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This is Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki talking about the fourth VeggieTales episode.


(starts after six seconds)

Man 1: Okay, welcome to uh, "Rack, Shack & Benny"...

Man 2: Commentary.

Man 1: This is Phil.

Man 2: This is Mike.

Vischer: We're coming to you live from uh, Lombard, Illinois.

Nawrocki: And this is the newly recorded voice for Larry, and Bob. In the original open, Larry had his lower, dopey voice.

Vischer: Right, he started-

Nawrocki: (imitating Larry's original voice) I'm Larry the Cucumber.

Vischer: - He started out dopey, and then he gained IQ, as we were making additional shows. So this is "Rack, Shack, & Benny". Uhm, this is fourth VeggieTales film that we made. Uh, we think it was in, the fall of 1995. Uh, although, I'm holding the box and it seems to say "'98" or something, or "3". I'm can't- I'm not very good at reading roman numerals. But we're pretty sure-

Nawrocki: (interrupts) Maybe the audience would know how to read roman numerals. What is it, is it "MCMXCIII", so whatever that means.

Vischer: Yeah, so, is that '93? If it is, it's not right.

Nawrocki: Yeah.

Viscer: If it's '98, it's not right either. I don't think that's '98, because there would be a "V" in there.

Nawrocki: There's a "C" when you like add "III", and then you add like a "I" and you subtract to-

Vischer: (interrupts) I can't ever remember. Now this theme song, you'll noticed, if you have a really old copy, there's scenes in the theme song that aren't in your original version. Uhm, because someone, I don't know who, went back and added newer scenes. So there's scenes from films here that obviously weren't done, when the show was done. Pretty astonishing, really.

Nawerocki: But the animation is much better. (chuckles)

Vischer: The animation on the new scenes is better than the animation on the old scenes. Uh, for context, let's see we made "Rack, Shack, & Benny" in '95. There were... no more than 10 people at Big Idea, overall. Total in the company, of which 9 probably worked on the show and 1 answered the phone.

Nawrocki: (chuckles a bit) We're in the screw factory at the time...

Vischer: Yes, this was when we were working out the front offices of a screw factory on the Northside of Chicago on Ravenswood. If you're in ever the neighborhood of Ravenswood and uhm,

Both: Foster!

Vischer: Foster Avenue, on the Northside of Chicago, you can swing by a small screw factory and that's where this show was made.

Nawrocki: And if you smell the smell of cutting oil in the air. Yeah, that's what we smell like coming home from work every day.

Vischer: It was stinky. We worked at the only animation studio in the world where you came home smelly.

Nawrocki: (chuckles a bit) We send out Fed-Ex packages that, when people would opened them, they would comment that they stunk.

Vischer: That's right. They would catch a little bit of machine oil freshness inside the Fed-Ex envelope, and then around the world, they opened it and they go "Oh, what a unpleasant odor."

Nawrocki: "But we like these guys."

Vischer: "Thank you...people of Big Idea". Ah, as you'll noticed, Bob and Larry are doing something, here. It's like commenting on a soap opera that someone is putting on.

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