss?

Sara: Oh, Becky, it's wonderful!

Miss Minchin: (sarcastic) A monkey rock. Fantastic. But, now, Becky, you must leave.

Sara: If you please, Miss Minchin, I would like for Becky to stay.

Miss Minchin: What would Captain Crewe say when he arrives to find you playing with the servant?! It is simply not appropriate!

Sara: Papa would say that Becky's a little girl too.

Miss Minchin: Sara, Becky is a...a servant! She is not like other girls!

(Someone is knocking on the door.)

Miss Minchin: We will discuss this in a moment. You stay here.

(As Miss Minchin gets the door, Ermie found herself tied up in the big blue ribbons.)

Ermie: Whoa! A little help?!

(Ermie falls down.)

(Another knock on the door is heard)

Miss Minchin: (annoyed) I'm coming already!

(Miss Minchin opens the door)

Miss Minchin: (sarcastically) Ooh, Captain Crewe! We are so thrilled you could- (gasps)

(One of the Captain Crewe's men is here. He shows Miss Minchin the hat, knowing that Captain Crewe is dead. We fade to Sara's room. We see Sara sitting on the windowsill, staring at the rain, while holding her teddy bear. Miss Minchin enters.)

Miss Minchin: I suppose Miss Amelia explained matters to you?

Sara: Yes, ma'am.

Miss Minchin: Your father has died. And what is worse, he lost all of his money and the diamond mind. You must know what that means? You're not a princess anymore. All these clothes and books, they will be sold to pay for your party. You may remain in the school, but not as a student. You will remain as a servant. No more pretending. The time of that has passed. You are like Becky now.

Sara: (to Mortimer) I am like Becky.

Miss Minchin: And this is no longer your room. You are to sleep in the attic.

(Miss Minchin exits)

Sara: We must be brave now, Mortimer, like Papa wanted. All little princesses are brave.

(Sara left the room as we fade to black. A month later, we cut to the attic. Sara is now dressed up as a servant, like Becky. Sara and Becky are tired and hungry.)

Sara: (yawns) Becky, I'm so tired. And so hungry. When I was a student, you never told me that servants get so little to eat.

(Becky falls asleep on Sara.)

Sara: Becky, wake up. I was talking to you.

Becky: Oh, I'm so sorry, miss! I've done a bad thing!

Sara: Heh. And I suppose I don't look very much like a princess anymore.

Becky: But you are, miss! No matter what, remember?

Sara: That's exactly right, Becky! Even if we looked like servants on the outside, we can be princesses on the inside!

(We cut to Sara and Becky washing the stairs as "No Matter What" starts playing)

Sara: It's hard to stand strong by yourself.

When it feels like everyone else, wants nothing to do with you

It's hard to love those who've rejected you the most

Until you realize who you are in God's eyes.

Keep going and growing

Becky: Keepin' on (x2)

Sara: And before you know it

Becky: I'm standin' tall feelin' strong

Sara: Slowly becoming

Becky: Keepin' on (x2)

Sara: Someone who's loving all

Both: No matter what

Sara: Yes, I keep proving and trying

Becky: Keepin' on (x2)

Sara: Till there's no denying

Becky: standin' tall, feelin' strong

Sara: I am becoming

Becky: Keepin' on (x2)

Sara: Someone who's loving all

Both: No Matter what

Sara: No Matter what

Becky: No Matter what

Sara: I am loved

Becky: I am Loved

Sara: So I will Love

Becky: So I will Love

Sara: No Matter what

Becky: No Matter what

Sara: Father, please help me

Both: To love no matter what.

(As Sara goes to bed, Sara talks to God.)

Sara: God, please help me to love, no matter what.

(Sara blows out the candle and goes to bed as we fade to black.)

Best Friends Forever[]

Announcer: And now it's time for "Silly Songs with Best Friends Forever", the part of the show where Best Friends Forever come out and sing a silly song.

Laura: You're my B-F. (text translated to Best Friend)

Papaya: You're my B-F-F. (text translated to Best Friend Forever)

Laura: You're my B-F and F-L. (text translated to Best Friend For Life)

Papaya: My B-F-F-L-N-M-W. (text translated to Best Friend For Life No Matter What)

Both: Gee, I think you're swell.

Papaya: T-4-B-U. (text translated to Thanks For Being You)

Laura: T-X-U-2! (text translated to Thank You Too)

Papaya: U-R-W-L-O-L. (text translated to You Are Welcome Laugh Out Loud)

Laura: My B-F-F-L-N-M-W. (text translated to Best Friend For Life No Matter What)

Both: Gee, I think you're swell!

There's no one like you, you're so easy to talk to. It's agreed, all we need, is punctuated conversation with some brief abbreviations!

Laura: One thing I know, I-M-H-O (text translated to In My Humble Opinion) though I-A-N-A-L... (text translated to I Am Not A Lawyer)

Papaya: So true!

Laura: I'll always be your less-sign-three... (translated to <3-heart!)

Both: Cuz' gee, I think you're swell!

Papaya: I think so too, U-C-M-U (Translated to You Crack Me Up!) You'll never be O-T-L! (Translated to Out To Lunch) With you, I am in V-G-C (Translated to Very Good Company)

Both: Cuz gee, I think you're swell!

There's no one like you, you're so easy to talk to! It's agreed, all we need, is concise communication with syllabic condensations!

Laura: A-F-A-I-C, A-I-S-B, U-R-T-T-L-Y-C! (text translated to As Far As I'm Concerned, As It Should Be, You Are Totally Cool)

Papaya: I-C-A-M B-I-O-N U-R-2-G-2-B-T! (text translated to I Couldn't Agree More, Believe It Or Not, You Are Too Good To Be True)

Laura: T-Y-S-M, I heart U so, Y-T-B-I-M-O! (text translated to Thank You So Much, I <3 You So, You're the Best In My Opinion)

Papaya: I heart U 2, Y-C-L-I-U, B-G-B-T-W! (text translated to I <3 You Too, You Can Look It Up, Big Grin By The Way)

Both: L-O-L-O-L-O-L-O-L-O-L-O-L! R-O-T-F-L! (text translated to: Rolling On The Floor Laughing!) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! (sigh) 'Cuz gee,'re...swell! My B-F and F-L!

Laura: Gotta go, I'll see ya later!

Papaya: What?

Laura: (text translated to G2GICYAL8ER)

Papaya: Oh, OK! (text translated to O.K.)

Announcer: This has been "Silly Songs with BFFs in the WWWNMW" (text translated to Best Friends in the Whole Wide World Mo Matter What). Tune in next time to hear Laura say...

Laura: (text translated to My Thumbs R Hurting :( )

The Penniless Princess Act II[]

(As we get back to the story, Sara is telling Becky a Bible story about Joseph.)

Sara: But Jesus said to them, "Don't be afraid, you intended from harm. But God intended it for good, to accomplish what is now being done.

(We see the shadow stepping on the stairs)

Sara: Who's there?

(The shadow who comes up the stairs turned out to be Ermie!)

Ermie: Who do you think?

Sara: Ermie!

Ermie: Oh, Sara! They haven't let any of us come up here, but I tip-toed! I'm sneaky! How on earth are you surviving!? Without your nice clothes and your room....

Sara: And my books?

Ermie: You can have mine.

Sara: It's not so terrible. I have Becky.

Becky: Evening, Miss Ermengarde!

Ermie: Please don't call me Ermengarde! I'm depressed enough as it is!

Becky: Yes, 'em, Miss Ermengarde.

Ermie: It's like a dungeon up here! I would be miserable!

Sara: Papa wouldn't want me to be miserable. He said I would always be God's Little Princess.

Becky: Miss Sara says God loves us, no matter what! Like Joseph!

Ermie: (confused) Who's Joseph?

Sara: Here. (shows Ermie shows the picture of Joseph (who was played by Jimmy Gourd)) Joseph went from having everything to having nothing.

Becky: He was even dressed up all fancy, like a prince!

(We go to the right as Joseph is now a homeless person.)

Becky: But then...

Ermie: Ooh! Not so much.

Sara: But did he give up?

Ermie: No?

Sara and Becky: No!

Sara: Because Joseph knew who he really was, a child of the King. Loved by God. (closes the book) And because he knew that, he was able to love others, even in prison.

Ermie: A prison like this?!

Sara: This attic isn't all bad. There's still plenty to be thankful for.

Becky: Like what?

Ermie: Yeah, like what?

Sara: Well, like...(opens the window) the sunset!

Ermie: (gasps) Whoa! This is best view in the whole school!

Becky: I intend though.

Sara: You see, even we look like servants on the outside, we can be princesses on the inside.

Becky: Tis very true, Miss Sara!

Ermie: Well, I gotta go! Minchin would pop her cork if she finds out I'm gone!

Becky: You know how to find your way back?

Ermie: I'm not sure. It's like a maze of staircases getting up here.

Becky: Well, I'll show you, Miss Ermengarde.

Ermie: (annoyed) You gotta start calling me "Ermie"!

Becky: Yes 'em, Miss Ermengarde.

(Ermie and Becky walk off as Sara is staring at the window. Until, Jacques (played by Jean Claude) and Pierre (played by Phillipe) are standing on the roof, along with their puppy, Solei.)

Jacques and Pierre: Bonjour!

Sara: (screams)

Pierre: Our "bonjour" is not intended to frighten you!

Jacques: Oui, oui. It was only intended to "bonjour" you!

Jacques and Pierre: Bonjour!

Solei: (barks)

Sara: Uh, are you our new neighbors?

Pierre: If we are not, then we are in big trouble for sitting on these roofs!

Jacques and Pierre: (laughing)

Jacques: I am Jacques!

Pierre: And I am Pierre!

Jacques: We work for your new neighbor, Mr. Carrisford! We are his butlers!

Pierre: We are great at butling!

Solei: (barks)

Sara: Aren't you afraid you may fall off the roof?

Jacques: Oh, no, no. Before we work for Mr. Carrisford, we were sharing these reefs!

Pierre: Oui, we were! We reef on ze rooftops!

Jacques: Oh, zis eez lovely!

(Jacques, Pierre, and Solei jump on the roof and land next to Sara. The tea landed into their teacups.)

Jacques: Oh, how am I sweeping ze sharing me!

Pierre: Oh, me too!

(Solei jumps on to the window, licking Sara's face, causing Sara to giggle)

Jacques: Solei!

Pierre: Solei eez ze master's puppy!

Sara: Go on back, girl.

Pierre: Back to the butling! It was a pleasure to meet you, neighbor!

Jacques: Au revoir!

Sara: Au revoir!

Jacques: Beautiful neighbor, indeed.

Solei: (barks)

(We pan down to Mr. Carrisford's house. As we cut to the inside, Mr. Carrisford (played by Archibald Asparagus) is looking at the picture of Captain Crewe sadly)

Mr. Carrisford: (sadly) Oh, friend, I failed you!

(Solei enters the scene)

Solei: (barks)

Mr. Carrisford: I may have recovered your fortune, but I cannot find your sweet daughter.

Solei: (whimpers)

(Mr. Carrisford puts the memory book on the table and stares at the window sadly)

Mr. Carrisford: I've checked with every school in the city, but it's no use. Oh, Sara Crewe, where are you?

(We cut to the outside as the season turns into winter. Sara is carrying carts of milk. Mr. Carrisford walks out of his mansion, Sara unrecognizedly greets him)

Sara: Good evening, sir.

Miss Minchin: (offscreen) Hurry inside that no good spoiled while you day-dream!

Sara: (sighs)

(Sara pulls the cart of milk as we see the Baker baking the biscuits. We see the sign that says "6 Buns for Six Pence".)

Sara: Oh, just to have a little money.

(Sara slips and falls to the back of the cart. She saw the penny on the ground)

Sara: Four penny? (realizes that her prayers have been answered) Oh, thank you! Thank you ever so much!

(Sara walks up to the baker)

Sara: If you please, did you happen to lose a four penny piece in the road outside?

Baker: If you found a coin, I'm pretty sure you needed much more than I do.

Sara: (gasps) In that case, may I buy four hot buns, please?

(Baker puts six hot biscuits in the bag instead of four.)

Sara: I-I'm sorry, I said "four". I don't have enough money for six.

Baker: I know. Keep them.

(Sara is grateful that she bought six biscuits as she walks off)

Sara: Oh, thank you, God, for your many blessings. I am so-so-Oh.

(Sara sees the homeless boy who is freezing cold. She walks up to the homeless boy.)

Sara: This is nice and hot. Eat it, and you won't be as hungry. You won't be as cold.

Homeless Boy: Oh, my!

(A homeless boy eats one of the biscuits)

Homeless Boy: Thank...(noticing that Sara is gone, leaving the bag of biscuits behind) You? (gasps happily)

(The Baker is puzzled and impressed that Sara did the right thing. We cut back to Sara entering the attic.)

Becky: Oh, Miss Sara, did you bring any food?

Sara: Miss Minchin took my dinner away for being a few minutes late. (gasps) Last night, we pretended to eat cakes and cookies!

Becky: Chocolate!

Sara: But tonight, we are pretending to be fancy!

Becky: I don't know nothing about fancy, Miss Sara.

(As they are imagining, we see a Roast Goose, Filet Mignon, and Escargot )

Sara: Ooh, look! It's a roast goose, Filet Mignon, Escargot!

Becky: Is that chocolate?

Sara: It's cooked snails.

Becky: Sounds nasty!

Sara: Trust me, it's delicious!

Becky: No thanks, miss. I'm sorry, I can't pretend anymore. I'm too hungry!

(Becky sits on the bed, realizing someone's under it. It's Ermie!)

Ermie: Ow! Hello?

Becky and Sara: Ermie!

Ermie: Is it safe to come out?

Becky and Sara: Come out! Come out!

Ermie: I'm dying to have a tea party with the food my mom sent!

Becky and Sara: Food!

(We cut to Ermie setting the table full of food. They got apples, bread, biscuits, cookies, and choclate.)

Sara: Fruit!


Ermie: Golly! You guys act like you haven't eaten all day!

Sara: (hugs Ermie) Oh, Ermie!

Becky: (also hugs Ermie) Thank you, Miss Ermengarde!

Ermie: All I did was open the box.

Becky: Chocolate first!

Sara: Wait! We should give thanks first.

Miss Minchin: (offscreen) Thanks for what?

Becky: Oh, no!

Ermie: Whoops!

(Miss Minchin enters the scene, angrily)

Miss Minchin: Lavinia was right! Ermengarde has been bringing you food! You know it is against school policy to fraternize with these servant girls!

Ermie: (Angrily) They're not servants! They're my friends!

Sara: Please, we're so hungry and we're just enjoying some special.

Miss Minchin: (Furious) Special?!! My patience has run out with you, Miss Crewe! What is it going to require me to teach you that you are not an exception?! You are not-

(Miss Minchin starts snorting and sneezing again. She sniffs and puts on her glasses)

Miss Minchin: Give me that bear!

(Miss Minchin throws Sara's teddy bear out the window with the huff)

Becky: (gasps) Oh, no!

Sara: Mortimer!

(Jacques, Pierre, and Solei watch in horror for what Miss Minchin did.)

Miss Minchin: To your room at once, Miss Ermengarde, and I shall write your papa! What would he say if you knew where you are tonight?! (looks at Sara, giving her a stern look on her face) What? What are you thinking of? Wh-Why do you look at me like that?!

Sara: (sternly) I was wondering what my papa would say if he knew where I am tonight.

Miss Minchin: (severely) How dare you!? We'll see how much wondering there is when everything has taken away from you, even Becky!

Becky: (gasps)

Ermie: No, please!

(Miss Minchin puts the food in the box)

Miss Minchin: I will leave you to wonder. Now, perhaps we'll have some time alone to consider your behavior has cost you.

(Miss Minchin exits. Sara gets on the bed and starts crying. Jacques and Pierre watch, feeling bad for Sara. Jacques comes up with an idea.)

Jacques: Pierre, I have a marvelous idea! Come with me!

(Jacques and Pierre exit as we cut back to Sara who is still crying)

Sara: I know you'll work everything out, God. But when? When? I know I am still your princess, but sometimes, I am afraid I am only pretending! I don't feel like things could get any worse!

(Oh, Papa starts playing. As Sara is singing, we do a flashback of Captain Crewe and Sara, having a bonding time together.)

Sara: Oh, Papa! Right now when I need you

It's the moment I've miss you most.

Oh, Papa!

I wish I could see you

Hold your hand and hear voice

I know I'm not fatherless,

For you are right

My God has never left

(Sara opens the windows sadly, when it's nighttime.)

Sara: But Papa,

In this moment,

I don't know what to do.

(Sara closes the window as she gets back to bed)

Sara: I trust you, God.

(As Sara is sleeping, we cut to Jacques and Mr. Carrisford talking)

Jacques: Ze poor girl in ze attic has nothing!

Mr. Carrisford: Yes, what a very good idea. You have then you may use wherever you wish. Do you think it's possible that...that poor Sara Crewe, wherever she is, could possibly be reduced to any such condition as the poor little soul next door?

Pierre: I hope not, Monsieur Carrisford.

(We cut back to Sara, who is still sleeping. Then, Solei then sneaks into Sara's attic. She then smells her, and went back to Jacques and Pierre, saying that the coast is clear.)

Jacques: (gasps) Zhat is ze signal! Let's get to it!

(As the mission started, Solei runs to get the table, the tablecloth, and she sets up the vase, Jacques and Pierre gives Solei the pillow, put the food on the vase table. Solei puts the blanket on Sara. Solei puts the vase on the table, the candlelights, the biscuits, and the bottle on the table. As in no time at all, Solei is finished with the decorations in the attic and then, voila!)

(Solei sees Sara starting to wake up, causing her to leave the attic before she notices her. Then, Sara wakes up.)

Sara: (gasps) I'm dreaming! I must be dreaming! (She covers and uncovers herself.) The best dream in the world!

(Sara gets out of bed and hop over to the food that is prepared)

Sara: If I am dreaming, then I should not be able to taste this.

(Sara eats the chocolate)

Sara: Mmm, no chocolate has ever tasted so grand! Perhaps it is a dream!

(We cut to Becky going upstairs to the attic)

Becky: Oh, Sara, I feel so bad! It was...

Sara: (gasps) Oh, Becky! What a delight! You are in my dream as well!

Becky: I am in no dream, Miss Sara.

Sara: Are you sure? Oh, you must pinch me!

Becky: (surprised and confused) Pinch you?

Sara: Oh, yes! You must! I must be certain! (Sara gets pinched by Becky) Ow! It's..It's real! It must be...I am not...I am not dreaming!

Becky: Who would have done such a thing?

Sara: God did it! He's taking care of us!

(Sara and Becky runs around laughing. We fade to Sara and Becky washing the floors and stairs)

Sara: Keep going and growing

Becky: Keepin' on (x2)

Sara: And before you know it

Becky: I'm standin' tall feelin' strong

Sara: Slowly becoming

Becky: Keepin' on (x2)

Sara: Someone who's loving all

Sara, Becky, Ermie, and Annie: No matter what

(Miss Amelia walks to the room smiling. Miss Minchin came in the room also, but not happy. As Sara and Becky sing, Jacques, Pierre, and Solei sneaks in the attic to make sure Sara isn't here. Then, the coast is clear. Jacques and Pierre are putting the pillow and the vase on the table, and Solei puts Sara's teddy bear, Mortimer on the bed.)

Sara: Yes, I keep proving and trying

Becky: Keepin' on (x2)

Sara: Till there's no denying

Becky: standin' tall, feelin' strong

Sara: I am becoming

Becky: Keepin' on (x2)

Sara: Someone who's loving all

Both: No Matter what

(As Pierre hears Sara and Becky, he's panicking.)

Pierre: (gasps) Jacques, they are returning! Scram!

(Pierre and Jacques run as Solei is trying to straighten up the vase.)

Jacques: (whispering) Solei! Solei!

(As Solei finished setting up the vase, she is leaving. Or is she? Then, Sara and Becky came into the attic seeing the decorations)

Becky: (gasps Oh, my!

Sara: Oh, Mortimer! (picks up her teddy bear) Isn't it wonderful?

(Solei pops up to the bed, much to Sara and Becky's surprise)

Sara: Solei?

Becky: (giggles) What do you think she got in here?

Sara: She must have smelled this food and wandered over. We'd better return her before her master starts to worry.

(We cut to Miss Minchin talking about Sara, thinking she has a bad behavior. Miss Amelia then has the cartons of milk with her lack of hands.)

Miss Minchin: I've tiried my hardest to unspoil that girl and she keeps acting like a princess!

(Miss Amelia slams the carton of milk with a huff)

Miss Amelia: I have held my tongue for far to long, Miss Minchin!

(Another horse whinny is heard, but then...)

Miss Minchin: SILENCE!!!

Miss Amelia: She is not spoiled! She has lost everything!

(We cut to Sara and Becky hiding the stairs.)

Sara: Oh, no! We're trapped!

Miss Amelia: And she still loves everyone around her!

Miss Minchin: (not listening) That is quite enough!

Miss Amelia: Why can't you see zhat?!

Miss Minchin: You...are fired! Miss Amelia, you will never work with me again!

Miss Amelia: That would be my pleasure!

(Miss Amelia slams the door with a huff. Then, Becky has an idea. She grabs a broom and breaks the vase)

Sara: (whispers) No!

Miss Minchin: What on earth?!

Becky: (whispers to Sara) Go! (went to Miss Minchin who is very angry) Oh, I'm so sorry! I must have slipped!

Miss Minchin: Oh, and how do you expect to pay for that?!

(Sara gets out of the school before Miss Minchin finds out. Then we cut to Jacques and Pierre. Pierre is dusting the door and Jacques has the cup of tea.)

Jacques: I think tonight, we should bake ze secret cake!

Pierre: (gasps) With a secret surprise inside, like a pair of pretty nice shoes!

Jacques: (confused) Inside ze cake?

Pierre: I am only brainstorming.

(Then, there was a knock on the door.)

Pierre and Jacques: Carrisford Residence!

(They answer the door, revealing with Sara and Solei)

Jacques: Oh, ze little girl from next door and Solei!

Pierre: What an adorable surprise!

Jacques: Mr. Carrisford, the little girl from the attic next door, she has returned Solei!

Mr. Carrisford: (picks Solei up) Solei! Such a thoughtful thing to do! But I shouldn't be surprised I'm told that you are a delightful girl!

Sara: I have to admit, I was very excited to finally meet you.

(Mr. Carrisford put Solei down as she, Jacques and Pierre exited the scene.)

Mr. Carrisford: It brings me much joy to see all of you out of my window! It helps me...

Sara: Not feeling so sad?

Mr. Carrisford: I've been sad for quite a long time and no closer to finding what I'm searching for.

Sara: Maybe I can help you.

Mr. Carrisford: It would take a miracle.

Sara: Oh, I believe in miracles, Mr. Carrisford!

Mr. Carrisford: My friend, a very good friend, died and when he did, he left his daughter poor and alone!

Sara: (gasps) All alone?! Poor thing!

Mr. Carrisford: I have recovered his fortune, but I cannot find the girl.

Sara: And I will most certainly pray for that girl. She is very much like me. (realizes that Miss Minchin is gonna be mad.) I must go now. Miss Minchin will be looking for me.

(As Sara is leaving she came back to ask Mr. Carrisford one more thing.)

Sara: Mr. Carrisford, what is the little girl's name? So that I may pray for her.

Mr. Carrisford: Her name is Sara.

Sara: (gasps) Sara is my name!

(Mr. Carrisford walks up to Sara with a surprise.)

Mr. Carrisford: Sara, what is your father's name?

Sara: His name was Crewe. Captain Douglas Crewe.

(Mr. Carrisford finally recognizes her.)

Mr. Carrisford: (gasps) It's you!

Sara: Me?

Mr. Carrisford: It's a miracle! A miracle! (picks up Sara in excitement) It's you, Sara!

(Jacques, Pierre, and Solei enter the scene, getting excited)

Mr. Carrisford: I finally found you! (laughing) Oh, Sara, I'm going to take care of you from now on! You'll not be alone any longer!

Sara: (giggles)

Pierre: Why did we not ask her name is Saralou?!

Jacques: It seems so obvious after ze fact..

(Before Jacques can finish his sentence, there was a knock on the door. Pierre answers it and it was Miss Minchin)

Miss Minchin: (innocently) I ever so humbly apologize, but some of my girls said they saw one of my servants step inside your home?

Pierre: She most certainly did.

Miss Minchin: I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience, and I assure you she will find herself in great trouble!

Mr. Carrisford: Great trouble?

Miss Minchin: Mr. Carrisford!

Mr. Carrisford: (suspiciously) And what exactly would you mean by "great trouble"?

Miss Minchin: Mr. Carrisford, you need not be bothered with such matters. I will take the child now.

Mr. Carrisford: You will not.

Miss Minchin: I am the girl's benefactor.

Mr. Carrisford: Not anymore!

Miss Minchin: (shocked) What?!

Mr. Carrisford: The girl is no longer in your care, Miss Minchin!

(Another horse whinny is heard)

Miss Minchin: (stammers) But...

Mr. Carrisford: No buts. As I promised her father, I will take care of her now.

Miss Minchin: You have not undertaken an easy charge, Mr. Carrisford. I suppose that you feel you are a princess again?

Sara: I always was. Even if someone looks like a servant on the outside, they can still be a princess on the inside.

Miss Minchin: Well, I-(snorts and sneezes)

(As Miss Minchin leaves Mr. Carrisford's mansion, she is sneezing repeatedly. Then Pierre closes the door. Then we fade back to the school. Ermie is talking to Christina, Annie, and Lavinia.)

Ermie: It turns out that Mr. Carrisford, next door, got all of his money from the diamond mind that he owned with Sara's father!

Annie: No way!

Ermie: Oui! So now Sara is rich again and she's moving out!

(Becky is shocked about what Ermie is saying)

Lavinia: Sara has diamonds now? (Ermie nods) You know, I always did think she was like super nice. I don't know why you guys didn't give her more of a chance.

(Becky is super upset about Sara moving out. Or is she?)

Sara: Becky?

Becky: Miss Sara! I knew you'd come back! (hugs Sara) I'm happy for you! I am, but I'm going to miss you something awful!

Sara: I'll just be right next door. Plus, we'll see each other every day in class!

Becky: Miss Minchin don't allow servants in class, Miss Sara.

Sara: (giggles) Well then, we'll have to make you a student, won't we?

(Becky gasps happily that she gave her a school uniform. Then we cut to Jacques and Pierre putting a new sign of a school that says "Miss Amelia's School for Lovely Little Ladies". Then Becky, who is now a student, runs around with Mr. Carrisford, and Sara. Then, Sara noticed the homeless boy who is now working at the bakery.)

Sara: here now?

Homeless Boy: I have a family now.

Baker: When I saw your kindness, I realized how much I have to give.

Homeless Boy: Thank you.

(Then, God's Little Princess Reprise starts playing)

Everyone: As you hold your head high, the world to see God's heart.

You're life as well as you sing.

As you live, you'll find that the King's love will shine.

Whether good times or trials.

In the lows and the highs, If your dreams live or die, you'll be...

Mr. Carrisford: God's Little Princess.

(Sara hugs Mr. Carrisford as we fade to black, ending the story.)

Closing Countertop[]

(We fade back to Bob and Larry on the countertop as Larry is holding the book.)

Bob: Wow, Larry! That was wonderful!

(Larry closes the book)

Larry: A classic.

Bob: Great job, buddy!

Larry: Thanks, Bob! You know, you make a really great baker.

Bob: Ya think? Well, I did enjoy baking those biscuits.

Larry: I hear they were delicious.

Jean-Claude: Croissant? Can you bake ze Croissant?

Bob: Uh, heh, I don't know, I suppose I could try...

Phillipe: Ze Chocolate Éclair?! Oh, I love ze Chocloate Éclair! Ho ho!

Bob: Well, maybe, but...but I...

Larry: Oh, oh! What about English Muffins?

(Jean-Claude jumps and yells in Larry's face)

Jean-Claude: No, no, no! Croissant, Croissant, Croissant!

Bob: Hold on, guys! We gotta wrap up the show.

Jean-Claude and Phillipe: Fine.

(They left after that.)

Larry: It's time to talk about what we learned today.

Vocalists: And so what we have learned applies to our lives today,

God has a lot to say in His book.

Jean-Claude: Wrap it up like a Croissant!

(Jean-Claude leaves)

Bob: (sighs)

Vocalists: You see, we know that God’s word is for everyone,

now that our song is done, we'll take a look.

(As the second part of the What Have We Learned Song plays, Larry puts "A Little Princess" book back where it goes and got a Bible as he and Bob sat down on their chairs.)

Larry: "Romans 8:39, No power in the sky above or in the Earth below, indeed nothing in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord."

(Larry closes the Bible)

Bob: Wow! Nothing can separate us from God's Love!

Larry: Yep! God loves us, no matter what!

Bob: And that means we can love others, no matter what!

Larry: In our story, we saw that Sara knew how much she was loved!

Bob: And because she knew she was God's Little Princess, she could be kind and loving to everyone around her, no matter what!

Larry: So, Agatha Williamson, from Bristol, England, remember, you're also a daughter of the King, God's Little Princess!

Bob: Well, that's all the time we have for today! Always remember, God made you special...

Larry: And He loves you very much!

Both: Bye!

(We fade to black and we roll the credits)

(end of transcript)