The Mystery of Veggie Island is a PC game released by Big Idea on September 15, 2002.


The Veggies go to Veggie Island, a far-out island in the ocean, where they practice earning their merit badges by helping others. However, their canoe gets lost at sea, stranding them on the island. How will they get off? Find out in this PC game.

How to Play

Fun Facts


  • This game, Creativity City and Veggie Carnival are the only times Lisa Vischer voiced Laura.
  • Depending on if you got the game separately or got from Bushels of Fun!, the game does not require the disc after installation.
    • This is also one of the few games you can play on post Windows XP systems, as long you have downloaded and installed DirectX.


  • In the game, it states that this is the first time Mr. Nezzer met the other characters, even though the game was released after Rack, Shack and Benny came out on DVD, meaning this took place before that episode, or the game is portrayed like a play, like most of the other VeggieTales episodes.


  • Larry's tooth is missing in most shots.
  • The music book states that Mike Nawrocki and Lisa Vischer worked on the Water Buffalo Song, but it was Phil who worked on it.

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